How Mexicans and Agribusiness Ruined Yakima Washington

Executive Summary

  • Yakima used to be a good place to live. However, this article explains how Mexicans have ruined the city.


Many areas of the US have gone Mexican, and what is curious is how infrequently this outcome goes undiscussed. This article will cover what happened to Yakima, Washington, based on quotes from online sources due to Mexican immigration.

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Diversity = Nonwhite? 

I want to discuss the misleading term “diversity” in this comment. Diversity is rarely a good thing, and the real issue is that Yakima is now 60% Mexican. Many parts of Mexico are not “diverse,” but it is still a terrible place to live. When Yakima was nearly all white, it was a far superior place to live.

The diverse parts of Mexico (for example, in the Yucatan Peninsula, where there are many indigenous). However, whether diverse or not diverse, Mexico is a bad place to live. The primary reason is that Mexico is filled with Mexicans and Mexican culture. Furthermore, Yakima was an excellent place to live before Mexicans moved in. One can see the euphemism that is being used in these comments. The problem is Mexican and Mexican culture and how it has replaced the whites and white culture in Yakima. That is not only a bad thing but a stupid thing, and Mexicans have torn down what whites created in Yakima, and anyone with a functioning brain could have seen this happen. 

So, Yakima was nice, but only when it was predominantly white.

Also, is an area 60% Mexican and 30% white diverse? Those are two groups, and it is the majority Mexican. And if the Mexicans disappeared tomorrow from Yakima, Yakima would be a nice place again. Some euphemisms rather than direct terms are being used in this explanation.

The quote continues..

poverty is widespread, job opportunities are not the best, Mexican’s are still seen as a threat to the well being of the white populace. The code words for Mexican, are, “crime”, “run down areas”, “drugs”, and a host of others that seem to suggest a not so upfront bias against the local Mexican population.

Why is this a bias? This is the outcome of having 60% of your population be Mexican. The definition of the word bias is the following.

A prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

This is not prejudice, and this is judgment, not pre-judgment. This is what Mexicans have brought to Yakima.

The quote continues…

All through the last three decades these sentiments have been the mainstay of opinions formed by whites in the valley, and not without reason, the Mexican population has it’s roots firmly set in poverty and deprivation, crime seems to flourish wherever poverty exists, you don’t find a lot of Meth on Mercer Island. Welcome to the American dream, the mythical melting pot really didn’t exist as historians of late would have us believe. This situation that exists in Yakima is proof that we haven’t learned much from our own past, moving there is always a personal choice that has to be made with ALL the facts. The fact is, this is, and has been for decades, a town divided. – City Data

This is well explained, but it translates to Mexicans (enabled by agribusiness) having ruined Yakima in a synopsis form. It would be interesting to see what would happen if all whites left Yakima and left the management of the city to Mexicans?

Would Mexicans seek to leave Yakima?

Even the West Side of Yakima Now Negatively Impacted

It may be true that Yakima is getting to be a big issue about Gangs, Drugs, and Murders ect ect. But Its getting worse over in the West side of Yakima In the last 2 Months there has been A robbery not to far from WVMS and Wide hollow. there was also a guy that went crazy kidnapped her in west valley and had the whole road of 72nd blocked due to the fact that he was armed and ready to kill they had swats pull up and snipers up his A$$ they had a shoot out and such an such an it ended how all things end bad guys loses good guy wins. But Dont say west valley is a good place to live as in right now the Gangs have been moving up to the west side of Yakima and they have gotten alot bigger just gotta open your eyes and youll relize Yakima is begining to be a **** hole To be honest. The Bad Rep is True ill recommend to be not near this area till this dies down. – City Data

This is the same basic information as the earlier comment about Mexicans being bussed to West Side. There was a degree of isolation from the Mexican East Side, which is now declining as the Mexican population rises.

Yakima — A Slice of (Mexican) Hell?

I moved to Yakima from Eugene, OR 9 years ago. I think of Eugene as a little slice of heaven. Yakima is a little slice of hell. The people are extremley guarded and rude. – City Data

This comment dispels the notion that Mexicans are nice people who should be tolerated. Since when do Mexicans create a pleasant environment for whites anywhere? They do if you travel to some vacation spot in Mexico, and they are paid to be nice, but even there, Mexicans typically look to scam tourists. However, if not explicitly paid to serve whites, Mexicans make environments so undesirable for whites that they leave those areas. So why are whites expected to have sympathy for Mexicans? Why should whites allow themselves to fall for Mexican sob stories?

The quote continues.

The crime rate is aweful even in the good areas. While living a few miles from Eugene in a good area my car was stolen. I literally went into the house to get my child and it was gone. I have had raving lunatics in my yard. My landlord was a creeper. He was hiding behind the bushes one day picking fruit from our fruit tree. He was behaving like a thief. My husband and I are warm people who would have gladly let him take the fruit he needed. Its a hard place to live or thrive. In the middle of the day I saw a cracked out prostitute with barely any clothes on solicite a car full of men who also had a child in the car try to get her to do them for free. I was a bystander and heard all this garbage. My kids were in the car it was repugnent. There are loads of prostitutes walking up and down first street all day long. Its a horrible meth ridden place to raise kids. – City Data

Well, isn’t that nice? There are more great ethics from people whom whites are, for some reason, supposed to feel sorry for. Does anyone wonder why Mexico is so corrupt or why they have such terrible violence towards one another? Perhaps Mexicans have bad morality as a general rule. Can anyone think of examples of Mexicans acting honorably or in a way that inspires others?

The quote continues.

If you have a choice dont move there any where in that valley west WA is much better. Crime rate comes with cities but Yakima isn’t even that big so there are none of the perks of living in a city that warrents tolerating that crime. – City Data

Hmmm…..but all Mexicans want is jobs. Or is that all they want?

Do they also want to make each area they immigrate to more Mexican in character?

This would be a good segment on NPR. Maybe I can get invited to explain my view of what Mexicans have done to US cities.

Reconsider Moving to Yakima?

For anyone who decides to move here to Yakima for any reason, I suggest you reconsider the move. I have lived in Yakima since I was born except for 6 months out of my life and those 6 months were wonderful if you are going by town standards. Yakima was once a town that made sense to me and now it seems very chaotic at best. I work at Yakima Regional Hospital and I have seen a fair share of the crimes that happen here in Yakima. Also, it doesn’t matter if you can speak English and a wide variety of other languages, your skills won’t do you any good here in Yakima, only if one of your languages is Spanish that you’re bilingual skills can get you work.

This is the corruption that Mexicans bring to an area when they take it over. Jobs become much more assigned due to affiliation over skills or fit for the job. This means the overall efficiency of society. When nice liberals talk about how hard Mexicans work, they ignore how corrupt Mexicans are. Mexicans’ “family orientation” means that jobs go to family associations rather than through a process where the most qualified candidates are interviewed. Mexicans and nice white liberals often talk about poverty. However, Mexicans drive their poverty through their mindset, behavior, and culture, creating inefficient systems. Agribusiness firms indeed began the cycle of poverty with their unlivable wages. However, as Mexicans predominate in an area, they extend the poverty and inefficiency to all areas of the economy and do things like having children that they are incapable of raising properly and having far more children than they can afford. It turns out that God does not provide after all.

The quote continues…

This city has a jail built right next to if not on the Central Washington State Fair Grounds, and that isn’t Yakima’s only jail. The illegal immigrant problem does affect the people that are born here in a big way as well as the amount of gangs and gang like activity here. I’m considered a majority, but in Yakima the minorities get the benefit of living here.

Well, if the population is 60% Mexican, a white person is not a local majority, although they may be a national majority,

The quote continues.

I grew up on the Eastside of Yakima and I have tried to move as far as possible from there ever since I was 18. My neighbor received a bullet through her home and my son and brother were shot at. I want to move out of Yakima for the sake of my childrens life and education and to be able to find jobs that are willing to pay money in other fields of work that isn’t in nursing, agriculture or education. If you like ordering stuff online or like to go for long drives to go shopping or experience something like a water park, zoo, aquarium or a really big mall and like hearing of something crime related that is always happening, Yakima is the place to be! – City Data

Notice how the comment observes nothing for a white person in Yakima of interest. There is very little shopping, minimal recreation, zoos, parks, etc… Mexicans can’t financially support these things, and they are more part of white culture in any case.

Mexican culture creates very few suitable public spaces. Everything drops to the lowest common denominator, and fear for personal safety rules the day. This type of environment is unacceptable to whites, so whites and other groups flee Mexican areas. How stupid can one be to allow mass immigration for a group that no one wants to live around?

The Palm Springs of Washington?

Yakima always makes me laugh. The welcome signs when you enter city limits claim it’s “The Palm Springs of Washington.” I’ve never been to Palm Springs. If Palm Springs is a gang infested dump, then I guess those signs are accurate. – City Data

Unfortunately, in the past few decades, because Palm Springs is very close to Indio, which is like Yakima, an agricultural area, Palm Springs is now saturated with Mexicans and Indians (from India) and is increasingly non-white.

The behavior in Palm Springs is generally rude. It now has a homeless problem, where it did not several decades ago — and had declined to the point where I no longer spend time there when driving through Southern California to Arizona.

So saying a city is “like Palm Springs” is no longer complimentary, and therefore, while worse than Palm Springs, the sign is somewhat accurate.

The Infrastructure Mismatch Due to Mexican Immigration

I was born and raised in Yakima until my mid twenties. After traveling around the world I realized how behind the curve Yakima is. You have to ask the question why? One has to analyze the infrastructure of the city. Yakima is a big city at around 80,000 now and it still has no University. Why do much smaller towns like Pullman, Walla Walla, and Ellensburg have major university’s and good ones at that. Yet Yakima has a C.C.?

Why would a city that is 60% Mexican need a university? Mexico is a country that, if all of its inventions and intellectual property were removed from the planet, it would have no impact. Undoubtedly, the city of Yakima is primarily illiterate or semi-literate. That is the ability to read gas bills, numbers, and stop signs. Mexicans find US high schools challenging. Therefore, investing in a university in Yakima would not make sense. Furthermore, as Yakima is a hellhole, no people in their right mind would come from out of town to go to college there.

The quote continues.

This is a very good start to realizing why the city has twice the crime rate then the U.S. and the average income has barely budged upward for 8 years! Here is the answer there is very very little entrepreneurship in Yakima. That is what makes American cities flourish and Yakima is a case study on how not to reach your goal if you want to have a city with a strong diverse economy. As the economy grows strong and has a mulitude of jobs for individuals to find their nitch through occupation’s and ultimately express themselves through their labor with gratification in their bones and places for the youth to go and spend their time in a safe and enlightening environment. If this takes place guess what happens, wealth starts to spread and people have less time to think about how there is nothing to do and how their life is unfilling and then come up with great schemes on how to car jack, and rob houses. The map of where to go and not to go is unfortunetly very accurate. The town is heavily based on Agriculture. Agriculture started seriously dying out at the beginning of the 20th century in America then manufacturing took hold through WWII and then it died out in the later half of the 20th century. We are in a service based economy and will continue down that path. Yakima is still dependent on agriculture and did not invest wisely during the middle half or later half of the 20th century and now it is paying the price. It not only missed the boat on manufacturing however it has really missed the boat on services and I really do not know how it is going to catch up.

If much of your population does not speak English or speaks it superficially, it will be challenging to have many service jobs. This quote seems to miss out on the fact that most of the city is now Mexican.

You can’t desire your city to have white jobs if your population is majority Mexican.

Service jobs aren’t like manufacturing — they aren’t based upon a lot of investment or capital expenditure. You have an office, some tables, computers, and phones, but the primary resource is the people’s knowledge. Yakima is a city marked by ignorance, and as whites move out, this is the high watermark for Yakima.

The comment continues.

Now you have a very large population who seems like it is using the conservative approach of trying to pull itself up from the boot laces. But how? there is no infrastructure to support that approach I see it as spinning it’s wheels. I think the town needs heavy investment in higher level education so young smart people will come into Yakima then ultimately stay there because one it has alot of alluring things for young active people and two most people end up staying around the place they went to college. YAKIMA NEEDS ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND UNIVERSITYS WILL CREATE IT.

Again, the population is 60% Mexican and growing. These are people who entered as illegal aliens or people who overstayed their H-2A visas and became illegal aliens. How are they suitable for anything mentioned above? They were brought by agribusiness to do manual labor but have overpopulated their job base.

The quote continues…

After that has been done Yakima needs to start looking at how to get the Spanish population out to vote think about what type of demographic is really voting in Yakima then think about the 40,000 plus hispanics that live in Yakima.

This is yet another strange comment.

First, the population is Mexican, not Spanish. I have been to Spain, and these quotes would not exist if 40,000 Spaniards lived in Yakima.

Second, having more Mexicans vote will result in more pressure to have less enforcement of illegal immigration, more Mexican flags being displayed, etc… Mexicans have no history of being part of participatory governments. The Mexicans in Yakima would certainly fail any test on the structure of the US government, so getting input from Mexicans on what to do would only worsen Yakima’s position.

This quote explains the widespread problem of a lack of political knowledge among Americans.

“Knowledge of this basic fact varies across key demographics: men, older adults (aged 55 and over), more educated Americans and whites are more likely to know each state elects two Senators than women, younger adults, those with a high school education and non- whites,” the poll says.

As for the role the U.S. Senate plays in the nomination of a Supreme Court justice, 36 percent of Americans were able to correctly explain that the Senate confirms or rejects the president’s nominee, according to the poll. – Mass Live

The Mexicans will score far below this. Essentially, once Mexicans are done asking for deportations to stop, they or bringing up other Mexican issues that will lead to more Mexicans coming to the US, they don’t have any concerns for the broader society.

The quote continues.

20 plus living in poverty that is appaling. Why is it that there is 1.7 cops for every 1,000 people when the average in America is 3.0 for every 1,000. That statistic is almost directly proportional to the crime rate being twice the national average. Is it because the city beleives in smaller gov’t? and that the market forces will lead to efficiency? The market is way to narrow with nothing to feed on. The city needs investment and coaching on how to get it on it’s feet then let the market take the reins. Sorry for any mispellings I had to vent. – City Data

And it won’t get it.

The Mexican population is continuing to rise, and whites are leaving. The city’s West Side is now increasingly exposed to negative Mexican externalities. As the Mexican population continues to increase, the hope for anything better for Yakima dissipates. But look at it this way: some agribusiness firms were able to get below living-wage labor and push those cost savings to executive compensation. So, one has to have a glass-half-full approach to analyzing the situation.

The Real Story

O-k. I have lived in Yakima my WHOLE life. WHOLE. I know exactly what goes on here and I have seen the darkest corners of the entire town. For those of you who say “Oh, Yakima isn’t so bad.” or ” People over exaggerate the crime here.” you people are wrong. Yakima is the cess pool of Washington State. Most of the residents in this town are either gang bangers, drug dealers, child molesters, tweakers or white trash. I’m not being racist but thats what alot of the white people here are- and yes i am white skinned.

This brings up whether there was so much white trash before Mexicans moved into Yakima. I ask because Mexicans, as explained in an earlier quotation, considerably brought down the wages for the whites in Yakima. This reduced wages for low-income whites, which would have stopped them from getting work experience, eventually allowing them to move into the middle class.

The quote continues…

The only people who don’t have to deal with this mess are the people who live on the rich parts of town and even those aren’t clean- they just look that way believe it or not drug dealers make alot of money. The cops dont help at all. I lived less than a block away from the police station and it still took them 2 hours to get to my house when there was a shoot out in front of it. Come on now. There are also alot of crooked cops in this town. So if your planning on moving to Yakima or just visiting you should really reconsider. This place sucks and you will most likely wind up dead or tweaked out of your mind. GIRLS- DO NOT WALK THE STREETS IN YAKIMA ALONE AT NIGHT OR DAY. If you absolutely must I suggest you get some sort of protection. I prefer the double bladed knife I have or pepper spray….a personal firearm would be the best though. seriously. – City Data

Some of the strongest supporters for continued Mexican immigration are nice white NPR-listening women. They think it’s “racist” to enforce deportation, and they browbeat their husbands not to be “gross and racist.”

These women would not be caught dead in a Mexican area, especially after dark.

My Yakima Experience: My Interaction With The Yakima Police Department

I finished the quotation part of the article and want to describe my experience in Yakima. I spent less than 24 hours in Yakima but still suffered indirectly from the high Mexicanization of Yakima.

I have a campervan which I use to travel around. Shortly after arriving in Yakima, I began reading some of the quotes you see above, which told me to stay away from the East Side, the city’s most Mexican part. This prompted me to try to park and sleep on the white West Side of Yakima. This area is primarily residential and has fewer parking areas than the city’s center, which I was trying to avoid.

I chose a church parking lot that was completely deserted at around 10 in the evening, intending to sleep there. I was parked there for no more than 20 minutes when I heard a knock on the door. Outside were two men who would tell me to leave, which I always do. However, in addition, they had called the police. Two police cars were sent to investigate a van parked in a church parking lot.

I found the two officers unusually hostile. They told me that there was a report that I was or might be about to break into a nearby storage facility. I told the officers that I never even opened a door on the van, and they were overreacting. And one of the police officers accused me of “having a problem with him” and “coming after him.” His reaction was because I questioned their assertions, which the police did not seem to accept.

As a way to diminish my observations of their behavior, one of the officers said, “Welcome to Yakima.” These officers started from the presumption of guilt, based upon a claim made by the person who called the police. The order of the day was intimidation and then escalation. At one point, I asked if two police cars were essential, and the officer said,

“Oh, I will bring more if you want.”

The entire interaction was unprofessional policing, and I told the officers that I did not feel like I was in the US.

And, of course, Yakima isn’t any longer the US; it is a hybrid of the US and Mexico. Now that 60 percent of the city is Mexican, everyone is suspect.

Although why? The Yakima police should be able to figure out who is committing crimes, and I do not look the slightest bit Hispanic.

Later, I drove to a parking lot outside a lumber store to sleep for the night. A few hours later, a very polite security guard awakened me by another knock. I was informed that they no longer allowed any cars in the parking lot after dark because the lumber store had been broken into. After several years in the campervan, this was the first time I was disturbed and told to move along twice in one night.

What is curious about this is that we live in a time of cheap surveillance cameras. In these circumstances, the residence close to the church called the police on the lumber store. I could have reduced their overactive alert status by installing a surveillance camera.

What Happens When You Attempt to Sleep Overnight in a Campervan in a Mexican Area

This experience taught me that one’s rights significantly degrade if one lives in an area with a substantial Mexican population. If you visit or live in a predominantly Mexican area, you don’t have the same rights as if you visit or live in a white area. I consider it far less likely if I had done the same thing I did thirty years ago than doing this in September of 2021.

Time to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage?

And yet, with everything written above, PBS is running a series of shows celebrating Hispanic heritage. 

Why are we celebrating a culture or set of cultures that no white wants to live around? Why are Hispanics presented as making contributions to US society if the more Hispanic an area is, the worse it is and the less hospitable it is to whites? Are any of the producers of the PBS shows on Hispanic heritage willing to move their families to predominantly Mexican areas?

Why does PBS not focus on Yakima or inland California and discuss Hispanics’ terrible damage to the US? For example, I stopped at a Starbucks in an agricultural area around Lake Elsinore, CA. This was the only Starbucks I have ever been to with no power outlets in the customer seating area. I have no idea why this particular Starbucks did this, and Mexicans don’t seem to use laptops very much. However, whatever dysfunctional things Mexicans did to the outlets that caused them to be removed, Is that what we want as whites? — Hispanics taking over large areas of the US and having everything restricted to stop Hispanic parasitism?


Like all highly Mexican areas, I quickly realized that Yakima is a no-go area for whites. Even the white part of Yakima is not safe for whites because the whites in this area are so concerned with crime that people are on pins and needles.

Mexicans and all non-white immigrants constantly boast of how much they add to the country and that anyone who disagrees with this is a racist. Yet, there are no good outcomes from Mexicans or Hispanics taking over areas in the US. Every city that Mexicans move to in the US is quickly degraded and resembles Mexico. This is not my first such experience. I was almost killed by a Mexican in Brawley, CA, when he came across in my lane of an undivided two-way road and, at 65 MPH, forced me to either pull off the road or have a head-on collision. Around 20 miles further down the road, a similarly poorly advised, although less dangerous, cross-over occurred again with what was most likely another Mexican driver. Brawley is yet another agricultural area and is highly Mexican.

I thought to myself at the time.

I need to get off of this road, this is a Mexican road.

My probability of being killed in a car accident, being arrested by police, or being the victim of violent crime skyrockets in a Mexican area. This is the same for any white person, even people who listen to NPR or watch PBS’s Hispanic Heritage programming.

Yakima and Brawley, CA, have suffered the same fate as other agricultural areas in the US. Agribusiness relies on Mexican labor, which then stays, the INS does not enforce immigration law, and then the area goes to complete shit. To be more precise, it becomes Mexican in its character. And we are all supposed to smile and pat ourselves on the collective back for supporting “diversity.” This is aggressive and excessive stupidity. Whites have a responsibility not to have their country taken over by Latin Americans.

This is a repeating cycle in cities and demonstrates a very significant change in the US, which threatens its future.

I am currently in Bend, OR, which is predominantly white, and the natural feel of the city is very relaxed. It is funny how that is the same story every place I visit. Yakima should change its sign from…

The Palm Springs of Washington


Whites No Longer Welcome, Move Along…Gringo Pendejo

When looking at the outcome of US cities when they become highly or predominantly Mexican, one questions the sanity of anyone who would support the continuation of not enforcing immigration law and not stopping Mexicans from immigrating to the US legally.