What Makes Us Unique

We are the foremost enterprise software estimation company Рand the only one to offer our extensively researched TCO analysis as a self service application Рat a very small fraction of what any consulting company would charge. In fact the price to access to our estimation database is far below the cost of an internal resource to perform a similar analysis. As we have performed 100s of  estimations and have an extensively tested method, and have written books on this and related topics, we do not consider it immodest to state that neither internally generated nor consulting company generated studies can match our estimators in completeness or accuracy. Simply put, companies that use our estimators are in a more informed position than those that do not.

Where Can This Information be Found

This type of information is unavailable from other entities either consulting companies which attempt to hide the TCO from their clients in order to control their buying behavior in a way that benefits the consulting company rather than you. Secondly this information is unavailable from it analyst firms like Gartner or Forrester that really only talk about estimation in the abstract and do not generate quantitative analyses. In fact neither company or most other it analyst firms can create a true TCO without offending the mega vendors that are their major customers.