Is it True that Illegal Immigrant Children are Kept in Cages?

Executive Summary

  • It has commonly been said that Mexican illegal aliens are kept in cages when captured.
  • How accurate this claim?


This topic is one of the most controversial in the US. However, the statement that “children are being put in cages” does not reflect the reality of how illegal immigrants are processed in the US.

This video explains that the highly controversial wire mesh enclosures (typically, a cage is considered a small bow with a limited range of motion, as the made-up cage in the introductory graphic illustrates) are temporary processing centers. However, many pro-immigrant groups have jumped on these images to propose that these temporary transit facilities are where illegal immigrants are kept full time.  

What is further explained is that the children and adults have to be separated under the present system as the adults are considered liable for entering the country illegally, while the children are not.

Mexican and other Latin American immigration are overwhelming the US’s ability to process individuals — and there has been an increase in illegal immigrants bringing their children with them rather than leaving them with family members back in Mexico (which was far more common in the past). Furthermore, more and more children are now coming over unaccompanied by adults.

What seems to be little discussed by those who have jumped on the temporary processing facility with chain-link fencing is overwhelming numbers of illegal aliens coming over the border. What is it that the “kids in cages” promoters want to be done? Mexicans are protesting in Mexico about the “kids in cages” fake issue. However, all of them want to enter the US illegally. They seek to use this issue to try to get the US to stop enforcing its immigration laws.

Another unasked question is why it is considered acceptable for Mexico and other Latin American countries to have so many of their people attempt to enter the US illegally. If these many Americans were being caught illegally entering Canada, there would definitely be a stern discussion between the US and Canada’s political leadership to figure out what was going on.

Furthermore, Canadians would rightly ask the question, “what is wrong with the US?” However, when this same thing happens from Mexico, the question is never asked. Everyone knows that Mexico is an incompetent country, and so it is just accepted in stride.

This video discusses the psychological problems faced by illegal immigrant children being detained. However, what is the answer to this issue? Should all of the families be processed as a unit and then provided with a family living space? What about the children who have come over by themselves and are already separated from their families in Mexico or Guatemala? 

However, another thing that is stated by this doctor being interviewed is that these children are fleeing terrible conditions in Latin America that are also causing them psychological problems. They are facing the psychological problems of living in a country that is not managed by whites. It appears that the only thing that can resolve their psychological distress is to be allowed to immigrate freely to society managed by whites.

Do Latin American Countries Bear Any Responsibility for the Conditions of Their Populations?

What is also never discussed is why these countries are in such a state where so many of their population want to leave their countries. These are people who are attempting to enter white society. However, they are not part of a white society themselves. They are not bringing a European-based culture with them. They are bringing a Latin American culture. Something else that is not discussed is that Latin America is producing excess people and overwhelming the infrastructure of these countries. These are people that don’t have a place in their own country. And this disinterest in using birth control is now dropped off at America’s doorstep. And once again, Latin American countries are not held responsible for any of this. The reality is that the Spanish elite in each of these countries do not care about these people, and are happy for them to leave the country. This is a type of human dumping, where uneducated and poorly cultured people are “dumped” into another country to cause havoc in that country.

Hispanics have, by in large, created a parallel society in the US. And they undermine the US’s dominant culture, frequently proposing that non-Hispanics do not have any claim the US, as much of the US belonged to Mexico, a false claim we evaluated in the article A Majority of Mexicans Think The US Southwest Belongs to Mexico. Every area of the US, such as New Mexico, many parts of Texas, and California that become either heavily Mexican or dominantly Mexican become hostile to whites. Immigration by Mexicans is not a passive affair. It looks passive when they are being detained and asking for sympathy, but it quickly becomes distant for the dominant white culture. There is no single nice or appealing Latino area where people seek to visit in the US. Something else left out of the discussion by those that seek open borders.

How Latin American Elites Shed Their Country’s Excess People

Naturally, most of Latin America would immigrate to the US if given a chance. However, why can’t Latin American countries solve their own issues? There is plenty of money in these countries to be shared with these individuals — although overpopulation is a problem. However, the elites in each Latin American country would prefer for their excess people to leave for the US rather than fighting for reforms in their home country. It’s a convenient release valve for them, and they are laughing all the way to the bank. Notice also that of the US and Latin American countries; only the US is ever held responsible for how it treats its people. In Latin America, people can be treated in any fashion, and it is just accepted.

Latin America’s Unsustainable Population Growth

As we will cover in a future article, a major reason why Mexico has so many people that want to leave is that Mexico has irresponsibly overpopulated its country. And with the Mexican reproductive rate in the US, with many women having four children (most of them not being able to speak English before being dropped off at the local school to be educated through tax dollars of people who work legally and pay taxes), it will not take very many generations for out of control Mexican reproduction to have the similar outcome in the US.

The people that use the phrase “they keep children in cages near the border” receive our Golden Pinocchio Award. 


Illegal alien kids are not being kept in cages. Illegal aliens children are taken from their parents because that is what happens during an arrest. They are being kept behind chain-link fencing because they need to be processed through the building but have to be prevented from escaping the building. They are not free to leave; they are being detained.

However, we have a solution that will greatly reduce the time that Mexican and other Latin American children will be separated from their parents.

A Far More Efficient Approach for Dealing with Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants should not be detained at all but sent back immediately to Mexico — and there would be no “cage” issue.

The main question I have is why are either the children or the adults being detained. They are nearly entirely illegal aliens. It is extremely illogical that the US Government insists that illegal aliens be first detained and then released in the US, whereupon they obviously will not appear for their court date. All the issues around detention could be solved by not detaining illegal aliens and immediately transporting them to a transit location, where they would be sent by bus back to Mexico. There is no reason all illegal immigrants could not be transported back to Mexico within 24 hours, requiring no detention. Back in Mexico, the adults and children will be together.

The Real Reason for This False Claim

This claim is another attempt to use a false claim to push forward some change to the present immigration law, which would give even further preferential treatment to Mexicans (and treatment which already Mexico does not give to immigrants entering Mexico). Naturally, those who make this false claim are prone to want illegal aliens to have unrestricted access to stay in the US permanently and receive all manner of subsidies and benefits from the US Government. For example, Mexicans now dominate the emergency rooms in most California hospitals. Why? Becuase Mexicans use US ER’s as clinics, dumping the costs onto the taxpayer.

Mexicans and illegal immigrant sympathizers will clearly make up any story to pull on the heartstrings to further increase the preferential treatment in immigration given to Mexicans. Who knows the next fake issue they will create to achieve their political objective.