Blacks Are Unhappy They Have Not Yet Gotten to Ruin Cape Town

Executive Summary

  • Blacks in South Africa complain about Cape Town being racist, and that the ANC does not control Cape Town.
  • This article analyzes the problems with the arguments made by black South Africans.


One can learn a great deal from an article in the New York Times about Cape Town titled In a Divided City, Many Blacks See Echoes of White Superiority.

I analyzed the quotes from this article, and it provides an interesting insight into the minds of black South Africans.

The Promise of Post Apartheid South Africa?

The first quote is as follows.

For countless foreign visitors, Cape Town is an indelible symbol of the beauty and promise of post-apartheid South Africa.

But for many black South Africans, this city represents something very different: the last bastion of white rule.

“No matter how famous/rich u r, ur still a 2nd class citizen if ur Black in Cape Town,” Lindiwe Suttle, a singer and performance artist, wrote in a Twitter challenge to Helen Zille, the white leader of the party that governs this city.

This will be discussed at more length further in the article, but South Africa is predominantly black, and predominantly black run.

What is curious is that rather than discussing the progress, or should one say the lack of progress in the black run majority of South Africa, the focus of this article is on one of the only areas that is not black run.

The ANC can’t stop blacks, and it is always blacks, from attacking people on trains and looting infrastructure, which continually shrinks the capabilities of the train network. Soon the SA rail system will stop functioning entirely. 

Notice the following quotation.

This is the only major metropolis in South Africa where black people are not the majority, and it remains deeply divided. The particularly harsh legacy of apartheid as it was carried out here has left especially deep scars that still demarcate the geography: whites in the city center and its mountainside inner suburbs, nonwhites in the distant townships on the Cape Flats. Apartheid policies effectively barred blacks from living or even working in the city, giving so-called colored, or mixed-race, people, today the city’s largest ethnic group, priority over blacks for jobs and housing.

However, Cape Town is also commonly referred to as the “last deck chair on the Titanic” and receives the vast majority of tourism, and is considered one of the only nice major cities left in South Africa.

What allowed this to happen? Well, the racist policies against blacks is what protected the city.

If Cape Town were allowed to follow the pathway of the rest of South Africa, it would no longer be nice, because there are not nice places in the world that are black. That means that have a black population or even a small black population and certainly under black management. When looking at multiple cities, and observing when they declined, it seems that a white city can tolerate a black population of between 5 to 7%. After that point, the white flight occurs, and the area goes into a swift decline. Liberals call this 5 to 7% when the city is still able to function, and the black parasitism on the white society as the “golden period” and is what they use to promote more black pride and blacks taking more responsibility. Liberals apparently have no idea that blacks are incompetent at managing an advanced society or any of the technology and systems that support an advanced society.

As the Black Percentage of the Population Increases

As the black percentage of the population increases, the condition of the city and the opportunities provided by the city continually decline. At the most black cities in the US, such as Detroit, which is 80% black, the cities goes into federal receivership, and the city is unrecognizeable as an American city. In each case, blacks in that city take 100% of the blame for what they did to the city and place the blame on whites. One of the curious accusations is that with whites moving out of the area, the blacks are “racially isolated” which is a curious argument to make for a race that states it is the equal of whites. I can’t ever recall whites anywhere in the world complaining about another race leaving their area, and using this as an excuse for why they could not succeed.

Blacks Are Continually Looking to Leave Black Areas for White Areas

Blacks are continually seeking to flee black run areas for white run areas. This same scenario is the case all through the US. In the US, the worst run cities are all black, and they have black populations that would like to leave (Baltimore, Detroit, East St Louis, etc,) and every time the desired destination is a white run area. Black in the US do not migrate to hispanic run cities, they migrate to white run cities.

The List of Worst Run Cities in the US

This is the worst run cities according to NerdWallet.

All of these cities have both a high percentage of black population, and also have black political leadership. When a black city is taken over by black leadership, it is a kill shot for the city, and it never comes back. There are nice areas in say Chicago, but Chicago is an immense city. The nice parts of the broader Chicago metro are alwasy white and white run. 

Only One of Nine Providences in South Africa Run by Whites?

This reality is covered in the following quotation.

Beyond history, there is present-day politics. Western Cape is the only one of the country’s nine provinces not run by the governing African National Congress. It is run by Ms. Zille’s Democratic Alliance, which grew out of the white anti-apartheid movement but ultimately came to include remnants of the old National Party that created apartheid. In a speech last year in a black township near Cape Town, South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, said the city had an “extremely apartheid system,” according to local newspaper reports on his remarks. The African National Congress is trying to win the province, and the Democratic Alliance has dismissed the assertion that Cape Town is racist as a political ploy. “It is labeled a racist city by the A.N.C. because it is the only metro in the country they don’t control,” said Patricia de Lille, the mayor of Cape Town.

The transition from white rule of South Africa to black rule has been ruinous and has reduced the quality of life for blacks, while the population of the country has increased by 20 million, in large part because the ANC has been incompetent at managing the border, and other black Africans are desperate to leave their black run societies to enter a country that at least has some white residue, even though it is largely run by blacks.

Not Enough Opportunities in Cape Town for Blacks?

But a study completed by researchers at the University of Cape Town in December 2010 found that black residents saw few business opportunities for themselves in Cape Town, and that companies struggled to recruit and retain them. It concluded that in Western Cape, “African people are almost always less successful than white people in moving up career paths, creating an ‘ebony ceiling’ effect.”

Why do blacks have to search for opportunities to live and work in Cape Town? This makes it look like blacks are not satisfied with the management of their areas and prefer white managed areas. If that is true, then why was South Africa ever converted to black rule? When South Africa was converted to black rule, the ANC stated that it would be able to run South Africa far better than the DeKlerk government. When will the ANC and the liberals that supported transitioning South Africa to black rule going to be held responsible for being 100% wrong.

Excluding Blacks from Beaches?

The office is not the only place where blacks feel unwelcome. Many of the more exclusive Atlantic coast beaches, which used to prohibit blacks, still tend to attract almost entirely whites, reinforcing the divide.

What is wrong with the beaches at the majority of the country that are black run? Why do black absolutely need to spend time at beaches that are maintained by whites? Are blacks not able to maintain their own beaches properly?

Not an Integrated Country?

“I hate going to Camps Bay because everyone there is white,” said Yoliswa Dwane, referring to an upscale seaside suburb on the Atlantic coast that was once reserved for whites. “You don’t get the perception that this is an integrated country.”

And this gets to the core of the issue. Blacks don’t want to go to seaside suburbs where blacks run the area, they want to go to white run areas — and when they face barriers they make the argument of a lack of “integration.” However, it would be impossible for whites to stop blacks from creating nice areas in the rest of South Africa — but blacks can’t do it. How is that the fault of white.

The Need to Keep Out Blacks

Some report being told that there are no tables available at an empty restaurant, or no cars at a well-stocked rental car office. Others recount being warned by white neighbors not to slaughter animals for festive occasions, or being mistaken for a prostitute simply for having drinks in a bar full of white patrons.

Anyone who has managed facilities knows that to keep areas nice, you have to keep out blacks.

As soon as an area accepts blacks, the blacks tear down that area. There is not a single nice black areas in all of the US.

Blacks Need to Belong?

“When I say I am from Cape Town, the response is always, ‘No black person is from Cape Town,’ ” Mr. Mamputa said. “African people add to the discrimination in the sense that they see themselves as outsiders. They are creating that sense that we don’t belong here.”

Well, blacks don’t belong in areas created and maintained by whites. Why did anyone ever think that they did? There are no whites or asians or anyone else trying to enter areas created and maintained by blacks. In fact, whites are able to create areas that all of the other races want to infiltrate — and that includes blacks.

Cape Town is Racist?

Like many young black people, Ms. Khanyile would not consider remaining in Cape Town to pursue a career in business.

“Cape Town is racist,” she said. “Everybody knows that.”

This quote contains a lot of information. If blacks can’t infiltrate and eventually ruin a white area, then that are is called racist. However, if the area is infiltrated and ruined, like the rest of South Africa, or any black city in the US, then the city becomes hopeless, and the blacks seek to leave that city, for white run cities. At that point a number of excuses are created that never blame blacks. So in Baltimore, which used to be a very successful city built by whites, it is now “guns” that are driving blacks out. Baltimore is also known as rat infested, which again is not blamed on black management. However, Baltimore may be ruined, it may be on US Federal assistance, but because it is mostly black it can never be called “racist.”


What this means is that racist cities are nice.

No one in South Africa can deny that Cape Town is the best city in all of South Africa, and that it is the whitest area in all of South Africa. Does anyone really think that is a coincidence? Since Cape Town is so nice compared to the more black and black run cities in South Africa, is this not an affirmation of White Supremacy? Isn’t the fact that so many South African blacks want to move from black or ANC-run areas in South Africa to Cape Town, another affirmation of White Supremacy?

The New York Times article never once brought up this fact — or how the rest of South Africa has fallen into third world nation status under black rule. South Africa had one thing going for it, one thing that separated it from other African countries — and that was that it was managed by whites.