What The What This House Believes and Pride Flag Really Means

Executive Summary

  • Liberals have two very popular signs/flags that they like to display.
  • This article analyzes the actual meaning of these signs/flags.


Liberals have become increasingly pushy in promoting their ideas through symbols. The following two items are displayed in many areas. The first — called “What This House Believes,” is displayed in front of houses, while the Pride Flag is displayed even on government buildings.

Liberal Artifact #1: What This House Believes

The following sign can be found in front of many houses, most frequently in nicer areas.

#1: Black Lives Matter

This translates to “Blacks are good.” However, almost none of the people who display this sign in front of their house would ever move to a black area. These signs are not shown in front of houses in black areas because blacks do not agree with the majority of things on this list. This sign also means buying into the false claims made about police against blacks, as doing “the math” on this issue leads to all of the wrong conclusions.

This also means defunding the police — which has been a complete disaster and has led to the degradation of many cities. It is amazing that after BLM has been exposed for charity fraud the term Black Lives Matter even continues to be used.

One thing that cannot be said is that black lives are an asset. Black lives are a liability, and the fewer blacks there are, the better the outcomes for a society.

Looking at these statistics — and the fact that blacks contribute damaging intellectual property to any society by promoting false information and bad ideas (defunding the police, violent rap music, DEI, the idea that only racism is responsible for their reputation, fake history, etc..) in what sense can blacks be said to be an asset? A better term would be “Black Violence Matters” or “Black Violence Matters.” As can be seen from these statistics, if there were no blacks in the US, society would be transformed into a far better and more civilized state.  

In any society, the higher the percentage of the black population, the worse the outcomes for that society.

#2: Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

This translates to women’s rights in any area need to be unquestioned. It also means that one must support Amber Heard or any other woman even after they are exposed for making false accusations against men. It means that women must have superior legal rights over men, for example, in family court, and must be supported for doing jobs that, for the most part, they are bad at doing — such as working in STEM. What should be remembered also is that a person who will put this sign up will not critique countries where women lack human rights — such as Muslim countries. Instead, they only focus on white countries where women have the most rights.

#3: No Human is Illegal

This translates to the support for open borders. Open borders mean non-whites get to move to countries that were developed by whites. As white people generally don’t want to live illegally in non-white countries, it is a one-way policy, and it calls for an unending invasion of white countries by non-whites.

#4: Science is Real

This translates to taking all vaccines (without ever investigating vaccines and that any person who disagrees with vaccines is anti-science). It also undermines medical autonomy and contradicts the favorite catchphrase of people who have this sign in front of their house that it is “their body and their choice.”

It is only your body if the topic is not what medical treatments you need to take.

It also means legal mandates for people to take any vaccine developed by corrupt pharmaceutical companies and that no disagreement is allowed with vaccines, no matter how much investigation one puts into the topic. Furthermore, the legal indemnity that vaccine manufacturers received back in the 1980s cannot be questioned.

Curiously, people who display this sign in front of their house will also claim that there are 82 genders, that sex is just a social construct, that women can compete with men physically, etc..

So this phrase should be “science is whatever I want it to be.”

#5: Love is Love

This translates to having sex with trans people is good; gays with 400 sexual partners per year are good. It is debatable whether it extends to incest or minor-attracted persons. Groups like pedophiles and those supporting bestiality have been trying to get their form of “love” generally accepted — hence the politically correct term “minor-attracted persons.”

#6: Kindness is Everything

This translates into the female idea that kindness solves any issue – when it means no trade-off with rational thinking. This phrase also demonstrates the totalitarian thinking going through the ideas in this sign. How can something be “everything.”

Where is an Endorsement of Islam?

I am almost surprised that there is not an item listed on the sign about Allah being the one God, as Islam is the pet religion of liberals. Liberals feel the need to endorse a religion that is extraordinarily intolerant and produces highly harmful outcomes.

Liberal Artifact #2: The Pride Flag

This flag began with just the rainbow colors. When first introduced by the gay community in San Francisco, the colors represented very general concepts like unity or strength.

This makes the additions to the flag quite bizarre. 

First, the triangular stripes at the top, which are pink, white, and light blue, represent trans and trans rights. However, trans and trans rights don’t overlap with gay rights. For example, trans lesbians (that is, men) now fight with lesbians because they say that women not having sex with them is “transphobic.” If you are a trans lesbian — that would seem to say you are a heterosexual man — as you are engaging in heterosexual sex — once the Alice in Wonderland assertion that trans women are women is dispensed with.

Lesbians are being kicked off of lesbian dating apps who won’t date “trans women.”

When Liberals Call Each Other Bigots Over Not Wanting Sex With Trans Individuals

Allowing men to be classified as lesbians is categorized as being “inclusive,” and lesbians who refuse to date “trans lesbians” as being bigots. See the following quotation from the article The lesbians who feel pressured to have sex and relationships with trans women.

Another lesbian woman, 26-year-old Chloe*, said she felt so pressured she ended up having penetrative sex with a trans woman at university after repeatedly explaining she was not interested.

They lived near each other in halls of residence. Chloe had been drinking alcohol and does not think she could have given proper consent.

“I felt very bad for hating every moment, because the idea is we are attracted to gender rather than sex, and I did not feel that, and I felt bad for feeling like that,” she said.

Ashamed and embarrassed, she decided not to tell anyone.

“The language at the time was very much ‘trans women are women, they are always women, lesbians should date them’. And I was like, that’s the reason I rejected this person. Does that make me bad? Am I not going to be allowed to be in the LGBT community anymore? Am I going to face repercussions for that instead?’ So I didn’t actually tell anyone.”

This shows the mind control that is so common among liberals.

Eventually, if accusing people of bigotry and hate without addressing their arguments is increasingly accepted, it will be used by liberals against other liberals — as is the case in the following quotation.

Hearing about experiences like these led one lesbian activist to begin researching the topic. Angela C. Wild is co-founder of Get The L Out, whose members believe the rights of lesbians are being ignored by much of the current LGBT movement. She and her fellow activists have demonstrated at Pride marches in the UK, where they have faced opposition. Pride in London accused the group of “bigotry, ignorance and hate”.

Another frequent personal attack is to accuse someone of being far right.

“I remember she was extremely shocked and angry, and claimed my views were extremist propaganda and inciting violence towards the trans community, as well as comparing me to far-right groups,” she said.

“Lesbians are still extremely scared to speak because they think they won’t be believed, because the trans ideology is so silencing everywhere,” she said.

As a person who is not far right but would undoubtedly be categorized as far-right by liberals (anyone who is not liberal is apparently by definition far right), it is amusing to see liberals call each other far right.

Pressured to Have Sex With Trans Women (Men)

Angela created a questionnaire for lesbians and distributed it via social media, then published the results.She said that of the 80 women who did respond, the majority reported being pressured or coerced to accept a trans woman as a sexual partner. One woman reported being targeted in an online group. “I was told that homosexuality doesn’t exist and I owed it to my trans sisters to unlearn my ‘genital confusion’ so I can enjoy letting them penetrate me,” she wrote.One compared going on dates with trans women to so-called conversion therapy – the controversial practice of trying to change someone’s sexual orientation.”I knew I wasn’t attracted to them but internalised the idea that it was because of my ‘transmisogyny’ and that if I dated them for long enough I could start to be attracted to them. It was DIY conversion therapy,” she wrote.”[They] threatened to out me as a terf and risk my job if I refused to sleep with [them],” she wrote. “I was too young to argue and had been brainwashed by queer theory so [they were] a ‘woman’ even if every fibre of my being was screaming throughout so I agreed to go home with [them]. [They] used physical force when I changed my mind upon seeing [their] penis and raped me.”

Notice she states..

I had been brainwashed by queer theory so they were a woman even if ever fibre of my being was screaming.

This should be concerning even to liberals. The liberal ideology gives people so little in the way of guidance on how to think that they can be easily controlled, as none of their beliefs or guiding principles are based upon evidence. Liberalism is about denying reality — and that means it is about ignoring evidence that does not fit with the pre-defined conclusion. This also shows how much this story contradicts one of the supposed bedrock principles of “What This House Believes,” which is that science is real. Science would state that trans women are men. However, again, liberals are selective with where they apply science. To a liberal, science is what a corrupt pharmaceutical company says it is.

Nearly all liberal argumentation is based upon personal attacks rather than logic and evidence.

I can see a future liberal proposal that rape is not rape if a trans person does it, and accusations of rape against trans women (men) are transphobic. Not wanting to be raped by a trans person is also transphobic.

Trans individuals seem to desire to provide extraordinary privileges to trans individuals — and because they are a bunch of drama queens — if they do not receive these privileges — they will kill themselves. They also need you to pay for their exorbitant sexual reassignment surgeries — or again, they will kill themselves — and then their blood will be on your hands.

Rose believes views like this are “incredibly toxic”. She believes the idea that dating preferences are transphobic is being pushed by radical trans activists and their “self-proclaimed allies”, who have extreme views which don’t reflect the views of trans women she knows in real life.”Nobody should ever be pressured into dating, or pressured into dating people they aren’t attracted to. But if you find that when dating, you are writing off entire groups of people, like people of colour, fat people, disabled people or trans people, then it’s worth considering how societal prejudices may have shaped your attractions.

The problem with this statement is that forcing people to do things they don’t want is a foundational concept of liberalism.

Remember their previous arguments.

  • A person must tolerate and even want to live around blacks, Latinos, and other groups that produce major negative externalities, or else they are labeled as racist.
  • All whites must accept their society being invaded by non-whites.
  • All people must accept that you must defund the police (or you are a racist).
  • All people must accept a dangerous and ineffective vaccine — or they are categorized as a far-right conspiracy theorist.
  • All people must vote Democrat — in over to defend democracy.

As liberals accept forcing individuals to do things against their will — it should not be surprising that now trans individuals are using the same logic of force to get people to have sex with them — or else they will call them names, just as liberals do with every other person that they disagree with.

Increasingly, liberalism appears like a grade school-level intellect before a person develops adult thought patterns — where everyone is pressed to agree with unsupported ideas and views or else they are called names.

Genital Preferences Are Transphobic!

In a video which has now been deleted, YouTuber Riley J Dennis argued that dating “preferences” are discriminatory.

he asked: “Would you date a trans person, honestly? Think about it for a second. OK, got your answer? Well if you said no, I’m sorry but that’s pretty discriminatory.”

She explained: “I think the main concern that people have in regards to dating a trans person is that they won’t have the genitals that they expect. Because we associate penises with men and vaginas with women, some people think they could never date a trans man with a vagina or a trans woman with a penis.

But I think that people are more than their genitals. I think you can feel attraction to someone without knowing what’s between their legs. And if you were to say that you’re only attracted to people with vaginas or people with penises it really feels like you are reducing people just to their genitals.”

This entirely misses the point that nearly all people are either opposite-sex attracted or same-sex attracted.

Therefore, liberal trans proponents argue that a natural attraction that nearly all people feel is unnatural.

What is this bizarre obsession with using social pressure to erase people’s sexual preferences? According to many trans people, sexual relationships are engaged not because they are what one party wants — but to meet some abstract objective of fitting in. Many trans individuals appear to be perfectly happy for individuals to be forced into sex and relationships they do not want — as long as the trans individuals are getting what they want.

Furthermore, in addition to being attracted to the opposite sex, people are generally only attracted to a fraction of the entire opposite sex within a specific age range. Isn’t not wanting to have sex with a person much older or younger than you age-phobic? It is easy to see how this basic premise promoted by trans individuals and liberals can be made absurd.

The Offensive “Cotton Ceiling”

Novelist and poet Roz Kaveney wrote an article called “Some Thoughts on the Cotton Ceiling” and another called “More Cotton Ceiling”.

“What is always going on is an assumption that the person is the current status of their bits, and the history of their bits,” she wrote in the first article.

“Which is about as reductive a model of sexual attraction as I can imagine.”

Again – a foundational idea of sexual attraction — that, at the very least, a person is of the opposite sex has been reframed as a “reductive model.”

The Normalization of Insanity

It should be pretty clear that this is insanity — and yet it is increasingly accepted in liberal circles.

Here are some insane comments.

Comment #1

Genital preference is at least 99.9% transphobic.

Comment #2

I’m sorry if you are going to be mad at this but yes it is transphobic to have genital preferences no ifs or ands about it. Nothing you can say can change that.

Notice how totalitarian this sentence is. No person can have any genital preference, and there is no argument that this person will accept.

Comment #3

What is genital preference if not a fancy way of saying “I am transphobic.”

Comment #4

Saying “lesbians don’t date trans women because they are liberally lesbians, they are attracted to women, not men” is transphobic.

This illustrates how the term “phobic” is used by liberals.

People who use this term do not rely on logic or evidence. They categorize the view as against something or “phobic,” and then that is supposed to override all logic and evidence.

Incontrovertible Evidence of Liberal Insanity

Hopefully, this illustrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that liberals lack basic thinking abilities, and their acceptance of ridiculous trans arguments shows this.

Therefore, are they really in a position to tell other people what to think when they can’t figure out what they think or why they think it?

Why is Grooming Children Such a Pattern With Trans Individuals?

In addition to forcing people to have sex with them who have no interest in doing so, another major hobby of trans individuals is grooming children. Grooming children is something far more common among trans people versus gays.

Time for Drag Queen Story Hour?

Female liberal simpletons are tricked into allowing trans freakazoids to groom children. This is not due to an overriding interest in literature but to push the gay and trans lifestyle onto children. Little Red Riding Hood is not on the reading list. You can see one book titled Not All Princesses Dress in Pink and Families Families, which promotes non-heterosexual families. All the books presented are about getting more children to think of being trans as a desirable lifestyle. Is this Drag Queen Story Hour or Trans Indoctrination Hour?

Also, why does this tranny have horns? Is there some demonic implication going on? This is not just trans but has some very concerning overtones.

This, once again, illustrates the degeneration of liberal thought.

Many gays see trans individuals as invading their movement and turning back the progress they have made in gaining acceptance from the broader heterosexual society.

Therefore, there are a lot of inconsistencies with having a combined trans and gay flag.

Matt Walsh on Transgender Children’s Books

Matt Walsh does a good job of explaining one of the ludicrous trans books read during Drag Queen Story Time. 

We now have a Transgender Visibility Day. What is that?? What is going on with sanity? If there is now a Transgender Visibility Day that is a loss for sanity. This quote is from the Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

On Transgender Day of Visibility, the United States reaffirms that transgender rights are human rights. We celebrate the achievements and resilience of transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming persons around the world. We recognize their bravery in their hard-fought work for equality, inclusion, and the full recognition of their human rights, which continues to this day.

At the same time, we underscore the work that remains to ensure that all transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming persons are able to live authentically, safely, and with dignity. This work includes ensuring that all persons are able to secure identity documents that fully reflect who they are. Transgender persons deserve to live free from violence, discrimination, and stigma.

Isn’t transgender visibility an oxymoron? The point is that transvestites are supposed to be able to fool you into thinking they are the opposite sex.

Legal Implications of The Trans Ideology

A new law in Scottland sets up a punishment of 7 years for parents who stop their children from transitioning!

What is going on here??

Black and Brown Stripes/People on the Pride Flag

The other two stripes on the flag are for black and brown people. However, this illustrates the orientation for racial diversity — even though the lowest support for the gay communities and the trans communities are black and brown people. White liberals would like it if this were not the case.

Where the Pride Flag is Displayed

  • Something very bizarre is that these Pride Flags are now supported by the US Government and displayed in cities during Pride Month that have a very small gay population. For example, Durango, CO, has a very small gay and trans population, yet they line the downtown with what must be hundreds of Pride flags for Pride month. Why not have heterosexual Pride month with heterosexual flags in an area with very few heterosexuals — for example, The Castro District in San Francisco? Would gays accept this — or not? My guess is they would not tolerate this.
  • This pushes an ideology onto people who have nothing to do with it under the idea that this is tolerance.


Both of these flags/signs illustrate the intense derangement of the liberal brain — places both items very firmly in the pantheon of programmed thought along with Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book. Liberals don’t appear to think through whether their ideas are consistent and seem to be looking to be told what to think. Liberals seek acceptance rather than investigating why they think what they think.

On a final note, I want to make sure that I make it understood that I am not a Christian Conservative, and I have had heterosexual relationships, and that is not all peaches and creme. Even though I understand men and women being married and having children is the norm, I have been subjected to mothers-in-law, and I can speak very clearly about the negatives of heterosexual relationships.