How Blacks Continue to Promote White Censorship Across Society

Executive Summary

  • As black voices become more prominent, their opposition to freedom of speech is becoming more obvious.


It is curious what commentary on some events can tell you about how people from a particular group actually think. This article discusses the exact topic that arose from the death of an NFL player.

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The Issue of Dwayne Haskins

Dwayne Haskins, an NFL quarterback, died while crossing a highway in Florida. This event caused very aggressive commentary on the part of exclusively black voices who felt that Dwayne Haskins was being disrespected by white commentators. The story and the controversy are covered in the following video.

Note the anger on the part of the black commentators. One of the black commentators, Dez Bryant, a former NFL wide receiver, stated that he was not playing in the NFL and foregoing millions of dollars per year becuase he did not “love the NFL,” and comments by whites about Dwayne Haskins death was a primary reason for this. 

Black commentators opposed stating that Dwayne Haskins did something unintelligent by trying to cross a highway. And that he had struggled in the NFL. Both of these things are true. However, to black commentators, they smelled of racism. And many black commentators in the comment section of YouTube began saying very vile things about Adam Scheffer and Gil Brandt and accusing them of racism.

My Comment On These Anti-Freedom of Speech Comments by Blacks

Didn’t Haskins do something very stupid that led directly to his death? People are making it sound like he had nothing to do with his death. Why was he on the highway? Are you allowed to say that or is that racism also?

I am seeing a pattern here of blacks shouting down extremely minor critical statements. I can barely tell what the offense from these supposed offensive comments is. I have said this many times. Blacks are not part of Western civilization.

They don’t respect freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is a white invention, it does not exist in any black run society. If anyone disagrees, point out what black run society has it. Jamaica technically has it on the books, but it does not exist in reality. If you look at South Africa, freedom of speech went into a tailspin as soon as the ANC took over the country.

My comment was met with a response.

That’s right, doesn’t anyone else wonder WHY he died? Why was he on the extremely busy highway, there is NOTHING around the location where he was. Also, anyone in South FL can tell you, dump trucks are VERY loud and VERY large. Why couldn’t he see or hear a dump truck? This is such a shame, I am just so confused about this, it should have never happened.

To which I replied.

That is racist! You are signaling your white supremacy! Are you currently wearing an SS uniform. Sorry — just prempting future comments by blacks. Now if Haskins was white, we could ask the questions you just asked and debate the topic, but since Haskins is black, those exact same questions now become racist. Saying he had struggles in the NFL is also racist. If Haskins was a black woman, then the issue would be even worse. This is because “You do not question a black woman,” or else you are a racist. This is because apparently black women are gods. Jackson was not able to be contradicted in her confirmation, the same type of confrontation that all supreme court nominees have gone through


The effect of blacks is to shut down freedom of speech, particularly the freedom of speech of whites. Blacks are not allowed to be questioned like whites. The comments by blacks illustrate a powerful anti-freedom of speech orientation and a distinct double standard that appears to place blacks on a pedestal.