Are Most Mass Shooters in the US White?

Executive Summary

  • It is frequently stated that most mass shooters are white.
  • This article verifies this claim.


It is normally acknowledged that most mass shooters in the US are white. This is not based upon statistical analysis but based upon reports of mass shootings in the media. Let us see if this is true.

Evaluation of a Photo of Mass Shooters

This photo of mass shooters in the US in 2020 shows the racial composition of mass shooters. This is based upon the US government’s definition of a mass shooter, where 3 or more people are shot in one incident, not including the shooter.

Counting the Faces

This will not be a perfect analysis, but here is my estimate of each shooter’s race from the photo above. I have listed the count per column so you can check my math to see if you agree.

The following sum comes from this table.

  • Whites: 9
  • Blacks: 42
  • Hispanics: 7
  • Middle Eastern: 2
  • Asian: 0

The total number of mass shootings in 2020 was 60. Whites represent 9/60 or 15% of the total. However, whites are 60% of the US population. Who makes up the obvious difference?


Blacks represent 70% of all mass shootings but are only 13% of the population. This means that blacks are (70%/13%) or 5.38x more likely to engage in mass shootings than the rest of the population. This is higher but similar to the overall far higher propensity for blacks to engage in violent crime, which is between 4 and 5 times higher than the rest of the population.

Overall, if the US got rid of all blacks, it would remove around 70% of all violent crime.

Population Percentages

The US is roughly 60% white. Therefore, if mass shootings were perpetrated by racial groups equally, one would expect that most mass shooters would be white. For example, if a society is 100% white, then 100% of burglaries and violent offenses in that country will also be committed by whites. It is not at all clear to me that if 60% of mass shooters are white, those with a political agenda would not account for the percentage of the population that is white and would propose that the percentage of the population has “nothing to do with it.”

However, the analysis of the photo of mass shooters in 2020 illustrates that the level of mass shootings is not proportional to the country’s racial composition. This is even more interesting as whites have by far the highest percentage of gun ownership. This indicates that gun ownership is not a predictor of gun violence, which is covered in the article Gun Culture or Black Culture is to Blame for Gun Violence.

However, according to the FBI, the number one threat to the country is white supremacy — the FBI does not say or point out that one racial group is responsible for 70% of violent crime.

How Blacks Use Mass Shooters as an Argument

It’s very difficult for blacks to propose what they would like to propose, which is that whites are more violent than blacks. So what they do is focus on the smallest segment of violent crime — mass shootings, and try to assert that it is whites who are mass shooters. The broader obvious concentration of overall violent crime in the US that is dominated by blacks is ignored to try to make this point. However, even this point is false.

The Dominance of Blacks in the Violence Statistics in the US

Why Other Races Flee Black Areas

Whites and other races flee from blacks for very good reasons. In the US blacks are the number one racial group that victimizes other racial groups with violent crime. Black culture is harmful to both blacks and anyone else who is around blacks. Blacks themselves know this. However, they don't usually admit it to other races and prefer to blame everything else but themselves. For blacks to effectively race scam -- they have to hold the position that blacks behave the same and deserve the same outcomes as other races. 

All Races Are the Same?

This is a part of the root of the problem. This proposal that all races are the same had no evidence to support it, yet it was asserted because it was politically correct. It was an appealing lie to believe because it "felt good."

Once this idea took hold, it now became a platform to say that all races should have the same things, and this has primarily been interpreted as non-whites invading white spaces and countries and taking their society from them.

Blacks want white outcomes, but because they can't produce white outcomes on their own, they have to invade white societies to obtain them, and their tool is not producing these things themselves but by taking them through living in white-originated societies.

The Repeating Pattern Seen Everywhere Blacks Exist

When blacks move into a neighborhood, that area becomes undesirable. Shoplifting increases, violence increases, and sexual assault increases. This leads to stores closing and a downward spiral for that area. The higher the percentage of the population that is black, the more predominant this and many other negative behaviors become as they begin to behave in conformance with black culture and expectations rather than conforming. 

What Would Happen if the US Had No Blacks?

Blacks are a massive civilization threat to any country, society, or city that accepts them. All countries, except white countries, have figured out not to have blacks live in their borders. 

Here is some food for thought: “What if all the Blacks suddenly left America, which is 13.3% of the total U.S. population?” and these statistics would improve. 

  • Amount of people in poverty would drop - 34%
  • The prison population would go down - - 37%
  • Welfare recipients would go down by - - - 42%
  • Gang members would go down by - - - - - 53%
  • Chlamydia cases would go down by - - - - - 54%
  • Homelessness would go down - - - - - - - - 57%
  • Syphilis would go down - - - - - - - - - - - - 58%
  • AIDs & HIV would go down - - - - - - - - - - 65%
  • Gonorrhea would go down - - - - - - - - - - 69%
  • Average ACT scores would go up - - - - - - 5.5 points
  • Average IQ would go up - - - - - - - - - - - - 7.4 points, (this is how much only 13% of the population in drags down IQ scores) This would put the U.S. 3rd in the world tied with Japan
  • Average SAT scores would go up almost - - - 100 points
  • The average income for Americans would go up over $20,000 a year

Blacks are major users of subsidies from the rest of the taxpaying population. This burden (some of which used to help blacks reproduce more blacks) would be lifted from the rest of the population

The effect on cities would be profound. All of the predominantly black cities from Detroit to East St Louis to Baltimore to Atlantic City, Wilmington Deleware -- every city would experience an immediate and radical improvement. 

Blacks as a Civilizational Threat

Blacks are a civilizational threat to any area, any city, and they seek to infiltrate white cities and countries because they have no ability to create functional societies, as I cover in the article What Happens When Blacks Take Over Management of Cities and Countries from Whites? Therefore, blacks need to infiltrate a society or city that is already built up by another group -- with the inevitable outcome that the area is ruined when a sufficient number of blacks are present.


The claim about mass shooters being mostly white is not true.

Whites have a far lower incidence of perpetrating mass shootings than the general population. There is a growing desire of non-whites to use phrases like white supremacy and violent acts by MAGA hat-wearing whites who have been called the primary terrorist threat to the US.

It appears that the evidence shows something very different. There is no reason that this photo of mass shooters by race could not be shown on CNN and other major media outlets, but it does not appear there is an interest in doing this.