The Decline in US Happiness Entirely Unrelated to Diversity?

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 Executive Summary

  • Happiness in the US is now at the lowest level since the poll first began 50 years ago.
  • What are the reasons for this decline in happiness?


The following video lays out the increase in unhappiness in the US.

The following video explains that the more diverse a society becomes, the less happy that society becomes. More diversity means more conflict, more interaction with people that do not share your values. More tribalism. 

This video explodes the myth that diversity is a strength. 


Notice that the commentators it the first video did not point to diversity as a reason for the decrease in happiness. However, academic research concludes that more diversity leads to less happiness. The US has become more tribal and more divided as the US has become more diverse. It is highly unlikely that the increase in diversity is not a primary driver of the record levels of unhappiness in the US.