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Executive Summary

  • This article contains comments on articles on Indian discrimination.


These comments are in response to the article Discrimination by Indian Workers Against US Workers.

See our references for this article and other articles on Indian IT Discrimination at this link.

Comment #1: From a Christian Commenter

I am an Indian and my name is (a Chrisitan name). And I can tell you that this is the reality. Most Indians are corrupt. The ones in the IT sector are much worse. They are so organized and polished that you would not doubt their knowledge. But they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. If a US (white or black) person points out their blatant dishonesty then they will just brush it off as racism or use any other discrimination tactic as an excuse. The current government in India is the best example of it. US is the Consecrated Land of the Lord. The only God and King of Kings, Jesus Christ. If it wasn’t for that consecration, it wouldn’t be the world power that it is today. It would not be the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. It would not be the best country to live. However, if the number of Indians keep growing (the unethical ones) then your country will be in great danger. God does not act against human agency and will. The problem is that most US people these days no longer believe or credit the main figure at the helm. Not only is it time to wake up just in the IT sector but in the entire country. The number of fake gurus coming into the US are many and there are so many rich people being fooled by them. This will continue to grow and they will eventually vote the right people out of power and bring the wrong people in. So, please, it’s a great problem. It is my life long dream to get out this country along with my family in the right way. But, what’s the point if I come to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave and face the same shitty people again? Using a pseudonym to protect my identity. I live in a Christian hating country.

Comment #2: From APSGany

Wow an article talking about discrimination based on references from quora and other articles is called a research piece? That speaks volumes about the logic that went behind this bullshit! Kindly also talk about the systematic discrimination of millions of Indians waiting in a never ending Green Card queue powered by American politicians and greedy American companies yon to exploit Indians in US workplace. You just covered up a whole issue there!

Response to Comment #2: From Amit P

@apsgany: Indians are very good in demanding justice only when they are in need of favors for personal gain. You blame other country only because you cannot get faster entry in to their country. Instead of demanding ask what you have done. Your only ultimate goal is to enter US by hook or crook, giving false reasons, stay longer, get green card. Anything that come in between these goals upsets you very very much.
Suppressing others to dominate them, appeasing bosses to gain backdoor favors, cheating for personal or financial gain, being jealous of other Indian’s success, pulling fellow India’s leg to prevent them for succeeding, seeking attention by dividing people for personal gain is ingrained in every Indian worker’s DNA.

H1-B exploitation: The H1-B Indian contractor placing firms big and small (TCS, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro etc…) have no ethics and moral standards, the only standards they have is to fill the pockets and play politics. These body hunters sweet talk the U.S IT firm Indian managers, directors, VPs who all are Indians into hiring cheap Indian IT contractors. I have first hand seen several such body hunters turn into millionaires. they will favor their relatives form India and take kick backs.

Indian graduates eager to come to US falsify the resume big time and make false statements that they know Java, C++, Big data, Oracle, cloud whatever you can think of in order to come to US. They will then learn on job at tax payers expense.

The IT managers, directors and Executive directors, VPs are all Indians and they hire only the exploitable cheap Indian workers. Indian managers/directors/VPs solicit Indian contractors who supply them exploitable Indian H-1B visa holders, this way they can call up the Indian contractor middle of the night and demand them to work day and night. Indian managers get 5 US worker’s work done from this single person and show off hard work to their senior management get them the promotion. Once H-1B worker gets in, he starts lobbying his Indian Managers to hire his wife who is on H4 visa to convert to H1B. This in spite of better qualified American worker being available. It is easier to order Indians around, influence them and exploit them and play politics, so Indians managers hire them, so that they can have larger influence/authority and get promoted quickly.

**That’s how Indian politics works and IT departments in companies have been turned into political houses. Simple and strategic formula long used by Indian managers/VPs to climb the ladder. This is nothing new for Indians because this is how system works in India, politics in every step. **Immigration lawyers, big CEOs whose primary goal is to show profitable balance sheet don’t know what is going on at grass root level, they alone cannot change the system, so they go along with whatever makes company more profitable. A complete eco system has been built around how to get H-1B visa approved. Immigration lawyer business depends on H1-B, so they will do anything to get visa approved. Large corporate need many developers who can work for less salary and don’t need benefits.

American educated worker who has grown up here from elementary school all the way to become a graduate is the loser, he is the last priority.

Response to Comment #2: From Adub Dirrahaman

Green Cards should never be issued to such cheating, lowly, conniving and greedy people in the first place.

For APSGany’s comment, it seems that he does not accept quotes from Quora or any content from any “article.” Perhaps APSGany would like to read the comments from our survey on Indian discrimination, which can be found at The Brightwork Survey Results on Indian Discrimination in IT, with people from all around the world complaining about discrimination at the hands of Indians. However, APSGany does not want this topic to be covered at all and would prefer I write an article on why Indians have to wait so long for Green Cards. This is a different topic. However, the evidence is that the more Indians are given Green Cards, the more discrimination there will be by Indians against US domestic workers.

Furthermore, the critique of the article not seeing the big picture is also inaccurate. It states right in the article that greed on the part of US companies is also greatly to blame for this issue. Another article about how Indians have brought bonded labor to the US also covers this. How Indian IT is Bringing Bonded Labor to the US.

Indians who are very comfortable with slavery work conditions and benefit from it bring that corruption to European-based countries. That is undeniable.

As for Amit’s comment, there are great data points and examples provided and probably information APSGany did not want non-Indians to read.

I could not agree more.

What establishment IT media and major IT entities do not want anyone to read.

Comment #3: AwesomeMan

Totally agree. All the hiring of those high tech companies like Google, Apple, Intel , Microsoft…. are controlled by Indians for years. As long as one of the interviewers is Indian, applicants of other races will have NO pass. As long as they turned down all other applicants, they can claim no one locally can fit the job description, and their legal team will start the process of an HB1 visa for those damn Indians from India.

Yes. The objective is to recreate India’s non-merit-based and highly nepotistic culture in India. A system where Indians “control” the employment in the IT sector, and eventually in other areas. What is telling is how many people from different backgrounds complain to me about Indian mistreatment. Many of them are recent immigrants themselves from all over the world.

Indians cannot stop cheating. It is just a part of their culture. Normally when an Indian is talking, I try to leave or just zone out. This is because I have been lied to so frequently by Indians. This is why I wrote the article Should You Talk to Indians?

Comment #4: Wanderer

Glad to see something like this researched and shared. Currently working in an environment that is 99% Indian from abroad where I was the only domestic worker in my entire team. The work culture is unbearable and there are no team players. The nepotism is absolute. I came here looking to see if others had experienced the same. Anecdotal, but the people from the lower caste are much kinder and great to work with. The startup scene looks much more promising, where they appear to made up of small and highly skilled domestic workers.

This is a popular article for the site. Domestic IT workers are waking up to the game that Indian workers have been playing. As you have, I think it is also important to note that working with Indians is intolerable. You lose every time you work with them. And the Indian culture is one of abuse. So abusing employees is considered perfectly fine with Indians. That should tell us a lot. It means that Indians naturally have an uncivilized culture. I worked with Indians in IT for over two decades. And I can say that I wish I had never met any of the Indians I ran into along the way. It is unfair to workers raised in the US or Europe to be made to work with Indians as they are not trained on how unhanded the culture is. At this point, if I am listening to an Indian, I now assume that the information is rigged or the person is lying. In India, there is absolutely no concept where you tell the truth. This is why we do not want Indians involved in research or in providing information.

Comment #5: O-Dell

Until this problem with Indians discriminating against non-Indians is eliminated, the best course of action for a domestic, non-Indian who wishes to remain in the IT field is to discover and focus on well paying IT or IT related career fields in which Indians do not dominate. It seems like such tech fields are ones where there is little to no coding experience required.

O-dell. I like that you are trying to come up with solutions. However, following that course of action would probably push a large number of domestic IT workers into non-technical roles like project management.

Such a large number of workers getting into project management would naturally depress wages for project managers or other non-technical types of roles. And there is a second problem — there are many technical roles versus less technical roles. I like that you are coming up with ideas. But with around 300,000 foreign workers coming in a year (I cover in a separate article how the H1-B cap massively understates the true numbers.). How The H1-B Program Understates The True Number of Yearly H1-B Visas.

There are just too many coming in to accommodate domestic workers. Many domestic workers will have to leave IT. Indians, along with multinationals, have been lying to domestic workers about virtually everything on these foreign worker visas.

Look at the articles that are published in conventional media outlets. Almost any article talks about the need for skills or how unfair it is the queue is so long, or why H4 spouses can’t work immediately, or why more family members cannot come over to support the H1-B work, or why there is such a long line for green cards, etc. There is not a word about what the invasion by Indian workers and recruiters means for domestic workers. Not a word about Indian discrimination. Not a word about the hostile work environment created by so many Indians — that are accustomed to tribal behavior and nepotism back in India. The role of the domestic worker is to try to make the environment for Indians as comfortable as possible.

This is the problem with media entities being dominated by the interests of massive technology companies. These media entities go back and beg for advertisements and paid placements. US politicians and multinationals have created an environment that has to push out US domestic workers. If we look at what happened in STEM — as soon as domestic workers begin to turn away from IT — that will be used by H1-B lobbyists to argue that domestic workers don’t WANT to work in IT. And this will be used to further increase the H1-B visa and other foreign worker visa programs, letting even more Indians in.

US domestic workers are up against the largest tech companies. Look at which companies lobbied for the recent HR.1044 bill. Why Are 47 Entities Lobbying in Favor of the H.R.1044 IT Immigration Bill?

We are up against fearsome forces. And I don’t know what to do about it. I will say this. Trump just stopped H1-B visas until the end of the year. I don’t know how many loopholes there are. I am quite sure there will not be deportations of H1-B visa holders who do not have jobs now, and they will just stay. Most of them drop anchor babies as soon as they possibly can. That is why the wife comes over immediately. As soon as Indians have a way into a white-originated country — they will chew off their foot to get in and do whatever they have to do to stay.

Comment #6: From a Person With Experience With Indians in the Middle East

“Hi. I absolutely agree with this article. I just left the job because of Indian boss and his favorite. He hired her only because she is from his homeland city and she has 0 experience in IT field. She lied in her resume about her 10 years ago work in IT support. She get higher rank and pay and she kept asking from day one about open positions in any IT department because she already has someone to fill in. She pushed me out by hiding work related information for making me look incompetent. She is very selfish and self seeking. And our Indian boss always ignores any complaints about it. He will tell you that you are a bad person and should work on your soft skills. She really had 0 experience and no degree or certification. He required certification from me and I passed Comptia A + but he kept me at same low position I was and twice lower pay as his Indian favorite. The environment became impossible to work and I left. I know my manager already has replacement for me, 19 year old Indian in our department, who got hired as a helper with 0 experience and already got all of the training. So I was pushed out for him.

IT field was my joy! I contributed lots in our department but I realized there are no ways to grow because I am a white woman”

These types of comments fit a pattern of the Indians not being concerned with making much of an effort to hide the discrimination. It has not become simply accepted that Indians will replace non-Indians workers. Another common situation is where wives are hired into companies were their husband’s work — but the wives don’t actually do the work they are assigned. The work is done by their husbands. This way, a family takes in two paychecks. Commentators on Indian workers will often comment that Indians are “successful” in the workforce — and therefore, they are “good immigrants.” What is generally entirely left out of the conversation is that most Indians are cheating to keep opportunities away from other workers. I have written this several times. India is not a civilized country, and it is a nation of people who are brought up to cheat. Cheating is rampant in everything from nepotism to parents passing test answers through windows at schools. Most domestic IT workers in Indian target countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe are entirely unprepared to deal with these types of tactics. I am trying to educate domestic US workers to understand that they cannot trust the Indians that they work with. And that, to the degree possible, they need to protect themselves from Indian workers. Most US domestic workers are taught to treat people on the basis of merit and to treat people equally. Indians cannot be treated this way. They must be treated as individuals with hostile intent. Indians that live in Western countries have a large number of Indian associations back in India — they feel obligated to help them get out of India, no matter what method they use to do so.

And she continued with her quote..

“Your research is very important, our voices can be heard. I never thought that people from a Third world country would be so racist and territorialist like Indians. I worked with people from South and Central Americas, Europeans, Japanese and I’ve never felt so mistreated by those people.

They feel entitled to get our jobs here and hire only their people! And I saw they share the programming codes for their group and when I asked for help, they pretended they knew nothing!! I’ve never worked with such a selfish and egocentric management! I feel bad for the few Americans and other races that are still working there.

I will recommend them never, ever hire an Indian in the company.”

This is of course a well known rule in the Gulf countries…

“Everyone in the Middle East has the same ethical problems. If you hire one Indian, they only hire fellow Indians then they pillage the company. Egyptians and other Arabs do the same. That is why Westerners are useful.”

Indians infiltrate companies and take them over. They drive out others and install an Indian social structure within these companies.

This is why its important not to consider Indian H1-Bs as normal immigration. This is part of an industrial policy by India to capture the IT sector in European based countries.

I thought this quote was applicable and related to the quote above. I found it from a video on Dubai.

“Everyone in the Middle East has the same ethical problems. If you hire one Indian, they only hire fellow Indians then they pillage the company. Egyptians and other Arabs do the same. That is why Westerners are useful.”

Comment #7: From a Person Working in an Indian Consultancy

“Hi, I work in western Europe and recently changed job from one big international IT Consultancy to another (non-Indian). What I didn’t know was that the workforce is 80% Indian in my new company whereas it was only 10-15% in my previous job.

The difference is so stark.

The work culture is unbearable in my new job and you can definitely attribute it to the Indian super majority presence. Many of these Indian employees are not qualified and try to get you do their job. The most absurd thing is one individual who is on a working visa to work at client site but refuses to engage in communication with the client and tries to get you do the most challenging work for them! They know they have the backing of the Indian team lead so they know they’ll get away with it. I’ve never worked in such a hostile and unprofessional environment.

I am looking for other jobs. My current job is doomed due to the Indian dominance.”

Comment #8: From a Person Who Worked for a Large Pharmaceutical Company

“This article described everything that I went thru a big pharma company in NJ. I am woman from Latin origin, I worked in IT for 3 years, and I suffered this type of discrimination from Indian managers.

My direct manager was American, and he tried to hired me in a full time position at this pharma company, and his boss (Indian off course) hired an Indian candidate. My friend (also woman and white) said the job positions I applied were fulfilled with Indians.

This is not fair, some politician should implement a quota for foreigners like in Switzerland to restrict these type of people take over the IT jobs!”

Indians naturally don’t admit to any of this — in public of course. But a number of Indians have reached out to complain about discrimination by caste — but this is well known in the industry.

Comment #9: From Jay Kay

Look at the destruction of Windows Phone under Satya Nadella, problems plaguing Windows 10 Updates *every* freaking time at Microsoft under the same guy, people are getting more and more fed up and I wonder if these unfair practices are root cause of these problems? Now it’s Intel’s turn with its recent allegations of Indian managers discriminatory practices. If this is indeed related to current woes of Intel, then this must be stopped otherwise Intel will certainly die a gradual and certain death.

Intel has never faced so many problems before these discriminatory practices were widespread. We are losing much innovation and inheriting problems from these fakers and fraudsters!

I would like to agree, but Microsoft has always been a bad company.

However, generally, it is true that you can predict the decline of a company on the basis of whether it has a high degree of Indians as employees. IBM, eBay, and Cisco are notable examples. Indians work in a company when they are in the minority, and this means they extract from the rest of the company for their personal benefit. But a company can only tolerate so many of these types of employees.

Comment #10: From an American Hired by an Indian Firm

“I was hired by UST global an Indian firm that was originally American but was bought out. My assignment was located out of state so I packed my bags an moved there. It was a 600 mile trip. The company did not offer relocation assistance because I was hired through a sub-contractor. Starting from day one the support I received was non-existent. I was supposed to go through a bunch of training videos without a single person being there to explain or answer questions. If i complained they made me “stupid”. The person who was supposed to be my point man called in sick and decided to work from home from then on. About 6 weeks into this new job i was suddenly let go for no apparent reason?

They said something about lack of work. I was devastated after spending all that money in hotels and eating out. The company did not show the slight bit of empathy. They said my firing/lay off would take effect immediately! Since i had family living in that state the were confused and devastated also.”

Comment #11: From Someone Living in Singapore

“In Singapore its terrible. These Indians are called CECAs based on the Singapore-India CECA Agreement. U should write an article about Singapore where we the citizens are displaced by these Indians or what we here in Singapore call CECA.”

Comment #12: From Someone Who Knows About How Indian Employers Keep From Paying Severance

“One common trick how the Indian managers avoid paying severance is that they put the domestic employee on a “performance plan”, after which they state that the employee did not perform as expected and fire him without any severance.”

This is quite typical. In every area I have analyzed, Indian employers do not follow the employment rules of the countries where they have immigrated but instead apply “Indian rules.”

Comment #13: O Smith

Indian nepotism battles me a lot, always being the only black in a development teams I have worked. I googled to see if someone else has similar experience of it which I happen to find now. I realised when Indian is the manger suddenly 95% of the team will gradually turn to be Indians. The ones who studied abroad a far better than the ones who studied from Indian and what I found disgusting is when they begin to communicate in their language while at work which ought to be in official language (English language) so that team members can understand. The Indian’s nepotism is really hurting black communities and it needs to get media attention asap like racism does currently so changes can come into play. I don’t hate Indians as many of my good friends are Indians but I dislike nepotism in any form.

Speaking in their native language is a long-term thing that Indians have been doing.

Of course, they can say whatever they like as no one outside of an Indian will speak that language. One has to wonder why they are doing it as both of the individuals can speak English. Naturally, anyone can use any language they want on their own time — but they do it in work environments. I receive this comment a lot that “I know good Indians.” However, the problem is that Indians are pushing enormous numbers of domestic workers out of jobs. And the “good Indians” are not doing anything to stop it.

Good Indians have witnessed discrimination at home — and they think nothing of it. The amazing thing is that all of these Indians are recent immigrants. They have shown no compunction against performing mass discrimination in a country they have been in for only a short time. Regardless of how many Indians friends one has, there is no debating the negative effect on domestic workers.

Indians do not or should not have enormous quantities of US jobs allocated for them — which is exactly what has happened. Indians are cheating on certifications, and they are engaging in H1-B visa fraud. They have brought bonded labor into the US, as we cover in the article How Indian IT is Bringing Bonded Labor to the US. I would be very happy to lose all of my Indian acquaintances to have the H1-B quota, and other foreign worker programs shut down and Indians that are here on visas sent back to India. I don’t need “friends” that badly that I am willing to tolerate what Indians have brought to the US labor market. There is no other way of looking at it.

The major IT media entities are aligned with the multinationals, so they only carry stories about how sad it is that more Indians are not let into the US and Europe. How sad it is that H4 visa holders can’t work. That more people from the H1-B worker’s family can’t be brought over. The stories designed to pull at heartstrings go on and on. Meanwhile, the profits made from Indian labor are never discussed by IT media. There are also no stories on these outlets about the impact on domestic workers.

Instead, they present a fiction that Indians adapt to the work environment, and domestic workers are unaffected.

Comment #14: Ashley: Do Not Warn Non-Indians About Indians

This commenter submitted a previous comment but it had personal attacks and contained guesswork around my views on other topics, so I have excluded the first message but included the second. However, I removed several personal attacks from this message as well. Other commenters may want to take note, that personal attacks are not considered an acceptable argumentative technique.

Ashley begins in response to my question about her support for freedom of speech.

You are as entitled to absolute freedom of expression as I am entitled to pen a response to views that are publicly held. I see no reason to apologise for exercising my right to respond. As the saying goes: If you cannot take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

Ashley, you did not catch what I said about being wrong about my other views and projecting what you think I think?

I provided article evidence that what you thought about at least some of my views was wrong?

Did you miss that point completely? So now you are pretending you did not get my other views wrong and pretending that you did not project these views onto me? Wouldn’t you love it if I supported bombing countries? You would jump for joy if only I could fit into your “stereotype.” Who is stereotyping now?

You see, in my culture, you are obligated to admit when you were wrong. You don’t appear to share my culture. If I were wrong about something, I would correct it immediately. I would also apologize to you.

Ashley continues..

Please do not wave my womanhood around as a rhetorical tool – I am perfectly cognisant of the fact that I would be treated in a subhuman manner in MENA countries, but that does not excuse your wanton bigotry.

And as for Islam, I am going to wave your womanhood in your face because you are defending societies that would not allow you to express your view, while you denigrate white societies that gave you this right. And I am also going to wave in your face where exactly your rights come from. So if you are going to be a woman and defend Islam, you are going to get that waved in your face. What you call “waving in your face” is actually called evidence.

Let find out how much you support Islam that according to you was harshly mistreated by Europeans. Take my article challenges and ask yourself if you are ready for Sharia. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Many feminists think Sharia can help fight the patriarchy.

Also, the only real heat I found in your previous comment was personal attacks. I don’t respond to or publish personal attacks.

Lets go back to this part of your quote.

I would be treated in a subhuman manner in MENA countries, but that does not excuse your wanton bigotry.

You have confused why I replied about Islam. You said that Islam was attacked by Christianity. And I had to chuckle because Islam was set up as a religion of war to dominate and “subdue” infidels. So the idea that a religion based around conquest can complain about itself being conquered does not compute. I also don’t see where the evidence for my bigotry is. The articles on the site call out the horrid behavior of Indians. Indian culture cannot accuse others of bigotry as it is the height of discrimination and bigotry itself. So again, a claim of bigotry from anyone part of Indian culture really needs a splash in the face with water about what Indian culture is. There are several instances in your comment, on is bigotry, another is McCarthyism, where you just make a claim but do not support the claim. I show further on my the McCarthyism claim is without any foundation.

Ashley continues..

You would do well to remember that Christianity was spread by the sword during Byzantine rule and later during the European Age of Discovery – Islam may be barbarous in its own right but it never had a monopoly on violent proselytism.

This is a complicated topic that spans several thousand years. The Spanish treatment of native populations in the Americas was horrendous and was supported by the friars. However, Christianity differs from Islam in that Islam began as its life as a conquering religion. There are quotes in the Koran about sex slavery of infidels, and this is accurately reflected in the documentation of ISIS, which is consistent with Mohammadian teachings. This is no a “perversion of Islam”; this is true Islam. This does not exist in the Bible. Secondly, Muslim societies are far less civilized than Christian societies. Most of the advancement of thought was performed in Christian societies, not in Islamic societies.

There is simply no doubt that Islam would be the last religion you would choose, and at least to the worst outcomes for any society. I am no Christian, but there is little doubt that Christianity would probably be the top religion you would take. Only an extremely ill-informed person would try to defend Islam. Just read the article links I sent. Those are all the desires and rules of Muslim societies.

“Inflammatory Op-Eds”

Ashley continues..

Your inflammatory op-eds (and let’s be real, that is exactly what they are – personal opining, not peer-reviewed research)

No, my articles are not opt eds. An opinion piece does not provide evidence and is normally simply a series of assertions. However, this is consistent with your psychology. You place the material you agree with into the research category and that you don’t agree with into the non-research category. They are researched pieces that use information from many sources. This survey below is not research?

How about this. It explains how the corrupt private banking system in the US works.

Again, the journals on banking are controlled by banking interests. None of them would ever publish my articles that are critical of the banking industry. Your requirement for peer review would make me unable to publish on these topics. So what you are saying is that you would like me to publish through censored channels.

Of course, there is a variety of material on the website. Surveys and articles, some with mathematical analysis, some without but Brightwork Research & Analysis is not an opinion site. Furthermore, your assumption that all research is peer-reviewed is not accurate.

Even if we leave out controversial topics, peer-reviewed research has many problems. For example, Newton could not get his work published because he was blocked by the head of the London scientific society, who was taking credit for his work. Newton only began to get his material published when this man died. Was Newton not producing research because he was not peer-reviewed? The problems with peer review are discussed in this article.

Also, I have published in peer-reviewed journals, and I don’t think much of the process. In the journal I published, they have software vendors on the panel, and they don’t like negative information about implementations published. So they have a financial bias to change my submission. Secondly, there is no way any of my articles on Indian IT could be accepted in any journals. There is no journal for such a thing.

Overall this seems to be an error in understanding on your part. You have made the same mistake some other people who have no background in research trying to teach me what research is or how it works. Look at this article How Gartner Research Compares to Real Research Entities. Do you have the research knowledge to have written this article? Often when I ask people who critique my research what their research background is, I find out they have none.

As for being inflammatory, this is another critical term, but are the articles inaccurate? If they are accurate but inflammatory does that make them wrong? Should the information be censored if it reaches a point of inflammation?

Again, you are use explanations that make me question your dedication to freedom of speech. People who are dedicated to freedom of speech don’t speak like you. People who like their information censored do. Also, didn’t you just tell me if I can’t take the heat I need to stay out of the kitchen?

Who in this scenario has a heat complaint? Also, you heaped personal attacks in the first email you sent, so it seems like your concern for inflammation is a one-way affair.

Striking a Nerve

Ashley continues..

They…struck a raw nerve in me because 1) I work in tech, and 2) I am of Dougla stock, what one might alternatively know as Indo-Carribean. We are mixed with minute amounts of African and/or European ancestry and are either Anglophone or Francophone (that depends on the specific part of the West Indies we hail from) with Westernised given names and Indic surnames that are an unambiguous marker of our patrilineal lineage. We were brought over to the region as cotton pickers and farmers by British colonialists from parts of northern India before the American Civil War and have been isolated from the Indian subcontinent for two to three centuries, yet by virtue of my name alone your preconceived notions would lead you to believe that I am “one of them” – part of a teeming mass of 1.3 billion scammers as you are so inclined to believe. Our proximity to the Northern American mainland has resulted in a sizeable Carribean diaspora in the States and Canada and I am utterly aghast to think that the likes of me and mine would be treated as pariahs by the likes of you with nary a consideration for the nuances of our origin.

I am not sure what to tell you on this, except Everything I am writing is true. Whether you take it personally or not is not a concern of mine as I am not writing for Indians.

And I will bring up the woman thing again. Indians and Indian culture are bad for women. India is ranked the worst in the world for women, so you should supporting European-based culture, not Indian culture, because, under Indian culture, you lose. In fact, your biggest risk is being exploited by an Indian man, not if Brightwork’s articles about Indians become more popular. I would be far more concerned about this risk than my articles. I imagine you don’t like reading how corrupt and discriminatory Indians are. But all of the statistics on India point to the same outcome. We don’t like things that are often true.

Also, as Indians are doing nothing to stop their wanton discriminate non-Indians, is any Indian really in a good position to not be categorized in this exploitive group. I barely ever have Indians reach out to me to talk about how terrible Indian behavior is. The fact is most Indians accept exploitive behavior. Indians call Indians who are not exploitive “lacking survival skills.”

Indian companies are all, not some, all horrible places to work. This is not some “percent defective.” This is Indian culture. Indians have demonstrated enormous corruption and discrimination since arriving in large numbers to European-based countries (but of course it went on in India long before this). So this kind of behavior is eventually going to have a reaction. As I said, Indians have done nothing to reform their country, and they are degrading every country that they immigrate to. And that is just an established fact from multiple angles. There are now over 130 articles at the site and the ongoing survey that illustrate why this is true.

The Problem With Indian Surnames

Ashley continues..

All it takes is a fucking Indian surname to declare one an invalid. Gee, I wonder if I should jettison my ancestral name to drop off your McCarthyist radar.

Many Indians are doing this. Indians reach out as recruiters to IT workers and have names like Stan Wilson. Why? Because hatred and distrust is building up against Indians, which is based upon the accurate appraisal of the character of the vast majority of Indians. What else would you have non-Indians do?

As for McCarthyism, that was based upon a false claim. McCarthy claimed, that the US was infiltrated by communists. This was never true. There were those that had leanings towards policies that benefited the population, but there was never some communist infiltration in the US. So here you are comparing a false claim with a true claim.

My claims around Indians are substantiated with decades of personal experience and with many people reaching out to me talking about abuse by Indians. The stories all show the same pattern.

You have stated the following in your previous email.

(my articles) they shine a long-overdue spotlight on the dark underbelly of a low-trust culture that is mystifying and obscure to most,

This seems a bit whitewashed, as it makes it sound like the culture is from outer space. We are talking about unethical behavior, and we are talking about Indians. Can you even bring yourself to write about this topic in a way that puts the responsibility onto Indians? Perhaps you find my articles inflammatory becuase you are blocking an articulate view of what Indians are really like. You can’t believe someone would be so rude as to not whitewash the issue.

So even you partially or in a roundabout way acknowledge there should be a spotlight on this culture. However, you still call my articles McCarthyite. How can you acknowledge much of the content of the articles are true but then compare it to a witch hunt that was completely untrue?

Am I deposing witnesses in the US Senate and ending people’s careers as did Joe McCarthy? No, obviously not.

So right here, you have taken a false claim of McCarthyism and mixed it in with my substantiated research into Indians in IT. You have taken every opportunity to discredit my work and made zero effort to contradict any of the specific claims. The tactics you are using are not going to work on me. They are the lazy person’s approach to discrediting something they have an emotional reaction to.

Indians Have a Great Reputation in Oceana and Southeast Asia?

Ashley continues..

Pray do tell how you treat long-separated ethnic Indian settlers from ex-European colonies like Suriname, Mauritius, Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Africa – many of whom are Westernised to the hilt and have diddly-squat to do with the caste-addled subcontinentals domiciled in India or the ones that emigrated to the United States post Hart-Celler act of ’65 save for the inertial retention of identity markers like names and superficial religious practices.

I question this. When I was in Fiji and Singapore, I was told by non-Indians that Indians were unethical and could not be trusted. This is around 20 years ago now. I also have submissions to the survey that state that Indians engage in the exact same behavior in Singapore as they do in the US, Australia, etc.. The evidence is that Indians act this way long after they have immigrated to countries and keep the same behavioral patterns of corruption and discrimination they use in India.

This seems like you are hoping I do not possess information about Indians in the examples you are providing. However, not only have I traveled to these regions, but I have stories coming in about Indians from around the world through the website.

Remember my logic for advising IT professionals to steer clear of Indians. Indians use personal relationships to gather information and then to dispossess non-Indians of something they want. They pretend to be your friend, and then flip a switch and try to take something from you.

This is why I have questioned if conversations with Indians are conversations in the Western sense of a conversation or interaction.

Not Going to Be A Good Indian

Ashley continues..

I have no intention to be accepted into your “good Indians” club like a $2 strumpet from the streets of Bangkok begging for a bone from the degenerate sex tourists sauntering the streets for cheap sexual gratification, but I take enormous exception to the likes of me becoming collateral damage in a McCarthyist campaign led by a zealot so bent on seeing people with certain identity markers as a monolith that he ends up crucifying B to get at A.

I think you misunderstood the point of this article Should You Try to Find Good Indians While Risking Bad Indians.

The point of this article is that the number of good Indians is so incredibly small that trying to see if one can find a good Indian opens one up to enormous risk, as the great majority are unethical. The example I give is if a substantial percentage of a woman’s dating pool were rapists. It is not worth dating within that pool. So I am saying that opening oneself to continual exploitation by Indians in order to make one’s “PC quota” of finding one good Indian is a fool’s errand. An enormous percentage of Indians can be categorized as sociopaths.

Overall, you are telling me not to warn people about Indian exploitation. Or I can, but not too much. In fact, I am a little hazy on how I can both warn people but also fit within your parameters so that you don’t feel threatened in any way. This sounds like censorship, which is very Indian. You say my articles are inflammatory. However, all they do is describe the things that Indians and Indian companies do. So are the articles inflammatory, or is Indian behavior that I am documenting inflammatory?

The Implications of Keeping Things Quiet

If all of this is kept quiet, the exploitation will continue. Could this result in negative consequences for some Indians? Well, first, Indians have large control over US media. And they are providing flowery and false information about Indians to the public as they are also aligned with US corporate interests that want to use Indians against the domestic population to lower their wages. This information about Indians is false (in fact, most of the information explained to the public about the H1-B program is false, as I have covered on this website); however, as it is positive, I would assume you support it over my material.

This means you seem to oppose one of the few entities that focus on telling the truth about Indian culture and the exploitative danger that Indians present to non-Indians. Breitbart does it, and some smaller sites do it, but the establishment media will absolutely not cover it.

The only thing you seem to be concerned about is the potential impact on you, and this is if the truth about Indians gets out. But what about the negative impact that Indians impose on non-Indians? This does not appear to be anywhere on your priority list. As I said, Indians are in the process of degrading every society to which they immigrate. Indians have largely taken over recruiting in the US and are mass discriminating against non-Indians. Why is this allowed? The term parasites certainly come to mind. And it is long past time for non-Indians to be constrained by PC on this issue.

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