Why Blacks Want to Write Whites Out of Making Slavery Illegal in White Countries

Executive Summary

  • Blacks in the US have gone to a significant effort to de-emphasize and even eliminate the role whites had in making slavery illegal in white countries.
  • This article explains the reason for this strategy.


When the first statues of ex-slaveholders were torn down during the George Floyd BLM protests, later statues of whites that had nothing to do with slavery or even opposed slavery were also torn down. This combines with the non-observance and de-emphasis by American blacks of whites’ role in making slavery illegal. This is combined with the idea presented by American blacks of the offense created by what they call the “white savior.”

Where Are Statues Being Torn Down?

In white countries, blacks in 2019 made a big show of tearing down white statues. The focus on tearing down statues only seems to be occurring primarily by non-whites in white countries. Statues have been torn down in both the US and the UK as part of the BLM protests, even though the UK has little to do with policing in the US — and the practice has taken on a general anti-white dimension.

This statue, which was commissioned by slaves, is now not acceptable to modern-day blacks. One of the issues associated with this is that Lincoln is presented as a “white savior.” Blacks will only accept a historical timeline where slaves emancipated themselves. Even presenting the reality that whites were a significant part and an unremovable part of eliminating slavery in white countries is offensive. It promotes the white savior mentality. 

This brings up why statues of slaveholding individuals or slaves like Abraham Lincoln, that emancipated slaves in non-white countries are not being torn down.

That is, why have so many people been acculturated to think that slavery was a predominantly white institution?

Well, one reason is that this is the preferred explanation for blacks. When told that Africa had slavery before Europeans appeared to trade slaves that Africans captured and sold Africans to the Europeans and that Africa has slavery today — blacks usually don’t know how to react except to call the person making this statement a racist. Blacks have a particular story around slavery in their heads that most likely has been put there by black leaders in the US. And this story means focusing only on the slavery they were victims of and not understanding the overall reality of slavery.


Well, again, blacks are childlike in their self-centeredness. There is their story, which they prefer to believe, and then there are all other stories, and those that don’t match their story are racist.

As I cover in the article What Percentage of Atlantic Slave Trade Slaves Went to the US?, only roughly 3 to 4% of all slaves in the Atlantic Slave Trade went to the US. The rest went to the Caribbean and Brazil. And yet, blacks in the US have resisted looking at any of the 97% of the Atlantic Slave Trade as pulling the emphasis away from the 3% to 4% of slavery in which the US participated. This is a minimal known fact. However, in comments on the article by blacks, while they don’t dispute the numbers, some of the comments claim that it takes away from the main issue, which is slavery in the US. However, why is that the main issue? Why are more than 90% of the books on Amazon that deal with slavery about the US portion of the Atlantic Slave Trade?

Furthermore, the US fought a civil war over slavery, and white countries were the first to abolish slavery. Do blacks ever observe that point? I have not seen it. Blacks believe that they freed themselves without the help of any other group. This is, again, the preferred black story. Observing that whites freed blacks is again racism. Blacks do their absolute best to deemphasize that whites had anything to do with making slavery illegal in white countries.


Because it would acknowledge non-blacks doing anything for blacks, this is a second major part of the black strategy to attempt to obtain more sympathy continually, making it appear that no one has ever done anything for blacks.

How Blacks use the Term White Savior

Here are some interesting excerpts from the term white savior in Wikipedia:

The term white savior, sometimes combined with savior complex to write white savior complex, refers to a white person who provides help to non-white people in a self-serving manner.

Africa has a history of slavery and of colonization. Damian Zane of BBC News said due to the history, Africans find the “white savior” attitude to help them “deeply patronising and offensive”. Zane said, “Some argue that aid can be counter-productive, as it means African countries will continue to rely on outside help.”

Actor and producer Louise Linton wrote a memoir about her gap year in Zambia, In Congo’s Shadow, and wrote an article for The Telegraph, “How my dream gap year in Africa turned into a nightmare”, to promote the book. Michael Schaub of Los Angeles Times said, “The reaction to Linton’s article was swift and negative, accusing her of using clichés and misrepresentations… Several people have described Linton’s memoir as a ‘white savior’ fantasy.”

The Uganda-based campaign group No White Saviors said of the controversy, “There are levels to the white savior complex. You can mean well, do some good along the way and actively be perpetuating the (white savior complex).”

Blacks seem to be walking an interesting tightrope here in promoting the white savior trope as a negative. It is also hypocritical as blacks are constantly asking for help from blacks. When whites don’t help, they are racist, but then, if they do help, they are perpetuating a white savior complex. It almost appears as if blacks want whites to help but then for blacks to receive the credit. This is essentially why American blacks seek to write whites out of making slavery illegal in white countries.

Where Are the Asian, Arab, or Latin American Saviors?

Why is there no term like Asian savior, Arab savior, or Latin American savior?


And this is because these groups don’t actively go out and try to help other groups. They see that their only obligation is to help and advocate for their own group. Whites are the only group that is so naive and that have developed a culture where they help out groups that would never return the assistance, or that critique the assistance if it is not given in such a way that the provider of the assistance in a way that allows the black recipient of the assistance to appear maximally independent. In the BLM protests, there were large numbers of whites in the US attending these protests. Try to find blacks coming out to protest in favor of what is a primarily white issue. Good luck with that. 


Blacks want anything done by whites for blacks to be verboten to discuss. If you state that whites were instrumental in making slavery illegal in white countries, you are either playing into the white savior stereotype or the guilt of racism. One wonders why there is such a focus on eliminating anything good that whites have done. The reason is simple. Blacks live off of a complaint culture. This means making all whites feel guilty, and the best way to do this is to propose that all problems in black countries and communities are due to racism. This racism has to be maximized by denying anything good that whites have ever done for blacks.