Is Gun Culture or Black Culture to Blame for Gun Violence?

Last Updated on August 23, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • There has been a great deal of focus on using background checks to reduce gun violence.
  • The number one most effective background check is race.


We cover in the article What is the Most Predictive Variable for the US Murder Rate?, that the number one predictor of gun violence in the US is the percentage of blacks in the population. We tested poverty and gun ownership and found virtually no correlation to these factors. This is important because these two factors are often cited as important in gun violence, and the research shows they are irrelevant.

See our references for this article and related articles at this link.

Because this conclusion is not politically correct, it has not been used to inform the control of guns.

Background Checks

The proposal by many, mainly Liberals, is to used enhanced background checks. The following video explains this strategy.

Vox is an establishment Democrat media outlets, and can only publish politically correct material. Gun violence is highly concentrated among blacks, but Vox cannot admit this. 

Misdirected Policy

The overall US population is being held accountable for the actions of black Americans. If blacks were not allowed to buy guns, the gun violence issue would go away.

US gun violence is black gun violence. While there are white mass shooters, they are so rare statistically versus black gun violence as to be a rounding error.

Few blacks can admit what the real issues are with gun violence in black areas. Blacks that point out that the problem is black violence usually are called “Uncle Toms” or “Coons.” 

Another interview on CNN has the newscaster, Don Lemon attempting to blame “gun culture” and not blacks.

Actor Terry Crews points out accurate facts, but as they are not politically correct — he is called a Coon. However, the person more informed here is the action star actor — not the news anchor. Furthermore, Don Lemon’s explanation of Black Lives Matter is disingenuous. Black Lives Matter only focuses on the small number of blacks killed by police, while ignoring the far larger numbers killed by other blacks. That is the point made by Terry Crews. And it is 100% correct. We cover this in the article, Black Lives Matter, as a Scam Organization

Furthermore, even the core argument of BLM is false as blacks are not disproportionately killed versus their involvement in violent crime. They are killed by police disproportionately versus their population (Which is an irrelevant consideration — the aged are very rarely killed by police, but they are also not involved in much violent crime.). Still, around 1/2 of violent crime in the US is perpetuated by blacks while they represent only 13 percent of the population. We cover this topic in the article Why the Claims by Black Lives Matter on Police Shootings Are False.

It is also not true that BLM is only focused on police violence toward blacks. That is their pet issue, but they have a very broad mandate, which includes defunding the police, ending all borders, and a host of other insane ideas. The reason that BLM does not focus on black violence is that white it is enormous versus police violence against blacks, and it does not suit their political agenda which is based upon maximizing false victim status as we cover in the article How Making False and Selective Claims is Part of a Scam by Black Americans.

Don Lemon further proposes that blacks only kill blacks because of proximity “same with white people.” There is truth to this, but the black statistics are off the charts. And furthermore, blacks are the number one racial group for victimizing other races. There is no way that this can be a legitimate belief by Don Lemon. This is a deliberately obtuse statement.

And Don Lemon is essentially supporting Terry Crews for being personally attacked because Terry Crews is contradicting BLM. If Terry Crews were being personally attacked for supporting BLM, Don Lemon would immediately change his stance to how terrible it is that the US is under the racist Trump regime. That racism is “normalized,” etc..

What is Gun Culture?

Notice Don Lemon states the issue is a “gun culture” — is that exactly?”

The vast majority of people involved in gun culture in the US are white. As the statistics are explained in this video, 3% of the population owns roughly 50% of the guns. They are also called gun collectors. However, those most involved in “gun culture” also are only very rarely involved in gun violence. 

Europeans Do Not Like US Gun Enthusiasts

All we hear about from Europeans is how we are such a bunch of barbarians for having guns. Very few Europeans know that the vast majority of gun violence in the US comes from one racial group. Europeans confuse gun enthusiasm or gun ownership with the propensity to use guns in violent crime. This is a false correlation.

Gun enthusiasts may be objectionable to Europeans and Liberals, but they generally don’t use the guns on each other.

So what does gun culture mean?

Liberals tend to get very concerned about If there is no violent outcome on average than who cares how many AR-15s you have or reloading benches anyone has? 

Why do Liberals and so many others have such a problem observing who is involved in gun violence?

America’s Terrible Gun Violence Problem…In the Rural Areas?

The highest degree of gun culture is in rural areas. These are areas where the elites say are populated by hillbillies. They also have the lowest violent crime.

Liberals can literally not tell the difference between blacks with handguns involved in violent crime and sportsman gun owners who use their guns for hunting. To a Liberal, they are all “gun culture,” and must be stamped out. The non-violent white rural gun owners are more offensive than the black murder suspect, because the black murder suspect is..

“A victim of society’s sick infatuation with guns,”

..while the white rural gun enthusiast is offensive. He dresses unfashionable, votes Republican, and eats large quantities of food in one sitting at the Golden Corral.


Women Bring Their Secret Weapon to Gun Legislation…No Not Knowledge…Emotion

The largest contingent of people who want to pass gun legislation are women, a group with the lowest knowledge level of guns or gun crime statistics. Women are very comfortable to observe that men should not be involved in setting policy for women’s reproductive health, the argument being they know nothing about it.

And they have a point.

However, when it comes to passing more gun restricting legislation — women feel perfectly entitled to intrude into the area with a very low knowledge level. 

Gun Culture or Black Culture?

Gun violence, on the other hand, is typically committed by young black men, most of whom have never been to a gun show and are not part of gun culture. Therefore, again, the relationship is not between the number of guns or the interest in firearms that predict violent crime — instead, it is the age and race of the person with the gun. 

Do the blacks in this video look like they are part of gun culture? Think for a minute. Do whites handle their guns the same way, do they use them or point them at cameras when they film music videos? One of them nearly looks right down the barrel. Experienced gun enthusiasts do not handle their guns in this way. This is how one would normally treat a toy gun. 

What and whose gun culture are we referring to?

Blacks don’t have a “gun culture.” They barely care about guns. They by in large, don’t reload and collect weapons.

So its not “gun culture,” the number of guns someone has, it is those that use guns. And their gun ownership is lower than whites — as is explained in the following quotation.

White leftists claim greater availability of guns increases violent crime. The exact opposite seems to be true. Blacks and Hispanics have about half as high a gun ownership rate as whites,(emphasis added) and yet commit far higher rates of violent crime.

Blacks are also much more likely to be arrested for gun control and weapons law violations according to FBI arrest rate stats, making up about 43% of those arrested but only about 6% of gun owners,(emphasis added) one of the few areas of crime (along with drug laws, another victimless crime) where blacks actually are disproportionately far more likely to get arrested relative to whites after adjusting for differences in behavior between blacks and whites, and in this case it’s because of the policies of Democrat politicians that blacks overwhelmingly vote for. – UNZ

Who’s Problem…”Society’s?”

Notice the Chief of Police in the previous video, who is asked about the problems in the black areas of Chicago, immediately pivots to “society’s problem.”

Notice the attempt to pivot away from blaming blacks. Gun violence is not a problem in white society or Chinese society. Why is it is so in black society? The reporter does not ask the question. Which society is the Chief of Police referring to? Whose society exactly?

Nearly all reporters strain themselves to find reasons other than black culture for gun violence. When white police tend to police blacks, the critique is that the policing is racist. However, when blacks are a larger percentage of the police force, this does not have the effect of reducing black gun violence.

Media Entities that Lie About Black Violent Crime

Media entities try to do everything but blame blacks for their violent crime. New terms are manufactured all the time — with “gun culture” is the latest in a long line. In other segments after murders in black areas, residents often speak of guns as if they are disembodied from the users of the guns — as if the guns themselves are shooting people, without anyone controlling the gun.

There is also a move to stop reporting the race of individuals involved in violent crime, and hide the race in statistics because violent crime is so overwhelmingly due to blacks.

Restricting the Rights of Low-Risk Gun Owners

Virtually all of the laws passed to restrict the rights of gun owners have been to try to account for or limit gun violence perpetrated by blacks. And it has not worked, because the laws are designed to work on the overall population (that does not have a problem with gun violence) rather than targeted at blacks that do have the problem with gun violence. For example, Liberals have attempted to restrict the number of guns that are owned — however, the number of guns held in a state has no correlation with the violent gun use in that state.

Out of Control Gun Violence……in West Virginia?

A textbook example of this relationship is West Virginia.

How many times have you heard of the out of control gun violence in West Virginia? My guess is you haven’t. But why not? West Virginia has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the country. And everyone knows that West Virginians are hillbillies. So clearly, this is a recipe for gun violence. Right? Under the conventional thought, this is the natural outcome of large numbers of guns (oh and poverty, West Virginia is a poor state.)

Actually its the opposite.

Because West Virginia is mostly white (WV has very low racial diversity because it has had a poor economy for decades and its economy has not been a magnet for people to move to the state), it has low gun violence.

The opposite side other spectrum is Washington DC, which is mostly black, and relatively low gun ownership and violent gun use that is off the charts. But are these facts going to influence policymakers? Of course not! Why take in information that contradicts your pre-existing beliefs?

Those US policymakers that are trying to reduce gun violence have no idea what they are doing because they are either not analyzing the data, or choosing to ignore the data.

Biden Babbles on Guns

Many politicians like Joe Biden are happy to misname rifles (the AR-14 rather than the AR-15), are talking about restricting “how many magazines can be put into a gun at one time” (the answer is one as a mechanical limitation). In this video and others, Joe Biden has repeated that no one needs “magazines with 100 rounds in them.” First, while these may technically exist, they are not widely used. Secondly, both the type of gun he is referring to or high capacity magazines in rifles only very rarely used in gun violence.

The primary gun used in gun violence is a handgun and inexpensive handguns.

Why is Joe Biden proposing to place restrictions that while they have a high theoretical lethality, after decades barely show up in gun violence statistics?

Why can’t he learn — instead of constantly repeating the 100 round magazine comment? Has anyone on Biden’s staff ever handled a gun in their lives, or do they not know to correct him — or is it his widely known mental decline?

High Capacity

The highest capacity “magazines” aren’t magazines at all but drums. This is a 75 round drum, which is still not approaching 100 rounds. Drums have a number of disadvantages — for instance, the drum for a Thompson machine gun is quite noisy when carried as the bullets bounce around a bit in the drum. Drums are also heavy, awkward, and not able to be switched out as quickly. Most users of rifles have somewhere between a 10 and 30 round magazine. These types of weapons are almost exclusively used in mass shootings — which, while enormous catnip for the media, is not relevant when looking at overall gun violence statistics. And the actual number of casualties from mass shootings is normally far below the potential casualty number given what modern assault weapons are capable of. This by itself, illustrates the low skill level of those that end up as mass shooters. If true gun enthusiasts were commonly mass shooters, the number of victims per event would be far higher (more along the lines of the Las Vegas/Mandalay Bay shooter with 58 deaths and hundreds of injuries – yet part of this fatality level was the fact that the police on scene waited until the shooter ran out of bullets).

For instance, in 2018, there were four major mass shootings in the US, but the average number killed was 12.5 for a total of 50 people. This is in a country where 647,457 people die every year from heart disease, and that does just about zero to steer people away from unhealthy corporate-controlled food and fast food.

Drums are used in a very small percentage of violent gun crime because drums increase the size of the firearm (they have drums for handguns as well). However, a Glock with a drum, cannot be concealed in clothing, and one of the number one features of guns uses in violent crime is portability. The lethality of a weapon is not correlated with its use in violent gun crime.

This is an AR-15 with a 100 round double drum. The AR-15 shoots the highly lethal .223 round. For pure damage potential in a package that is also very light — this would have to be a top contender. However, this is not a combination used in any gun violence. This is a combination that is used by extreme gun enthusiasts. Who, as has been pointed out — are irrelevant to overall gun statistics. Gun crime is overwhelmingly perpetrated by blacks — who are using inexpensive handguns and are not gun enthusiasts. 

Drum usage constitutes a tiny percentage of the firearms used in gun murders. Biden’s and other politicians’ concerns about high capacity magazines indicate that they have spent no time analyzing gun murder statistics.

Stopping Bayonet Crime?

Other ineffective proposals have been to ban rifles with bayonet lugs (this is what affixes the bayonet to the rifle) What is the idea here…. stop people from being bayonetted? Another one of their master plans is restricting guns that are very rarely involved in gun violence.

Modern bayonets violence can occur, but it is mostly self-inflicted, and mostly at Civil War re-enactments.

These types of laws affect collectors, not violent gun users. There are no gangbangers in Chicago seeking to purchase rifles with bayonet lugs so they can engage in WWI era infantry fighting tactics.

There are a number of great videos on arms on YouTube in addition to articles on many topics. It is not necessary to wallow in ignorance on topics before going out and publicly speaking. For members of the Washington elite, that is the best of the best of the best — and those that attended Harvard — the bayonets are the pointy thing at the end of the rifle. 

When the People That Know the Least Decide to Regulate

It often appears the way to gather the worst quality information about guns and violent gun statistics is to listen to the words of politicians who are interested in regulating guns. And one reason why they want to regulate them is that they both know so little about the physical mechanics of guns, or the violent gun use statistics.

It would seem the US government could afford to hire people who know something about the subject they are regulating.

And they are also restricting the gun rights of individuals who have a very likelihood of being involved in gun violence.


The US has developed complicated gun background checks to try to reduce gun violence. But the number of background checks — is whether the person attempting to purchase the gun is black. However, this can’t be pointed out because while true, it is considered very politically incorrect.