How BLM Has a Unlimited Demand for Free Stuff for Blacks

Executive Summary

  • Part of BLM’s demands is for a large list of free things for blacks.
  • We cover these demands.


BLM is known for opposing police killings. However, in reality, BLM’s agenda is enormous, and one of these areas they advocate for is for blacks to receive free stuff from the government.

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The Demands

Demands: Guaranteed Minimum Income, Free Health Care, Free Schooling, Free Food, Free Real Estate, Free Gender Reassignment Surgery, and Free Abortion

Which brings me to the Black Lives Matter movement. How many mainstream reporters have bothered to delve into the background and founding principles of the rapidly spreading organization to which even white CEOs are contributing gobs of money in what appears to be an attempt to protect themselves and their businesses from any potential charge of racism?

The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, which self-describes as “an ecumenical, nonprofit research organization that promotes the benefits of free enterprise to religious communities, business people, students and educators,” has exposed the ideology of Black Lives Matter.

According to Acton, the founding principles of BLM include a guaranteed minimum income for all black people, free health care, free schooling, free food, free real estate, gender reassignment surgery, and free abortion. – The Daily Signal

This is interesting because BLM only calls for these things for black people, and typically there is a policy demand for the entire population. However, BLM would be satisfied if these free benefits, including a minimum income, were only for blacks. BLM won’t admit this, but this is a racist approach to setting policy because it would mean that blacks would be a preferences group versus all other racial groups in the US.

BLM’s foundational principles and goals seem closer to those of China and the former Soviet Union. If more people understood that, they might wake up and realize that the United States, as Ronald Reagan used to say, is only one generation from losing it all. – The Daily Signal


According to BLM, blacks deserve to have special programs where a large number of things that are paid for by non-blacks should be provided for free to blacks. This again illustrates the extreme narcissism of the BLM movement. We covered the narcissism of BLM co-founder in the article The Evidence BLM Leader Patrisse Cullors is a Mentally Unstable Narcissistic Sociopath Who Is Constantly Lying.