The Evidence BLM Leader Patrisse Cullors is a Mentally Unstable Narcissistic Sociopath Who Is Constantly Lying

Executive Summary

  • Patrisse Cullors has a history of narcissistic behavior, lying in public statements.
  • We cover Cullors’ psychology and its impact on BLM.


We spent a large number of hours analyzing the statements and actions of Patrisse Cullors as part of our research into BLM. After a certain point, we realized we had accumulated so many problematic statements from Cullors that we needed to cover the devastating impact of having a person with Cullors mental problems at the head of an influential entity like BLM.

Our References for This Article

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Patrisse Cullors Observation Category #1: Unceasing Lies

One thing that comes across very clearly over time from analyzing Cullors is that she switches either playing the victim or lying. We are not the only ones to observe this feature of her psychology. The National Legal Policy Center, which called upon the attorney generals of Washington and California to investigate what they consider to be very likely charity fraud, had the following advice for these state attorney generals.

Besides obtaining copies of its books and bank statements which BLMGNF is required to keep, NLPC believes that the Attorney General should depose BLMGNF representatives under oath subject to perjury to ensure accurate information is provided regarding the finances of this group. – NLPC

The NLPC has concluded the same thing we have. BLM and Cullors are serial liars and will continue to lie unless they are subject to criminal prosecution for lying.

What Happens When You Ask Patrisse Cullors a Straight Question

Patrisse Cullors will tend to pivot out to how those that ask her questions she does not want to answer are racist, sexist, or right-wing media are only raising the topics. Another common pivot is how she is a victim and how questions like this cause her trauma and damage her mental health.

Yet another example of this is found in the following quotation.

Cullors did not acknowledge during the interview that BLM had shut down its online fundraising pages last week amid legal threats from California and Washington, instead pivoting to accuse “right-wing media” of weaponizing her trauma in an attempt to drive her into insanity. – Washington Examiner

And there is a good reason for the pivot. But first, these legal threats were because BLM was violating the rules of operating a charity in those states. Having a tax-exempt status is a privilege, so if you break the rules, you will face threats of losing that privilege. BLM has not done what California and Washington instructed it. Journalists have reported being able to make donations from states that BLM is no longer allowed to raise funds until they comply with reporting requirements.

BLM has done this even though they have not only been instructed to stop accepting donations in these two states but that they will be fined if they violate the instruction, as is explained in the following quotation.

Washington state officials notified BLM in a Jan. 5 letter that the charity faces fines upward of $2,000 for each donation it solicits in the state until it reports its 2020 finances, and California threatened to hold BLM’s leaders personally liable if they don’t report their finances within the next 60 days. – Washington Examiner

BLM not only has violated the rules of running a charity, but even after being told they are out of compliance, they continue to ignore the instructions provided to them by the states. BLM seems to think that they don’t have to follow the rules of running a charity. However, Cullors now wants some type of exemption from these rules because BLM is run by blacks.

This was part of her answer to questions about her real estate buying binge.

“I grew up very poor, and I didn’t see myself or my mother living with the dignity that we deserved. So, as I got older, a big goal of mine was homeownership,” she says. “The attacks on me around the homes I purchased were an anti-Black and also anti-woman attack. It was, ‘Black women don’t deserve shit.’ And so, therefore, how dare you.” – Hollywood Reporter

This is called a diversionary tactic. Rather than provide evidence that the real estate buying binge was paid for with funds outside of BLM, she discusses her goal of owning a home. This evasion and logic do not actually contradict the accusation that she took money from the BLM charity to pay for these purchases. This is further explained in the following quotation.

In that time she has gone from local community organiser to international activism A-lister. But with celebrity has come controversy, including complaints about a lack of transparency about the huge sums of money that have flowed BLM’s way. She has also been called a hypocrite for amassing a property portfolio inconsistent with her beliefs as a self-described “trained Marxist.” She has called these attacks: “Not just a character assassination campaign, but a campaign to actually get me assassinated.” – The Guardian

This term “lack of transparency” is continually used through the Guardian article, however, a “lack of transparency,” is really just a euphemism for hiding money that is stolen from the BLM charity. Once again, Cullors turns herself into the victim and proposes that questioning how the head of BLM bought so much real estate equates to trying to get her assassinated.

When combined with the fact that Cullors and BLM have a history of making false claims, we ask if Cullors should be leading BLM. BLM’s website is filled with what amounts to a large number of insane assertions and false claims. And BLM has repeatedly lied about the support it provides to families that have lost their children, as well as the support they provide to BLM chapters. BLM and Cullors appear to think they can lie with impunity on topics related to police violence, to how their money is distributed, to lying to state authorities about its charity. When it comes to BLM management, the term “dumpster fire” seems appropriate.

Patrisse Cullors Observation Category #2: Examples of Narcissism

The following are examples of Cullors’ narcissism. We will begin each with a quote on the mind of a narcissist.

Characteristic of a Narcissist #1: Rule Breaking

Feeling superior to everyone, a narcissistic person tends to break the rules. They believe in the fantasy that they are special. The exaggerated feeling of self-importance made them crave special treatment. – LazyWise

Example of Cullors Narcissistic Behavior in This Area

BLM is in trouble for not following the state rules regarding running a charity. Furthermore, after they were told to cease accepting donations until they completed the appropriate disclosures, they continued to accept donations, as we cover in the article How Patrisse Cullors Lied About Shutting Down BLM’s Fundraising As California and Washington Instructed It.

Characteristic of a Narcissist #2: Exploiting Others

Instead of building better relationships, narcissistic people like to exploit others. The person has to possess something that can provide what they need. Narcissists will be with the people who they can use to their advantage. It’s more important to them than to build a meaningful friendship. – LazyWise

Example of Cullors Narcissistic Behavior in This Area

BLM and Cullors are constantly at odds with their chapters, state regulators, black families, and other black organizers. They have been called corrupt money grubbers by both black families and black organizers and by BLM chapters.

The following explains the heart of the conflict with their chapters.

“against the will of most chapters and without their knowledge” and saying inquiries regarding the financial operations of the foundation’s millions of dollars in donations (some $90  million in 2020 alone) were not met with “public or internal transparency” for years. The letter also encouraged people to donate directly to local chapters. Cullors has said that since the letter was published, four of those chapters accepted BLMGN funding, each receiving $500,000. – Hollywood Reporter

We cannot verify whether what Cullors said is true.

There is also a question of why the chapters have called BLM corrupt. If it is true, was that $500,000 the only funding those chapters have ever received? Did the other six chapters get nothing?

Characteristic of a Narcissist #3: A Fragile Sense of Self

Narcissists are lazy because their sense of self is fragile. They need to be treated as special to have the ability to work. Without praising them, it will be hard for them to deal with their tasks. Even if they think highly of themselves, it can easily be threatened. People who suffer from narcissism are very dependent on the feedback of people around them. If they don’t get the attention they need, they can crumble easily. They will lose interest in their tasks at hand if nobody cheers them up and tells them how important they are. – LazyWise

Example of Cullors Narcissistic Behavior in This Area

For a person who has been so critical of so many elements of society stating they have to be entirely torn down, Cullors did not fare very well when she came under criticism. This criticism was far milder than the criticism she doled out, as no one said that BLM needed to be completely dismantled as Cullors has said of all police departments.

According to her statements, she needed to enter a mental health care facility and considered killing herself for the simple reason that people were asking where the money came for her to make so many real estate purchases. She also stated that she feared for her life because of white supremacists where she lived in Topanga Canyon. I grew up in Topanga Canyon, and it is a liberal stronghold. This claim by Cullors of fearing roving bands of white supremacists who planned to target her for assassination is absurd. She has also compared herself to Martin Luther King. This is expressed in the following quotation.

You’re gonna make me cry,” Patrisse Cullors warns when I ask how she feels about being criticised by other Black people. Then the co-founder of Black Lives Matter (BLM) turns away from the webcam and starts to sob, hand to her mouth. “I’m crying because I was prepared for rightwing attacks. I wasn’t prepared for Black people to attack me. And I think that’s probably the hardest thing in this position, to lose your own people. The people that you love the most, the people that you do this work for. The human being feels betrayed, the leader feels like: ‘Yeah, welcome to Black leadership. This is the fucking hazing.’” – The Guardian

Again, the topic of the attacks, which are criticism is never discussed by Cullors. Every criticism of her or BLM is framed as an “attack.” This is because Cullors is routinely caught in various lies, and therefore leaps immediately to playing the victim. If Cullors had any maturity, she would not talk about how she was going to cry when she thought about criticism. Crying when criticized is what kids do, it is not what adults should be doing.

Cullors seems constantly to be treading a fine line between humility and hurt, between letting go but also claiming what is due to her. “You’re catching me at a place of deep, deep self-reflection,” she says, “but I look forward to many more years ahead where I can look back with more fondness. I think right now I have a lot of hurt and resentment and I feel like I’ve been treated as the fall guy for a movement that is much bigger than me. And some will say: ‘Well you let yourself be Time 100, you let yourself be in the forefront and you’re about to be on the cover of the Guardian – kinda comes with the territory.’ True.”

But then comes a final plea: “We need to treat our leaders better.” – The Guardian

Cullors has no problem not only “claiming what is due to her,” but fleecing the BLM charity by billing it and placing that money into the bank account of her own private consulting company, and then lying about it. Why should corrupt leaders who are endlessly caught in lies be treated better? Cullors is not qualified either from a position of domain expertise or from a position of ethics to lead anything.

I can sustain local organising work. I think being the face of a global movement was turning me into something I didn’t want to be. I didn’t want to be a shark. I don’t have the emotional bandwidth.” She is also done with the internecine conflict between Black movements that she sees happening on social media. “If I were a young person watching, I’d be like: ‘Keep me away from that shit. That is drama and trauma. I have enough of that. Let me go be an influencer on TikTok.’” – The Guardian

Cullors makes a lot of incendiary statements without having the knowledge to make those statements and she likes to steal money from BLM. She also is constantly looking to exploit people, as was shown with the BLM chapters. Cullors is a scammer and a cheat, but she also has extremely thin skin. She can’t tolerate being critiqued. She seems to refer to any type of criticism as “trauma.”

Cullors is mentally weak. She can try to wrap it up in protective descriptions like “trauma,” or “emotional bandwidth,” but the general translation is either mentally weak or mentally fragile. Secondly, those that have worked with Cullors state that she has really no expertise in organizing or dealing with people either. So even the first part of the quote above is incorrect. Cullors, along with her two BLM co-founders are just average people who got lucky and rode a wave. None of them have the maturity or capabilities to lead organizations.

Furthermore, the questions around her real estate purchases and where the money came from were entirely valid. Shortly after this criticism, she engineered a fake departure from BLM.

This video was filled with lies. For one, she never addressed that she was stepping down due to the criticism she received for her real estate binge. Secondly, she did not actually step down, so this was another lie, which we figured out from our other research into BLM. Furthermore, notice she does not mention who was taking the leadership reins because no one did. Her name was recently found on one of the BLM documents as currently still with BLM. However, Cullors has never admitted this. 

Cullors orchestrated this fake withdrawal from BLM for the single purpose of escaping the scrutiny of how she obtained the funding to make her real estate purchases.

Asking For State Rules For Running a Charity to be Followed is a Way of “Shrinking the Movement”

Rather than providing evidence to contradict the claims against her, Cullors has a long-established pattern of claiming she is the victim.

“Their job is to drive me to insanity,” Cullors said. “Their job is to keep me silent, to shrink me. Their job is to shrink us as a movement.” – Washington Examiner

This would fall into the category of blaming the messenger.

All of this makes us wonder what percentage of BLM’s leadership has mental problems and is generally low functioning.

Characteristic of a Narcissist #4: Complete Self Obsession

Cullors’s personal website at is highly narcissistic.

In the introductory video on the first page, Cullors states she is a..

Mother, author, educator, artist, abolitionist, I am Patrisse Cullors.

I have visited a lot of personal websites and I don’t recall such a self-involved video. Cullors is essentially exclusively known for being the leader of BLM, however, she is not happy with that destination and seems to be want to be appreciated for a number of things that she is not known for. Patrisse Cullors is a successful author, because of the brand she created with BLM. She is an educator because she was given a job by Prescott College — again because she led BLM. I am not aware of her art, but again, would her art be interesting to people if she did not lead BLM? Cullors is in a deluded state where she believes she is some type of enormously talented person. She is actually not able to manage BLM and she does not know and has not researched even the claims she has made about police shootings of blacks. She could take the time she is devoting to being an artist or having other jobs and try to spend time learning on topics she does not understand.

All of this illustrates her narcissism because she is basically telling the world that you need to appreciate me for four other things as well.

And one other thing became apparent from reviewing the Cullors website. In every photo, she has a radically different hairstyle. She seems to have a peculiar interest in her hair. Actually some of the videos on her channel about hair.

Here is Cullors’ video on her “hair journey.” 

I am unaware of people who are serious thinkers who have around 15 different hairstyles. This is quite self-obsessed behavior. A natural question arises from this. How much time is she spending every day on these different hairstyles versus knowing the subject matter on which BLM makes such sweeping pronouncements and states that they have the answers to virtually all of the world’s problems? 

Cullors has this photo on her website. The patch on her jacket says 

“Stop Killing Black People: Defund Police: Abolish ICE.”

Only around 18 black people per year are killed by police while unarmed in the country of 320 million people. The vast majority of black person, as with nonblack people, who are killed by police are involved in violent crime. Blacks are killed at a higher rate than their percentage of the US population, but not out of proportion with their involvement in violent crime. The US has far higher rates of police killing civilians, but blacks are not targeted. So the overall US police system is far more likely to use lethal force. That topic of the US versus Europe or the US versus Australia or Canada policing could be analyzed, but Cullors and BLM have framed the issue as if the only issue with police violence is related to race. This is false, and it is highly counterproductive to getting to the real issue. The entirety of the higher rates of black men being shot by police is explained by their far higher involvement in violent crime.

The next item on Cullors’ jacket is defunding the police Defunding the police will simply lead to a breakdown in society, so it is not a solution. And as for abolishing ICE, this would mean that the US would enforce any immigration policy, and people would simply come and stay and work illegally for as long as they want. This is again not a solution to anything. All of these ideas are hallmarks of a simple-minded person who does not understand the implications of what they are proposing. People giving money to BLM are giving resources to an organization that is not only corrupt but that has now domain expertise in any topic. There are many entities with far higher domain expertise in all of the topics that BLM claims to cover. Here is a good article on prison reform by the RAND. It is a misallocation of societal resources to give money to BLM who don’t have the expertise or workable solutions.


Patrice Cullors is a narcissist and a sociopath whose immediate response to answering questions and accusations she does not want to answer with evidence is to lie or deflect by playing the victim. Her logic and thinking ability are both weak, and she stakes by making assertions on topics which she knows little about and is unable to put in the effort to learn. To add to all of this, she is greedy and highly corrupt and is constantly lying to the point where it’s not clear if she knows herself what is true or false. That is, it is likely she believes many of her lies.

The BLM movement is primarily about exaggerating victimhood, and making what are often violent black criminals into victims by removing the context from the shootings of black criminals. Cullors herself is highly accomplished at playing the victim. No matter how many people make accusations about her, no matter how much money she makes, she is still, in her mind, the victim.

Our view is that Cullors’ is completely inappropriate to lead any organization.