Expanding Section: The Information Communicated About S/4HANA Go Lives

The following is a prototypical example of an estimate of S/4HANA go-lives.

There are many problems with this estimate.

  • The estimate was put together by ASUG, which serves as a repeater for SAP marketing claims.
  • There is exactly zero information about who filled in this poll. ASUG has not even listed the number of companies that responded to the poll.
  • If the “are already live” percentage was applied to all of the potential customers of S/4HANA, it would result in an estimate of roughly 6,495 live S/4HANA customers, which is far beyond even SAP’s own estimate of 3,500 live S/4HANA customers. This means that the poll is entirely unrepresentative of the customer base, which means the poll has no reason to exist beyond serving to promote S/4HANA.
  • This poll will be repeatedly referred to by various consulting companies, customers and media entities, without any focus being on whether the poll has any validity.