How BLM’s Statement of the American Flag Being a Racist Symbol Illustrates Mental Instability

Executive Summary

  • For years BLM has presented themselves as very knowledgable and world experts on topics related to reform.
  • Their statement on the American flag demonstrates their irrationality.


We spent a large number of hours analyzing the statements and actions of BLM. We came upon a number of concerning statements that call into question not only the rationality but the sanity of BLM spokespeople. One of these was the assertion that the US flag symbolizes racism and hate.

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The Statements by BLM Utah Leader

Idea #1: The US Flag is Racist?

“When we Black Americans see this flag we know the person flying it is not safe to be around,” Black Lives Matter Utah wrote in a July Fourth post alongside an image of the Stars and Stripes.

“When we see this flag we know the person flying it is a racist. When we see this flag we know that the person flying it lives in a different America than we do.

The US flag is the official flag of the nation. The statement by BLM Utah would essentially demand that the US flag no longer be used because that flag is racist. What does that mean? Should the flag be replaced by another flag, a flag that is not racist? This comment is very bizarre. Good and bad things happen in all countries; however, outside of the Nazi flag and the Confederate flag, I don’t recall another national flag being called racist. How about Saudi Arabia’s flag, which denies many rights to women? Is the Saudi Arabian flag misogynistic? China has an abysmal record on animal rights. However, is the flag of China anti-animal?

Idea #2: The US Flag is For People of Low Intelligence?

“When we see this flag, we question your intelligence. We know to avoid you. It is a symbol of hatred,” wrote the chapter, which founder Lex Scott says is not part of the national BLM organization.

Again, this is the flag of the country. It is used by the US government, including all of the military branches. It flies over post offices. The assertion that all people that fly an American flag have low intelligence is bizarre.

Idea #3: The US Flag is a Symbol of Hate?

The rant continued in the comments section and a follow-up post, where the group asked “why every racist wears that flag and flies that flag?”

“Because it is a symbol of hate … This country has created genocide under that flag,” the group said.

“We will proactively destroy the systems that continue to give you the power to marginalize people of color. Period,” the group wrote, saying they could “taste your fear and it tastes delicious.” – NY Post

Here is a question, why stay in the country? Wouldn’t it be easier to move to a non-racist country?

The NAACP Contradicts BLM Utah

“The flag stands for all the people who have lived and served to bring about the best of the American Experience, that all people are created equal. Real American Patriots have stood for equality and justice for all,” Williams said, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

“While we recognize that the history of our nation is marked with both failures and successes in the treatment of minorities,” Williams wrote, “we know the way forward starts with respect and togetherness for all Americans.”

Williams added that the flag could be instead be recognized as a symbol of hope for racial and social equality.

“The flag represents the highest aspirations expressed from the founding of the Union, through the Emancipation Declaration [sic], the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution, the Enactment of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, to the millions of Americans who support their fellow citizens of all races, national origin, and color.” – Newsweek

BLM Utah did not expect this. And they were crestfallen at the response.

The NAACP’s Response to BLM Utah

Observation #1: Scott Thought NAACP’s Response Was Hurtful

In response, BLM Utah founder Lex Scott wrote on Facebook Sunday that Williams’ post was “hurtful” and said she felt it played into an attempt to pit the two civil rights organizations against one another. Scott added that while the two organizations frequently disagree, she respects and supports Williams’ viewpoint.

Isn’t saying that the flag of a nation is racist hurtful? This is part of a pattern of BLM spokespeople. They are very aggressive and generalistic with criticism but seem to crumble when facing those who disagree. The NAACP comment did not even critique BLM or Lex Scott, and it was just a disagreement on Scott’s statement.

Observation #2: Scott Has Evidence That White Organizations Pitted NAACP Against BLM Utah?

“We do not always agree. That is ok. What I will not tolerate is wh1te [sic] organizations pitting Black organizations against each other. This happens frequently. People are constantly trying to pit us against the NAACP. It is not right and I will not fall for it. The NAACP took the bait,” Scott wrote.

Scott is making an accusation, but she has evidence to back up this claim. One very established pattern with BLM is that they do not think they have to provide evidence for their claims. They also have a habit of playing the victim.

As for taking the bait. Did NAACP really take any bait? If the NAACP disagrees with BLM, is that taking the bait. The most likely explanation is that the NAACP did not want others to think that it agreed with BLM Utah, as the assertion made by BLM Utah is just not a smart thing to say. Scott would have liked it if the NAACP said nothing and allowed others to think that the NAACP agreed with BLM Utah.

Observation #3: Victimhood 101

“The NAACP has done a lot of good work in the past. They do not like me, they do not like us. What they did today was hurtful,” Scott continued. “They have every right to their opinion.… I stand by my words now more than ever.” – Newsweek

Why would the NAACP contradicting your view cause you to stand by your words “more now than ever.” This seems petulant, like something a child would say, and Scott has a history of making emotional outbursts.

A Second Immature and Narcissistic BLM Leader?

We cover the narcissistic personality of BLM leader Patrisse Cullors in the article The Evidence BLM Leader Patrisse Cullors is a Mentally Unstable Narcissistic Sociopath Who Is Constantly Lying 

Observing the comments from Scott, this appears to be a second highly self-centered BLM leader. And this comes across very strongly in these quotes. Does BLM attract highly narcissistic people into its leadership?

Why Does Utah Have a BLM Chapter?

This is not directly related to the topic, but Utah is 1.5% black. This brings up the question of why BLM has a chapter there. With such a smaller percentage of the population being black, this means that BLM Utah has a small potential to address black police shootings. We searched and could not find a website for BLM in Baltimore. However, Baltimore has a large black population, with 62% of the city of Baltimore being black. Why is there a BLM Utah, which seems like an office waste, while Baltimore has no BLM chapter?


The Confederate flag has been repeatedly called racist, even though it is in great part a symbol against Northern domination. Now, the US flag has been called a symbol of racism and a symbol of hatred. Furthermore, according to Scott, every person who flies or wears the flag is a hateful racist.

The longer BLM continues as a movement, the more radical and anti-white and the more frankly ridiculous statements BLM makes. And the more apparent it is that BLM lacks the expertise to address any of the issues that are their focus. BLM seems less interested in reform than they are in being some black separatist movement.