What Happens When Blacks Take Over Management from Whites?

Last Updated on January 16, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • What happens when blacks take over management from whites is generally undiscussed.
  • The outcome is critical to understanding how blacks manage.


Non-whites have a habit of trying to place any societal issue onto whites. One example of this is claiming that whites defined all the problems of colorism.

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South Africa and Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe and South Africa. In both cases, the countries quickly went downhill. How could whites have caused that? South African universities have lost their freedom of speech, as they have to conform to the ANC. And a South African degree is significantly reduced in value — so many people have been graduated based on their race. South Africa is rapidly becoming a third-world nation which I cover in the article How South Africa’s Decline Mirrors the Decline of Eskom.

It has been explained to me that South Africa is

“Recovering from the legacy of apartied.”

These people that say this have their timelines mixed up.

Apartied was the high water mark for South African blacks living better under aparthied than today. Even blacks admit this. The ANC is a giant corruption machine. Part of aparthied was to keep black tribes apart, not just keeping blacks apart from whites. How can a country be “recovering from the legacy of aparthied” when conditions have worsened since aparthied? South Africa is finished as an advanced country. The establishment media refuses to discuss how the control of SA by black Africans led to its immediate decline.

Why did South Africa’s power and water systems go into steep decline, systems that were invented by whites, when they were put under black management. So while the supply side declined, the demand side of the equation greatly increased as the black population increased by 20 million since the late 1990s (much of it due to uncontrolled immigration). Observe how the lack of border enforcement has increased desperation in South Africa, which I cover in the article The Undiscussed Issue of Overpopulation in South Africa’s Decline.

Some of the most prosperous European countries like Norway or Sweden had barely any colonies. How did they become wealthy and organized if they stole their wealth from Africa?

There has been enormous technology transfer from white societies to non-white, leaving this out when you perform this analysis. Irrigation, power systems, sanitation, electronics, gasoline, phones — none of these things would exist in Africa or the Middle East, or Latin America without technology transfer from outside. Yet, they are looked at with zero gratitude.

The Worst Run Cities in the US are Almost Entirely Black Run

See the following list. What do you notice about the list?

This is a list of the worst-run cities (it’s a best-run list that has been sorted in reverse). All of the cities in this list are predominantly black and run by blacks, except for Stockton, CA, which is Mexican and run by Mexicans. 

These cities used to be well run, as they were white. However, as soon as they were taken over by blacks, the cities became corrupt and terribly managed.


When white management is shifted to blacks, the societies crater, there is not a single successful black-run city in the US, even though these cities were successful when run by whites. For countries previously run by whites, like South Africa and Zimbabwe, these countries went into steep decline after being put under black leadership.