Out of $1.4 Million Raised for BLM’s Reform LA Jails 55 Percent Went To Fake Insider Controlled Consulting Firms

Executive Summary

  • The story of how BLM distributed around 55% of donations to consulting companies controlled by BLM insiders should not be missed.


BLM’s charity story began falling apart in late 2021. The game being played by BLM insiders is to set up consulting firms that charge BLM for not doing anything and then move donated money to the bank accounts of their consulting firms, which they then control.

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About the Constellation of Fake BLM Consulting Firms

Before we get to the case study of how BLM took donations and billed 55% to BLM insiders, here are some of the fake consulting firms controlled by BLM insiders that bill BLM.

Fake BLM Consulting Firm #1: Cullors’ Consulting Firm That Bills BLM For Fake Services

Cullors owns a consulting firm called Janaya and Patrisse Consulting, through which she received payments upward of $20,000 a month in 2019 from Reform LA Jails, a Los Angeles-based jail reform group Cullors used to lead. – Washington Examiner

Why is Cullors’ consulting firm billing BLM? If Cullors will be compensated by BLM, why does she simply not take her compensation in the form of a salary?

Cullors is not the only BLM insider with a faux consulting firm that only has one client — BLM.

However, Cullors lies about how much she receives from BLM in the following quotation. 

Does anyone really believe that Cullors would be a founder of BLM, that BLM would raise over $100 million since 2019, and that Cullors would not see a cent of it? This is obviously another Cullors lie.

Fake BLM Consulting Firm #2: Bowers’ Consulting Firm That Bills BLM For Fake Services

Bowers (who is also the deputy executive director of BLM)  runs a consulting firm called Bowers Consulting, which lists BLM as a client on its website. Bowers has served as the treasurer for numerous organizations run by Cullors, including Reform LA Jails and BLM PAC. Bowers also listed his Bowers Consulting email address in BLM’s most recent charity registration submitted to New Mexico identified Bowers as the individual authorized to sign checks on behalf of the charity. – Washington Examiner

Fake BLM Consulting Firm #3: Howard’s Consulting Firm That Bills BLM For Fake Services

BLM board member Raymond Howard used to state on his LinkedIn account that he served as finance and operations manager of New Impact Partners, a Dayton, Ohio-based consulting firm owned by his sister. A website for New Impact Partners also named BLM as one of its clients, but the reference was removed from the site in late January after the Washington Examiner inquired BLM about its relationship with the firm. Howard also deleted the reference to New Impact Partners from his LinkedIn account in late January after being contacted by the Washington Examiner in late January. – Washington Examiner

Now we get to the case study of how BLM took donations to a related charity and distributed the proceeds to various consulting companies.

How the $1.4 Million Raised for BLM’s Reform LA Jails, Was Parcelled Out to Insiders

The way these various fake consulting firms billed charities related to BLM is very interesting to review.

The organizations are linked through a person named Christman Bowers, who has also gone by Shalomya Bowers. He is listed as Dignity and Power Now’s chief financial officer and as the treasurer of a local political committee, Reform LA Jails. In 2019, while working on an ultimately successful ballot initiative, Reform LA Jails collected more than $1.4 million in contributions. More than half was paid out to just four recipients. The group sent more than $270,000 to Bowers’s consulting company, as well as some $211,000 to Asha Bandele, a friend of Cullors’s who co-wrote her memoir. About $205,000 went to a company Cullors operates with her spouse, Janaya & Patrisse Consulting. And about $86,000 was paid to Trap Heals LLC, an entertainment, clothing, and consulting company started by Damon Turner, the father of Patrisse Cullors’s child. – American Renaissance

$270,000 + 211,000 + 205,000 + 86,000 = $770,000

This is a single transaction, and Cullors by herself pulled out $205,000, and this is for 2019. However, Cullors states that she has received no money from BLM since 2019, even though she has been in full control of BLM GNF since 2019.

It seems pretty obvious what is going on here. There is a massive lack of reporting on the $60 million that BLM is hoarding. Everyone is curious about what happened to that money.

In 2020, Tap Heals LLC received another $150,000. People analyzing this issue are trying to put together the puzzle pieces from limited information.


Patrisse Cullors has stated that all criticism of BLM, including the requirements by states that BLM complies with reporting requirements that apply to all charities, is a racist plot. Cullors has further stated that only conservative media have been covering the corruption at BLM.

The problem with this accusation is that Brightwork Research & Analysis is not conservative media. We often cover corruption, and BLM’s behavior and statements fit into a pattern we have seen many times before. The question is why liberal or Democrat-aligned media has not covered the corruption at BLM.

Bias and Corruption in Democrat Aligned Media

Cullors is right on one point — only conservatives appear to be covering this story. However, that is not an indictment against conservative media but an indictment against Democrat-aligned media. This is because this story is real.

After throwing their endorsement behind BLM without doing any research into BLM and how it functioned now, it is too embarrassed to enlighten its readers about blatant fraud at BLM.

BLM is part of the Clinton universe now. And this means the Clinton universe now remotely controls BLM. BLM will receive even more positive media coverage than it already does and will be even more protected by the Democrat-aligned media. That is no doubt another appealing thing about the partnership with the Clinton universe, in that BLM knows that the Clintons/Obamas have a substantial degree of control over large sections of the media. If the Democrat-aligned media won’t cover the corruption at BLM, they are deceiving their readers and viewers.

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