The DNC is Now Only For Non-White People

Executive Summary

  • The DNC is primarily funded by big Wall Street money.
  • However, their website looks like Puerto Rico!


Reviewing the DNC’s website recently was interesting as it appears that the DNC sees itself primarily as the party of non-whites.

Let us review the images on their website to see what the DNC is telling its visitors.

A New DNC Game: Find the White Person!

First, the Democratic Party is not fighting for a fairer or brighter future. Most of the Democrats don’t support a $15 minimum wage and will not support universal healthcare. They also do not support unions or really anything that would help workers. 

However, it is true that the Democratic Party supports a more brown future and a more anti-white future.

Is Islam Important to Grow in the US?

Why is this little girl covered? Under the Muslim idea, it is that this helps protect the girl from being sexualized. The DNC has to be open to everything that is non-white, because whiteness is bad, and you can’t get less white than Islam. 

The DNC has become obsessed with Muslims. A major reason for this is that feminists have also adopted Muslims as tokens. And feminists are very influential, even dominant in the DNC.

Muslim countries have the outcomes that the US does not want. Islam is based upon a 7th-century bedouin philosophy that promises 72 virgins to Islamic fighters and supports killing people who are disbelievers or who give up their Islamic faith. Islamic countries have the worst outcomes for women in the world and is anti-enlightenment, but Islam is considered very forward-thinking by the DNC. Christianity is based upon a 2000-year-old philosophy, and Christianity has interfered in progress also, but most Christians accept a separation of the government from religion. If the West had not successfully pushed back on Christianity during the enlightenment, I could not type this right now, because this computer would not exist.

This is covered in the following quotation.

The ideas of the Enlightenment undermined the authority of the monarchy and the Catholic Church and paved the way for the political revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries. A variety of 19th-century movements, including liberalism and neoclassicism, trace their intellectual heritage to the Enlightenment. – Wikipedia

Islam does not accept this. Islamic countries still do not accept principles of The Enlightenment to this day.

Islam demands that all nations in the world eventually be Islamic and that there is no separation of the religion from government. In Iran for instance, the president of Iran must be approved by clerics. This is covered in the following quotation.

Candidates for the presidency must be approved by the Council of Guardians, a twelve-member body consisting of six clerics (selected by Iran’s Supreme Leader) and six lawyers (proposed by the Supreme Leader-appointed head of Iran’s judicial system, and voted in by the Parliament). – Wikipedia

Islam is antithetical to US values and to Western values generally. Why anyone would think that Muslims are a good fit for any Western culture is an extraordinary mystery. Islamic culture is also one that does not place a high value on work or education.

Ben Affleck is the type of voter that the DNC loves. He does not even appear to know that Sam Harris is an expert on Islam — has written and spoken widely on the topic, and because he critiques Islam — Affleck responds with the only thing he can (as he has no subject matter expertise), that Sam Harris is “racist.” The DNC prefers people who throw the term around like “racist” and don’t read about the topics on which they have strong opinions. 

There are also no Islamic countries with freedom of speech, and the vast majority of Muslims around the world not only oppose freedom of speech but approve of the murder of people who criticize Islam! This is not just as they say “the extremists,” but what the vast majority of them think. And the Democrats oppose bans on people that have zero respect for the US or its values, and just want to escape their own societies. Because, again, Democrats have to support only non-white immigration. Muslims aren’t white — therefore according to Democrats, they are to be catered to. Whites barely immigrate to the US anymore, and after the recent 2020 riots, that shows the US declining into a third world nation — there will no doubt be even fewer white immigrants. Yes, once you have a high enough percentage your population is non-white, whites will cease to want to immigrate to your country. 

There are few Islamic countries with most of the rights that exist in Western countries. However, according to the DNC Muslims are as American anyone else. And of course, perhaps even more so, as they are not white. And that of course means more “diversity.”

You Can Practice Hope, Optimism, and Cooperation…..if Only You Are Not White

Again, the DNC is clear. America is about non-whites. Hope optimism. Cooperation is something that can happen — but only if there are no white people in the picture.

The Latina lady on the left is happy that the DNC likes to raise money from the biggest Wall Street banks. Actually, she probably has no idea. Most of those that vote for the DNC doesn’t know where the DNC gets its money from. But she does know that the DNC will not enforce its immigration laws like the RNC will, and will allow her culture to come into white society, and help her steal the benefits of white society, a society that no Latin American country could have ever created, for herself and for people from her identity group. Latin America is Latin from the Mexican border (and even north of it now) to the tip of Peru. However, until both Canada and the US are also primarily Latin American, it means that racism persists.

Is Diversity or Non-Whiteness a Strength?

If Democrats believed health care was a right, Kamala Harris would not have backed off of her support for government-run insurance to replace the highly wasteful private insurance system.

The DNC takes big money from Big Pharma and Big Hospitals. There is no way the DNC will challenge these monied interests. About the only thing that Obamacare did, was to stop the issue of insurance companies denying on the basis of pre-existing conditions and stopped many insurance programs that provided faux insurance from continuing. These were good steps, but the idea that Obamacare created large changes to US health care is false. The Affordable Care Act was written not by Obama’s administration, but by health care industry lobbyists.

This is the candidate that the DNC prefers over Bernie Sanders, who is 100% in favor of public health insurance. 

As for diversity being a strength, it seems that diversity is less a strength according to these images as non-whiteness is a strength. Furthermore, if diversity is a strength, why is the US more divided now as the US has become more diverse?

This video describes the real definition of diversity. 

It is Important to Cater to Non Voters in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Ricans vote in US presidential primaries, but not the election. 

This is the second Muslim in a photo. However, there are only around 3 million Muslims in the US. Yet representing anyone who is non-white in a disproportionate fashion is the point of the DNC website. And again, this is another image without a white person, even though the US is a majority white country. 

The woman is holding up a flag of Puerto Rico. Which makes sense, as these images look like they were taken in Puerto Rico.

Who We Are…..Well, We Definitely Aren’t White!

Who are we? Well so far out of 22 people who are in the foreground of the photos, the DNC and the US according to the DNC is only 1/22 = or 4.5% white (the woman to the right). The US is roughly 15% African American, yet they represent 12/22 = or 54% of the photos! African Americans not only dominate whites in these photos, but they also dominate all other races.

After seeing these photos, the white woman looks out of place. She is probably just an exchange student from the Netherlands.

Let us see if the African American dominant and unrepresentative lead continues.

Passionate and Talented Democrats….If they Are Latino?

And, the non-white trend continues, with four Latinos in a row. Where were these photos taken, inland California? And the DNC has added the first clearly homosexual individual. The fruity shirt and the highlights are meant to tell you..

“This man is gay hell!”

The DNC has to play to every non-standard group. The new hot group to cater to is transexuals (no joke). There are no transexuals on the DNC website, but it is just a matter of time.

 How the DNC Manages the Islamic/Gay Conflict

There have to be Muslims in the images and gays. But wait, does the DNC realize that Muslims hate gays and that homosexuals frequently get killed in Islamic countries if they are found to be gay?

This gay Mullah is repeatedly threatened with death in Iran. The best move for the man in the fruity shirt is to stay clear of Muslims. 

How is the DNC going to work this conflict out? The answer is by lying about it, and pretending it does not exist. To point out what Muslims actually think is “Islamaphobia,” and is enough to get you fired as a professor.

A White Woman Gets A Whole Picture to Herself!

This is shocking, a picture with just a white person!


This is the second person, out of 27 or 2/27 = 11.7% that is white. So far, though, no white men, even though they are over 30% of the US population. One would have no idea what the demographics are of the US by looking at these photos.

A Political Party Funded by Big Money — Pretending to be Grass Roots

It is also very difficult to see how the DNC is “grassroots.”

During the 2020 DNC primary, Obama intervened behind the scenes with the DNC to push out Bernie Sanders. Nearly all of the candidates dropped out (Buttigieg, Harris, Klobuchar, etc) at the same time to endorse Biden.

The DNC is not “grassroots” it is about rigging elections to match what its donors want — not letting the Democrat voters decide. The former head the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was caught cheating in her own election but got away with destroying the ballots. The DNC is the party of Big Money interests.

Finishing Off With Black Women

And we finish off with two African American Women.

And that brings the total to 2/29 or 6.8% of the images being white, in a country that is over 60% white. African Americans clearly dominate the images with 14 out of 29 of the photos being African American.

Furthermore, there is not one picture where a white man, boy or even old man is featured.

According to the DNC, this is their view of diversity.


The Democratic party is on a pathway to destruction. Their policies are increasingly negative for most of the population, particularly the white population.

The old DNC that looked out for worker’s interests is gone. The new DNC provides WOKE/diversity signaling while supporting the continuation of $7.25 minimum wage. 

Millions facing homelessness due to the Coronavirus? The DNC provides next to nothing — but they will talk about the importance of Black Lives Matter. 

The DNC receives their funding from most of the same sources the Republicans do, but they consider their ace in the hole to be racial politics. Their view is clearly that if they simply play the race card over and over, they will not have to answer for their policies that are aligned with the elite of the country.

Is this premeditated or deliberate on the part of the DNC? This photo appears to marginalize all of the white faces in the photo specifically. In order for a hand to cover one white face and two flags to cover a second and third white face, it is almost as if the children were coached where to move the flag — or the photo was selected from a group of many that specifically marginalized every white face.

What the DNC Wants to Tell Us

The messaging is not at all subtle.

With immigration and high birth rates, the DNC appears to want the white faces to disappear, and their focus is on appealing to non-whites.

The message to both while people and even more so to white men is that there is no place for you in the future of the US. Let us review what you get as a DNC voter.

What the DNC Plans

  • Voting for the DNC will mean more illegal immigration and more legal immigration of everyone but whites. Illegal aliens already can get drivers licenses and pay in state tuition, and get their ailments remedies on the taxpayer’s dime at the local ER clinic. It seems natural that the next step is to get illegal aliens to vote — as they will vote for Democrats.
  • For the DNC, their website seems to view the US as a predominantly non-white country. It isn’t currently, but this messaging indicates that their policies will make it so in the future.
  • According to the DNC, non-whiteness = diversity and is a strength, and conversely, whiteness must be a weakness.

Time to Find Another Party to Vote For

The message for whites, and white men, in particular, find another party to align yourself with. Perhaps the Republicans might be interested in new members.

Finally, as we know a bit about websites, we came up with this suggestion for the DNC website that will allow them to better cater to white voters.

This is a pop up that would appear and be specifically designed to appeal to white voters. Go ahead and click this image to see where it goes.