Why Is There An Expectation That Africans Will Behave and Perform Equal to Whites?

Executive Summary

  • Liberals and blacks normally expect blacks to have the same outcomes as whites when they immigrate to white societies.
  • They never do, but why is this an expectation?


Every statistic across countries where Africans immigrate (or are brought) shows discrepancies between blacks and the white population. This is always presented as evidence of racism. However, what if this is simply the modality of black behavior? We will address this topic of expectations settings for blacks versus expectations based upon wishful thinking.

Blacks Have More Mental Health Issues Than Other Groups

This video points out the high mental health differential between blacks and virtually all other groups. 

Our Observations from This Video

These claims around discrimination presume that blacks behave the same as non-blacks. That is not true and needs to be addressed.

Blacks are far more prone to violence than any other group, which is true across countries where blacks migrate. Blacks are also dangerous fighters who employ deadly tactics during fights. Secondly, the overall black behavior is not the same in terms of impulse control. This is evidence by far higher levels of promiscuity among blacks. How this could be racism, which explains every black ill, is difficult to see. Is it true that a white conspiracy makes blacks more promiscuous than all other groups?

That is just one example, but there are many others. But the panelists are excusing all of the violent behavior by blacks. In the video, at the 2:20 mark, the man with mental health issues describes how his family called the police on him due to his erratic behavior. Now, was this racism on the part of his family, or was this instead due to his behavior?

He then left the mental hospital without permission, which obviously, you are not allowed to do. He said that..

“He moved home thinking we could just put this all behind us.”


He was not informed that it would not be allowed for him to leave the mental hospital?

That is curious because it seems like he was probably informed of this and informed what would happen if he did this. He then fought the police and ended up getting tazed.

As he is recounting his experience, he is dissociating from his responsibility. He states..

“There was a physical struggle.”

Was he involved in that struggle at all, or was that occurring next door?

It might be good if at this point he owned up to the fact that he got into a fight with the police.

He then states that he is frustrated that it got to that stage. It appears that this mentally ill man’s expectation is that he be able to do whatever he wants and to not have any consequences for his behavior.

Then the narrator states:

“Black people are four times more likely to be detained under the mental health act, and all too often that is their first encounter with the system.”

What is this narrator attempting to say?

Was this man detained due to racism? Who called the police on this man?

The family did.

Who left the mental hospital without permission?

This man did.

This man was taken to a mental hospital because he was considered a threat to both his family and others. This is the logic for why he was required to seek permission if he left the mental hospital. If you fight with the police, regardless of your race, you will be forced to comply, and you may be tazed.

People that evolved in different climates do not have identical planning ability or impulse control. There are differences.

Blacks have at least 4x the number of mental health issues of whites, and more mental health issues than other groups. They are also lower functioning that whites and other groups when they are not mentally ill. However, this video is presenting what are black cognition issues as if they are entirely due to racism.

Stopping “Fear of the Black Man”

At the 10:30 mark in the video, a commentator states that the “fear of the black man” is just in people’s heads. However, the statistics show this is not true. As I cover in the article Why the Claims by Black Lives Matter on Police Shootings are False, blacks in the US are around 5x more violent than whites. Whites are not the least violent group in the US. That distinction belongs to Asians. Again, as most of their violence by blacks is directed towards blacks, this brings up how this is racism. Is there another white conspiracy to make blacks violent against other blacks?

This higher level of violence by blacks is all “the media” and racism, which blacks claim in the US. But the problem with that assertion is the math I just showed is off of official US statistics. You see, murders leave a body. So that body is not made up by the media.

Guns Kill Blacks, Not Blacks Holding Guns?

Blacks have also presented the background concept that it is “guns.” That the guns are killing blacks. However, other groups have higher ownership of guns than blacks and don’t have anywhere near blacks’ violent crime rate.

So guns appear to behave differently depending upon the race of the individual who is holding them, and this is covered in the article How The Number of Blacks Predicts a State’s Murder Rate. 

Europeans will chastise Americans for their horrific gun policies, without realizing that around 1/2 of the gun violence in the US is perpetuated by only 13% of the population. The black population.

Faced with these statistics the typical European will become a bit subdued and confused, as this is one of their major hobbies, that is taking about US gun laws. However, they are not interested in addressing the issue of black violence, and again, they chalk it up to racism.

There is considerable censorship on these topics.

Protecting Black Pride and Self Esteem By Blaming Black on Black Violence as Due to White Racism

For decades the explanation for all of the vastly different statistics for blacks has been racism. And if these explanations are not accepted, this is all the evidence necessary to say that that person not accepting the assertion is a racist. Whites and other non-blacks don’t like being called racists, so blacks often win their arguments without providing any evidence. If a black person says the reason is racism, which is an assertion, then few individuals from other groups will either ask for evidence or argue against the position out of the simple fear of being called a racist.

This is, of course, exactly what happened with Black Lives Matter. BLM is a group that makes assertions; they have no ability to perform analysis or to support their views with evidence. They assert, and they win, because of the fear of contradicting BLM.

Black Dysfunctionality Does Not Stop at Violence

“Fear of the black man” also extends to fear of the black woman. And it is not only shared by whites and Asians and other groups, but also by other blacks. I have known blacks who worked at hotels that normally preferred white customers over black.


Because blacks customers were a problem. This is blacks who felt this way. When blacks are customers, they prefer to be served by whites. However, all groups prefer non-blacks to provide service to them.

Begging to Be Allowed into White Countries

At the 4:30 mark in this video, where Africans driving across the Sahara on their way to immigrate illegally to Europe are interviewed, one of the Africans in the truck states that they have to leave Nigeria as they are being driven out by violence from Boka Haram. Africans like to blame their problems on European colonialization. However, is Boka Haram from Europe? No Boka Haram is Islamic, a religion which Europe fought for hundreds of years. Why does Boka Haram terrorize Africans? Boka Haram’s stated reason is that they are not Muslim. They oppose all western involvement, which extends to girls attending school. And naturally, Boka Haram both oppose women learning as well as birth control. 

Muslim countries in Africa like Nigeria fight against Western NGOs that try to provide and recommend birth control to manage Africa’s out of control population growth, and are often met with resistance and that birth control is another white conspiracy to keep black people from having all the babies that “God wills.”

How African Countries Fight Against Things That Could Improve Their Societies

Observe this video. Birth control is often described as a scheme that pushes a Western agenda. What is this agenda exactly? Is this is a white conspiracy to make it, so Africa does not further overpopulate its resource base? Yes, these same Africans will want to immigrate to Europe, as there aren’t enough jobs in African countries. 

This video illustrates the enormous overpopulation issue in Africa. This video is politically correct and makes a flawed assumption that Africans will behave the same as Southeast Asians. 

Now let us return to the first video dealing with blacks’ mental health in the UK and how the British mental health system is not appropriately tailored to blacks. Now look back at the video of Africans fleeing violence and looking for a “better life” in Europe. Caravans of Africans streaming into Europe were not the promise of African leaders, who would build fantastic societies as soon as they obtained their independence.

Everywhere Blacks Go They Experience Racism (That According to Official Sources Has Nothing to Do With Their Behavior)

Remember, these black people in the UK begged to be let in because they found their previous points of origin intolerable. And they told whites that wanted to keep them out of Europe that they were racist. However, within a few years, blacks are complaining about the rampant racism in Europe. In the second video on human trafficking, blacks also complain about racism all through Libya. Are we beginning to see a pattern here? Africans leave Africa because it is intolerable and then spend the rest of their lives complaining about racism, regardless of where they immigrate. The question to be asked is how long will it take Africans who climb into rafts to illegally immigrate to Europe before they begin complaining about racism?

The Netherlands has historically had virtually no blacks in its population. Now that some Africans have immigrated there, they demand large changes to the Netherlands because it turns out the Netherlands is also racist! 

In the US, many blacks stated that the horrible racism they faced could only be solved by them taking over areas and managing them for themselves. Over the decades, blacks in the US have had this opportunity.

How have they done?

This video describes the decline of the Detroit Police Department and the rise of personal security firms. Detroit, which is highly black, has the 2nd highest crime rate in the US. Everywhere black is a large percentage of the population, the police department is eventually accused of excessive use of force. This is not a coincidence and is explained not by racism, (many of those doling out the excessive force are black police officers) but by the fact, blacks cannot be policed the same as other groups. 

The Outcomes of Black Run Cities

In every city where blacks have taken over the apparatus of governments, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, the results have been a disaster.

Virtually every US city that has become a punchline and lost nearly all of its tourism, became black in composition. The pattern is one of precipitous decline, with blacks seeking to immigrate from those black run cities. And this is not a short-term phenomenon. Detroit began its decline due to black migration from the American South all the way back in the 1950s. Infamous black mayor Coleman Young was elected in 1974. Every single city which becomes predominantly black falls in prominence and is a place Americans, even black Americans if they can, stay away from.

In the US we can make fun of degraded cities, but we can never admit that it was because they became black. That is an unstated agreement between all Americans.

So when blacks are surrounded by whites, they are subject to unending racism. However, when they are surrounded by themselves, they can’t tolerate the crime and seek to move to white areas.

Pointing any of this out is also considered racist, as any statement that does not place 100% of the blame on racism for the poor outcomes for blacks. Using one’s brain to perform analysis, is also racism. In the US, blacks take 0% responsibility for what they have done to previously white cities, considering it their right to degrade any US city, and then move from this city to degrade future cities.

What Types of Societies to Blacks Create?

There are estimated to be only around five million whites that live in all of Africa, and around 90% of these live in South Africa, which for most of its history was a white-controlled country. And this is for a subcontinent of 1.1 billion as South Africa was historically based on white infrastructure and white technology. South Africa allowed so many whites to live in the country because the country was primarily a white designed country. South Africa was so successful, and it is economy so much better than any other African country that it had enormous amounts of illegal immigration from neighboring countries.

Therefore, once South Africa is taken out of the equation, we are left with roughly 700,000 whites. 700,000 / 1.1 billion = .063. This is less than 1 in thousand of the population of the subcontinent.

Now, let us reverse the analysis for Europe. There are around 300 M people that live in Western Europe. The following is a list of European counties sorted by their most Africans living in them.

European Countries With the Highest African Populations

Source: Wikipedia
CountryAfrican PopulationYear of Estimate
France5.5 Million2012

Africans are very highly concentrated in a few countries, with around 1/2 of Africans in Europe being in only a handful of countries.

In terms of estimating the number of Africans living in Europe today, notice that the country’s estimate with the largest number of Africans is from 2012. However, African immigration has been enormous since this time, and many Africans also live illegally in Europe. This means that the estimates in this table are lower than reality.

It seems reasonable to say at least 15 million Africans are living in Europe.

This is 15 million /300 million, which is around 5%.

Aggressive Immigration to Europe from Africa in the Future

One of the biggest problems for Western Europe is the immigration of large numbers of sub-Saharan Africans and North Africans and those of Middle Eastern descent.

This means that these current numbers will, combined with both groups’ high reproductive rates, lead to large populations of these groups in Western Europe in the future. The UN performed close to 2,000 African immigrants from 39 countries and have the following findings.


85% Come from urban environments.


The respondents came from an average household of ten.


57% had at least secondary education before departure, which is 3 to 5 years more schooling than peers at home.


77% felt their voice was unheard by their governments. 84% had low levels of confidence in national institutions.


1/2 of respondents left despite having a job.


Only 2% said previous knowledge of this would have prevented them from traveling.


38% of respondents are earning in Europe. Of those, 38% do so without a legal right to work.


Women earned 26% less than men in Africa, but 11% more when in Europe.


77% feel positive about their future in Europe despite deprivation and loneliness.

Pew Research found that a very significant of Africans would leave Africa for other countries if they had the opportunity, as is covered in the following quotation.

The survey asked respondents whether they would live in another country if they had the means and opportunity. At least four-in-ten in each sub-Saharan country surveyed answered yes, including roughly three-quarters of those surveyed in Ghana (75%) and Nigeria (74%).

Four in ten is .4 * 1.1 billion, or 440 million individuals who would like to leave African countries, with their most likely target being Europe. And let us also remember, Africa’s population is growing very rapidly, which means next year this estimate of 440 million will be larger, and the year after larger still.

Furthermore, many Africans are being held in North Africa, who have the end target of Europe, but are being detained, as is explained in the following quotation from Pew Research.

At the same time, reports indicate that anywhere between 400,000 and a million sub-Saharan Africans are in Libya; some of them have been sold as slaves or are being held in jail-like facilities.

For example, 1.7 million Ghanaians (or 6% of Ghana’s population) applied for the U.S. diversity lottery in 2015, even when only 50,000 people worldwide are permitted to move each year to the U.S. through this visa program. In the same year, other sub-Saharan African countries, such as the Republic of Congo (10%), Liberia (8%) and Sierra Leone (8%) saw high shares of their populations apply for the lottery.

Although the lottery only requires an online application and the completion of a high school diploma for eligibility, the high number of applicants underscores the seriousness with which many sub-Saharan Africans contemplate and actively pursue migrating abroad.

Are we getting the picture here?

What Kind of Societies do Blacks Create?

If blacks created good societies, why would such a high percentage of African nations’ populations desire to move exclusively to white countries? When Africans immigrate, they don’t prefer Asian or Latin American countries. Their first target is white countries.

In our global country ranking, which you can read in the article Best and Worst Countries: The Brightwork Country Ranking of the World, we ranked African countries as either an 8 or 9 out of 9 (with Muslim African countries scoring a 9). Most white countries rank at either a 1 or a 2. They are the most desirable countries in the world in which to live.

Why do blacks, who can only produce countries that rank 8 or 9, think they have the right to live in countries with a 1 or 2 that they could never produce themselves? With the roughly 440 million Africans who want to immigrate to the US, Western Europe, and Australia, do they consider it the role of whites to create places they can move to so they can have a “better life?” Is that the role of white societies is to serve as a hotel for blacks? This is a curious expectation, because normally societies build themselves for their own populations, not to serve as hotels for people from dysfunctional societies.

And it is worse than this. Because blacks degrade every place to which they immigrate. This means that while they are complaining about racism, they are worsening the outcomes of the domestic populations — and they really don’t seem to care.  They have certain needs that have to be met,  which is they need to get away from black run countries.

Back to Mental Health Complaints in the UK

Blacks complain about mental health care in the UK, but do you know what mental health care is in Africa? Zero. You get nothing in Africa. So being in the UK is a huge upgrade for blacks. And yet, they don’t find it suitable for them, and they also blame 100% of the discrepancy between blacks and whites and even the rest of the population of those that end up in the British mental health system on racism. And 0% of the discrepancy on black behavior.


Blacks, no matter if they immigrate or do not immigrate, have discrepancies with blacks. When the Europeans first discovered sub-Saharan Africa for themselves, they found a continent that had not yet invented the wheel, had a written language in only one small region, only had metals from a single place close to Egypt (so not sub-Saharan Africa in origin).

Observe that these are all discrepancies.

However, for some bizarre reason, there is an expectation that blacks will have no discrepancies with whites or other groups when they immigrate to white societies. This expectation of zero discrepancies leads most to try to explain the discrepancy as a function of racism rather than as the inherent capabilities and behaviors of blacks.