Expanding Section: Oracle Database Version Usage Percentages

The data for this chart was acquired from HG Insights.

This data was pulled from their website on June 1, 2019.

  • HG Insights, and firms like them, verifies the usage of applications and databases, but not all data is verified to the most recent month.
  • The verifications are performed in a cycle, and this is how these verification services work.
  • These services tend to overestimate the usage of databases and applications because they only seek to validate if the database or applications is in use. However, for our purposes of determining the percentage of each database type, we do not have to adjust the data.

By taking the counts for each Oracle database version, we were able to construct the following pie chart.

Overall, roughly an insignificant 6% of Oracle customers have migrated to the most recent version of the Oracle DB.

The question is why.

Our observation is that the Oracle database has become overly bloated in its most recent versions, and most companies do not need the extra functionality or the extra bloat and expense involved with Oracle 12c. For example, Oracle 12c adds a column store, which was put in place to combat SAP HANA, but which there is little use for in the database as we covered in the article How Accurate with Bloor Research on Oracle In Memory?

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