The Corruption and Incompetence At The Heart of The Black Lives Matter Organization

Executive Summary

  • As more time passes, Black Lives Matter is being uncovered as an incompetent and corrupt organization.


BLM is a highly incompetent organization that cannot follow through on its objectives. It is so corrupt, and it kept most of the money it was given with donations.

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What Is BLM?

BLM is a professional grievance organization with mentally unbalanced and corrupt leaders that are substantially most accurately described as an anti-white and anti-male organization. They use blacks’ police shootings by white police (unconcerned if the killings are justifiable or not) as a PR stunt to raise money.

The Capabilities of Black Lives Matter

BLM are not experts in anything but gaining media attention for themselves. In the example fo prison reform, they would be perhaps the last organization anyone should listen to on what to do with prisons as their simplistic answer is to “abolish prisons.”

No Matter How Incompetent (Or As You Will Corrupt), BLM Receives a Free Ride from Most of the Establishment Media

The question is, why does none of this information get published in mainstream media outlets. Why does Black Lives Matter receive such uncritical coverage when they are so flawed as an organization and have such a shallow knowledge base and such disreputable motivations?

Brainless Donations To a Brainless Organization

After the George Floyd incident, multinational corporations have been donating and showing their allegiance to Black Lives Matter, choosing virtue signaling over concern for what is true. Whites who have aligned themselves with Black Lives Matter have supported an organization they do not understand and hate because they are white.

Blaming Sexism and Racism

Somehow questioning the spending of a charity is now racist and sexist, as is explained in the following quotation.

“The fact that the right wing media is trying to create hysteria around my spending is frankly racist, and sexist,” Khan-Cullors said

BLM has been distributing its millions in donations to worthy groups fighting white supremacy, she said, including a $27 million commitment to “black-led organizations, not just our chapters, across the country.” – NY Post

As you will see further in the article, the BLM chapters dispute this claim that they have received funding from the central BLM organization or the BLM Global Network. The BLM chapters have specifically called out Patrice Khan-Cullors for lying about this exact topic.

And this gets to where the 60 million dollars is unaccounted for, for which I found the following humorous comment.

You’re a moron if you think there’s $60 million floating around some where. The media knows damn well that money’s gone, they’re just pretending that, since there’s no record of it being spent, it must not have been spent because to suggest otherwise is to suggest BLM might be just a straight-up criminal organization and that would be racist. BLM is a scam, it has always been a scam, these people are crooks, the money is gone, it went to hookers and blow. – Reason

Attorney Generals of California and Indiana Call BLM a Scam Charity

This quote was published in an article on just February 3rd of, 2022.

Indiana’s attorney general slammed Black Lives Matter this week as a “scam” whose “house of cards may be falling” amid the growing legal attention into its murky $60 million coffers.

Todd Rokita said he was “concerned” about the activist group, which on Wednesday said it had “shut down online fundraising” after a legal letter from California’s Department of Justice, the Washington Examiner reported.

“It appears that the house of cards may be falling, and this happens eventually with nearly every scam, scheme, or illegal enterprise,” Rokita told the conservative outlet Wednesday.

“I see patterns that scams kind of universally take: failure to provide board members, failure to provide even executive directors, failure to make your filings available. It all leads to suspicion,” he said.

Both California and Washington recently ordered the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation to stop collecting donations because it was delinquent in crucial tax and charity filings.

BLM’s charity registration is also out of compliance in Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina and Virginia, according to the Examiner. – NY Post

Here is the letter sent to BLM from the California Attorney General.

California’s Attorney General disagrees that it is sexist and racist to require BLM GN to follow charitable rules. 

Look at all of that fantastic coverage, the cover of Time.

Is Time now going to go back and expose the corruption of BLM to its readers? Or would it prefer to keep what it now knows about BLM quiet?

Jane Fonda, in a picture from Harpers, loves BLM.

But does Jane Fonda love how BLM keeps almost all of the money donated to it?

Raising Money Using Victims and Then Stealing That Money

The following quote explains how BLM has run this fundraising scam.

BLM has generated millions of dollars from donations from billionaires and also fundraisers directed at everyday people.

There have long been questions directed at BLM leaders asking where all this money has gone since neither the families nor communities have seen any benefits from it. At every turn, BLM’s leaders avoid these questions. Just as occurred during June when BLM’s managing director Kaylee Scales conducted an Ask Me Anything Q&A on Reddit. The Q&A tanked because questions about the money kept coming in, which Scales would not answer.

During 2016 BLM ran a fundraising scam on Lisa Simpson, the mother of Richard Risher. In a video interview with Lisa, Melina Abdullah, a co-founder, and leader of BLM announced a BLM fundraising campaign in Lisa Simpson’s name, promising that the money would go to pay her son’s funeral costs.[1] Lisa never saw a penny of the money raised.

Since then Melina and BLM have avoided Lisa and her inquiries about its false campaign and promises to her.

On July 9, 2020, Melina Abdullah posted a video on her Facebook page promoting Black studies and portraying herself as a champion of this discipline. In the comments section to this post, I wrote a statement questioning BLM’s practice of exploiting families like Lisa Simpson’s. I wrote:

“Why is Black Lives Matter exploiting the loss and trauma of the families of victims of police murders for its own clout and financial gain? Among the MANY victims of this opportunism and exploitation is Lisa Simpson, mother of Richard Risher, who was murdered by LA pigs. Melina Abdullah led a fundraising campaign claiming the money was going to Lisa and her family to pay for their funeral expenses. The family never saw a dime, and Melina Abdullah and company ignored Lisa Simpson’s efforts to contact them about this and other promises made to the family by BLM. BLM does NOT represent the interests of Black people. – Rashid Mod

And this quote..

“They are benefiting off the blood of our loved ones, and they won’t even talk to us,” said Rice, who has also blasted activists Shaun King and Tamika Mallory, whose speech at the Grammy Awards in March called on African Americans to “demand the freedom that this land promises.”

In March Rice joined with Simpson, the mother of Richard Risher, to blast BLM for, as Simpson put it, “raising money in our dead sons’ names and giving us nothing in return.”

BLM’s Los Angeles chapter is said to have raised $5,000 for her son’s funeral, but Simpson claimed she never received any of it.

“We never hired them to be the representatives in the fight for justice for our dead loved ones murdered by the police,” said the statement by Rice and Simpson posted March 16 by activist @Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. “The ‘activists’ have events in our cities and have not given us anything substantial for using our loved ones’ images and names on their flyers. We don’t want or need y’all parading in the streets accumulating donations, platforms, movie deals, etc. off the death of our loved ones, while the families and communities are left clueless and broken.” – The Sun

And this one.

But Simpson said she’s never received any funds from the national group to help pay for her son’s service. She’s now living in a motel room with her 13-year-old child rented by the week and claims BLM left her high and dry.

“Y’all out here false-flagging in this fight,” Simpson told New York Magazine of BLM’s public stances. “They putting hashtags on our kids, and y’all not even helping us. We homeless, and we can’t get no type of help from this entity.” – NY Post

And this..

“Black lives don’t matter. Your pockets matter,” she declared.

“Y’all come into our lives and act like y’all got our back and y’all want to say ‘Black Lives Matter,’” Simpson continued. “But after we bury our children, we don’t see B, L or M, but y’all out here buying properties.” – American Renissance

How is that not the subject of a lawsuit and or an investigation by an Attorney General?

If BLM is using a victim to raise money, how does it get to keep all of the money? 

BLM has been caught receiving donations after it was told it could no longer accepting donations by the California attorney general’s letter telling them not to. 

The Chapters of BLM Are Now Not Associated With BLM

The BLM chapters, which are regional BLM organizations, appear to be in open rebellion against BLM because the BLM does not provide the chapters with any funding. At the BLMChapterStatement website, it states to not donate to the BLM Global Network but to each individual BLM Chapter. This is very odd as it seems that while the chapters share the BLM name, they are no longer connected to the main BLM organization and believe them to be scammers.

See the following screenshot, which tells readers to only donate to the BLM chapters.

Each BLM chapter has its own logo.

This quote describes the fight between BLM GL and the BLM Chapters.

My criticisms did distinguish between BLMGN and those local based BLM chapters who have been genuinely struggling on the ground to meet the challenges of organizing the communities against the system’s abuses, but were not receiving support or resources from BLMGN. BLMGN had been and continues to rake in massive sums of money (tens of million of dollars), which has not gone to BLM chapters nor suffering communities or families. This money remains unaccounted for, except that BLMGN leaders have achieved immense personal celebrity and wealth on account of pretended leadership of and identification with the victims of police terror and the mass resistance against these horrendous abuses. In fact BLMGN’s self-appointed leader Patrisse Cullors has been recently exposed in numerous media outlets for purchasing four luxury homes. – Rashid Mod

The BLM chapters are wise to what BLM GN is doing.

How It Was Virtually Predestined That BLM Would Be Corrupt

However, corruption is the norm in black-run organizations.

There is a constant focus on increasing black organizations for black empowerment, but these organizations are continually highly corrupt. And we have seen this story too many times. BLM wants to point the finder at police departments, however, BLM has far lower competence than any police department. BLM can’t even run a charity, which is very simple compared to running a police department.


Black Lives Matter has no idea to implement the goals that they layout as part of their platform, and their goals are lunacy. How a country is supposed to function without a police force is a mystery of the ages.

Beyond their ridiculous goals, BLM has top level corrupt and intends to keep or spend most of the money they have raised and not do much other than running a website and holding press conferences.

Furthermore, because the founders have walked away and now have unaccountable millions to spend, there is a question of whether BLM can continue as much more than a cardboard cutout organization.