Black Lives Matter

Its Time to Realize Black Lives Only Care About Black Lives

Executive Summary

  • Globally blacks are constantly asking for sympathy and help from other groups.
  • Where is the evidence that blacks have sympathy for these other groups?


Globally, blacks have a culture built around attempting to get sympathy from other groups. Other groups are told they must support blacks and Africans. Black Lives Matter states that all other groups must support black lives. This article will review a global pattern of behavior by blacks and try to determine whether blacks share the same concern for non-black lives as non-blacks are asked to share for black lives.

Non-Blacks Should Be Concerned that Blacks Have More Mental Health Issues Than Other Groups

This video points out the high mental health differential between blacks and virtually all other groups. Blacks insist that all non-blacks accept the claim that this mental health differential from other groups is 100% based upon discrimination and has nothing to do with either the genetics of blacks or black culture. 

Blacks in the UK state that the mental health system has not been designed for them. Blacks live in a situation where they are never expected to sympathize with other groups’ mental health or other issues. Because of the high discrepancy on blacks, the focus is obtaining resources from other groups to solve black problems. The request is for resources but never for behavior modification. Many black behaviors are dysfunctional, but blacks must consider any behavior modification requested by blacks to be racism.

Blacks Need Special Protections, Even Through They are 4x More Violent Than Other Groups

At the 10:30 mark in the video, a commentator states that the “fear of the black man” is just in people’s heads. However, the statistics show this is not true. As I cover in the article Why the Claims by Black Lives Matter on Police Shootings are False, blacks in the US are around 3.5x more violent than other whites. Whites are not the least violent group in the US. That distinction belongs to Asians. Again, as most of their violence is directed towards blacks, this brings up how this is racism. Is there another white conspiracy to make blacks violent against other blacks?

This higher level of violence by blacks is all “the media” and racism, which blacks claim in the US. But the problem with that assertion is the math I just showed is off of official US statistics. You see, murders leave a body. So that body is not made up by the media.

In the US, blacks are the number one group that victimized other groups with violence. However, blacks are not interested in talking about other races that are victimized by blacks. This brings up one example which would question who much concern blacks have for anything but black lives.

Black denial of black violence and black behavior leads to the next topic: what blacks do to white cities and how they feel about what they do to white cities.

The History of Blacks Taking Over Cities in the US

This video describes the decline of the Detroit Police Department and the rise of personal security firms. Highly black Detroit has the 2nd highest crime rate in the US. Everywhere black is a large percentage of the population, the police department is eventually accused of excessive force. This is not a coincidence and is explained not by racism (many of those doling out the excessive force are black police officers), but blacks cannot be policed the same as other groups. 

The Outcomes of Black Run Cities

In every city where blacks have taken over the apparatus of governments, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, the results have been a disaster.

Virtually every US city that has become a punchline and lost nearly all of its tourism became black in composition. The pattern is one of precipitous decline, with blacks seeking to immigrate from those black run cities. And this is not a short-term phenomenon. Detroit began its decline due to black migration from the American South all the way back in the 1950s. Infamous black mayor Coleman Young was elected in 1974. Every city that becomes predominantly black falls in prominence and is a place Americans, even black Americans, stay away from if they can.

In the US, we can make fun of degraded cities, but we can never admit that they became black. That is an unstated agreement between all Americans.

So when whites surround blacks, they are subject to unending racism. However, when they are surrounded by themselves, they can’t tolerate the crime and seek to move to white areas.

Pointing any of this out is also considered racist, as any statement that does not place 100% of the blame on racism for blacks’ poor outcomes. Using one’s brain to perform the analysis is also racism. In the US, blacks take 0% responsibility for what they have done to previously white cities, considering it their right to degrade any US city, and then move from this city to degrade future cities.

How do Blacks Interpret What Blacks Have Done to Previously Functional White Cities?

Blacks promised that they would bring great outcomes for blacks when they took over white cities. They beat their chests furiously about how they were going to use Martin Luther King’s ideas to bring justice and equality to their cities. Instead, they brought outcomes that were far inferior to what they replaced. As these cities have cratered, blacks have moved back to their standard excuse, even when they have made those cities primarily black.

There has not been a single admission of guilt on the part of blacks. Blacks made whites move away from blacks to get away from their behavior, and have caused massive dislocations. And blacks, rather than taking responsibility for this, rather than comparing the outcomes versus what they said they would do, with the outcome for each city they took over. Now blacks in cities like Baltimore are leaving Baltimore because of “crime.” And where do they want to go? To white areas. And guess what blacks will do to those cities?

Why is it That Everywhere Blacks Go They Experience Racism (That According to Official Sources Has Nothing to Do With Their Behavior)

Remember, these black people in the UK begged to be let in because they found their previous origin intolerable. And they told whites that wanted to keep them out of Europe that they were racist. However, within a few years, blacks are complaining about the rampant racism in Europe. In the second video on human trafficking, blacks also complain about racism all through Libya.

Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

Africans leave Africa because it is intolerable and then spend the rest of their lives complaining about racism, regardless of where they immigrate. The question is how long it will take Africans who climb into rafts to immigrate to Europe before they begin complaining about racism illegally?

The Netherlands has historically had virtually no blacks in its population. Now that some Africans have immigrated there, they demand large changes to the Netherlands because it turns out now that the Netherlands is also racist. 

Observing the Pattern

So when whites surround blacks, they are subject to unending racism. However, when they are surrounded by themselves, they can’t tolerate the crime and seek to move to white areas.

Pointing any of this out is also considered racist, as any statement that does not place 100% of the blame on racism for blacks’ poor outcomes. Using one’s brain to perform the analysis is also racism. In the US, blacks take 0% responsibility for what they have done to previously white cities, considering it their right to degrade any US city, and then move from this city to degrade future cities.

What Do Blacks Think of the Holocaust?

Blacks have been interviewed about the Holocaust, and either had close to no knowledge of it or said that it did “not have anything to do with them.” Blacks are not expected to have or develop sympathy for others because all sympathy is directed towards blacks.

Aggressive Immigration to Europe from Africa in the Future

One of the biggest problems for Western Europe is the immigration of large numbers of sub-Saharan Africans and North Africans and those of Middle Eastern descent.

This means that these current numbers will, combined with both groups’ high reproductive rates, lead to large populations of these groups in Western Europe in the future. The UN performed close to 2,000 African immigrants from 39 countries and have the following findings.


85% Come from urban environments.


The respondents came from an average household of ten.


57% had at least secondary education before departure, which is 3 to 5 years more schooling than peers at home.


77% felt their voice was unheard by their governments. 84% had low levels of confidence in national institutions.


1/2 of respondents left despite having a job.


Only 2% said previous knowledge of this would have prevented them from traveling.


38% of respondents are earning in Europe. Of those, 38% do so without a legal right to work.


Women earned 26% less than men in Africa, but 11% more when in Europe.


77% feel positive about their future in Europe despite deprivation and loneliness.

Pew Research found that a very significant of Africans would leave Africa for other countries if they had the opportunity, as is covered in the following quotation.

The survey asked respondents whether they would live in another country if they had the means and opportunity. At least four-in-ten in each sub-Saharan country surveyed answered yes, including roughly three-quarters of those surveyed in Ghana (75%) and Nigeria (74%).

Four in ten is .4 * 1.1 billion, or 440 million individuals who would like to leave African countries, with their most likely target being Europe. And let us also remember, Africa’s population is growing very rapidly, which means next year this estimate of 440 million will be larger, and the year after larger still.

Furthermore, many Africans are being held in North Africa, who have the end target of Europe, but are being detained, as is explained in the following quotation from Pew Research.

At the same time, reports indicate that anywhere between 400,000 and a million sub-Saharan Africans are in Libya; some of them have been sold as slaves or are being held in jail-like facilities.

For example, 1.7 million Ghanaians (or 6% of Ghana’s population) applied for the U.S. diversity lottery in 2015, even when only 50,000 people worldwide are permitted to move each year to the U.S. through this visa program. In the same year, other sub-Saharan African countries, such as the Republic of Congo (10%), Liberia (8%) and Sierra Leone (8%) saw high shares of their populations apply for the lottery.

Although the lottery only requires an online application and the completion of a high school diploma for eligibility, the high number of applicants underscores the seriousness with which many sub-Saharan Africans contemplate and actively pursue migrating abroad.

Are we getting the picture here?

Blacks believe that white countries should be open to them. They don’t have a responsibility to develop their own countries, but other countries, particularly white, should open for them and give them a place to live.

Where Are Statues Being Torn Down?

In white countries, blacks in 2019 made a big show of tearing down white statues. The focus on tearing down statues only seems to be occurring primarily by non-whites in white countries. Statues have been torn down in both the US and the UK as part of the BLM protests, even though the UK has little to do with policing in the US — and the practice has taken on a general anti-white dimension.

This statue, which was commissioned by slaves but is now not acceptable to modern-day blacks. One of the issues have with this is that Lincoln is presented as a “white savior.” Blacks will only accept a historical timeline where slaves emancipated themselves. Even presenting the reality that whites were a major part and an unremovable part of eliminating slavery in white countries is offensive to blacks as it promotes the white savior mentality. 

This brings up why statues of slaveholding individuals or slaves of those like Abraham Lincoln, that emancipated slaves in non-white countries are not being torn down. That is, why have so many people been acculturated to think that slavery was a predominantly white institution? Well, one reason is that this is the preferred explanation for blacks. When told that Africa had slavery before Europeans appeared to trade slaves and that Africans capture and sold Africans to the Europeans, and that Africa has slavery today — blacks normally don’t know how to react except to call the person making this statement a racist. Blacks have a particular story around slavery in their heads. It means focusing only on the slavery they were victims of and not understanding the overall truth of slavery. Why? Well, again, blacks are childlike in their self-centeredness. There is their story, which they prefer to believe, and then there are all other stories, and those that don’t match their story are racist.

As I cover in the article What Percentage of Atlantic Slave Trade Slaves Went to the US?, only roughly 3 to 4% of all slaves in the Atlantic Slave Trade went to the US. The rest went to the Caribbean and Brazil. And yet, blacks in the US have resisted looking at any of the 97% of Atlantic Slave Trade as pulling the emphasis away from the 3% to 4% of slavery in which the US participated.

Furthermore, the US fought a civil war over slavery, and white countries were the first to abolish slavery. Is that point ever observed by blacks? I have not seen it. Blacks apparently believe that they freed themselves without the help of any other group. This is, again, the preferred black story. Observing that whites freed blacks is again racism. Blacks do their absolute best to deemphasize that whites had anything to do with making slavery illegal in white countries.


Because it would acknowledge non-blacks doing anything for blacks. This is a second major part of the black strategy, which is to continually attempt to obtain more sympathy, making it appear that no one has ever done anything for blacks.


Blacks are running a scam on whites and white society. This means gaslighting white societies.

The primary life objective of blacks is to invade white countries and then white areas within those countries. A foundational component of their scam is perpetual claims of racism and the attempt to maximize blacks’ sympathy. However, it is more than apparent that the request for sympathy is entirely self-centered and is a one-way street, as blacks are not offering sympathy to any other group. Blacks care about black lives and only black lives. And for blacks, this is considered perfectly normal. However, all other groups must have sympathy for blacks, particularly the preferred group that blacks need to scam, which is whites.