Patrisse Cullors States That BLM Had Accounting Transparency Problems Because Black People Have a Hard Time With Money

Executive Summary

  • BLM leader Patrisse Cullors has a history of asinine statements.
  • Her excuse for BLM’s charity fraud is that blacks have problems with money.


We spent a large number of hours analyzing the statements and actions of Patrisse Cullors as part of our research into BLM. A recent interview with The Guardian illustrated another ridiculous comment, which attempts to divert attention away from how BLM was not following charity accounting rules to being related to black people having problems with money.

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What Happens When You Ask Patrisse Cullors a Straight Question

Patrisse Cullors is essentially the leader of BLM, although she appears to be hiding her status in the organization in order to keep from having to answer questions related to BLM’s financing. We cover her strange pseudo-departure from BLM in the article How Patrisse Cullors Never Left the Management of BLM.

Patrisse Cullors will tend to pivot out to how those that ask her questions she does not want to answer are racist, sexist, or right-wing media are only raising the topics. Another common pivot is how she is a victim and how questions like this cause her trauma and damage her mental health.

Yet another example of this is found in the following quotation.

Cullors did not acknowledge during the interview that BLM had shut down its online fundraising pages last week amid legal threats from California and Washington, instead pivoting to accuse “right-wing media” of weaponizing her trauma in an attempt to drive her into insanity. – Washington Examiner

And there is a good reason for the pivot. But first, these legal threats were because BLM was violating the rules of operating a charity in those states. Having a tax-exempt status is a privilege, so you will face threats of losing that privilege if you break the rules. BLM has not done what California and Washington instructed it. Journalists have reported making donations from states that BLM is no longer allowed to raise funds until they comply with reporting requirements.

BLM has done this even though they have not only been instructed to stop accepting donations in these two states but that they will be fined if they violate the instruction, as is explained in the following quotation.

Washington state officials notified BLM in a Jan. 5 letter that the charity faces fines upward of $2,000 for each donation it solicits in the state until it reports its 2020 finances, and California threatened to hold BLM’s leaders personally liable if they don’t report their finances within the next 60 days. – Washington Examiner

BLM not only has violated the rules of running a charity, but even after being told they are out of compliance, they continue to ignore the instructions provided to them by the states. BLM seems to think that they don’t have to follow the rules of running a charity.

Pivoting From the Main Topic to Charity Fraud, to “Black People Having a Problem With Money

However, Cullors now wants some type of exemption from these rules because blacks run BLM. This is explained in the following quotation.

Attempts at greater transparency in the two years before she left BLM failed, she admits. “I think it’s because Black people in general have a hard time with money. It’s a trigger point for us.” She also thinks that they didn’t do “the best job of telling our story. A lot of that has to do with being socialised as a woman and just wanting to do the work, not bragging about what we’ve done, what we’ve accomplished. Which is, I want to say on record, a great error. I do want to make it really clear that millions of dollars were put back into the community.” – The Guardian

This is ludicrous. Cullors does not do much. She mostly talks. She does media appearances. BLM has no office location, and the organization is generally known as incompetent. Cullors also does not have very much knowledge on the topic she speaks about, and she spends little time reading or researching topics.

Therefore the idea that she could not meet reporting requirements for a charity because of the reasons provided above is ridiculous. Furthermore, she talks about how she does around four other things with her time. She is an author, educator, artist, etc.. She also spends time recording videos, which are about her hair.

Explaining How Hiring Accountants Works

Cullors and other BLM leaders did not even have to do the accounting. There is a thing that companies can do — which is called “hiring accountants.” When you hire an “accountant,” and perhaps even an accountant familiar with charity accounting, the accountant does everything for you. They use something called “software,” and all of the company’s finances can then be viewed by all of the executives at BLM. One can log in to the software and see the charity’s financial position. Cullors wants people to think that she could not figure out how to hire accountants. If anyone at BLM reads this article, I was able to find that Freshbooks offers accounting software for charities. And if Cullors thinks that blacks are bad with money, she could hire non-black accountants. There aren’t very many black accountants. Accountancy requires attention to detail. This article in the New York Times states that we need more black accountants. We are not sure about that.

The Guardian Allows Those Engaged in Charity Fraud to Say Anything Without Contradiction

And observe that in the quote above, The Guardian did not question or contest her on this. As long as you are of the correct political persuasion, The Guardian thinks that charity fraud is just fine. Furthermore, this article by The Guardian was published in February of 2022. This is long after all manner of problems have surfaced at BLM. It is increasingly evident that BLM is a fraud charity that we cover in the article BLM Continues to Hide Consulting Billing Scam and Deny Public Transparency on $60 Million of Donations. Cullors and many other BLM leaders are corrupt, and they have been skimming off BLM and moving money into their own private consulting companies. Is that really a “hard time with money?” Again, The Guardian, which is aligned with the US Democrat Party, which is aligned with BLM, The Guardian will not critique Patrisse Cullors or BLM and allow Cullors to say anything she wants. I performed a search within The Guardian website related to BLM and charity fraud or accounting discrepancies and found nothing. The Guardian will not cover these topics and wants to pretend that these issues do not exist. Only conservative-leaning publications like the Washington Examiner. This shows very clearly that media has been enormously politicized. It means article topics are completely censored by the editorial areas of media entities. Brightwork Research & Analysis has no political association. We cover whatever we find interesting to cover. And some of the most interesting stories, are those stories that are either not covered or have limited coverage.

This was part of her answer to questions about her real estate buying binge.

“I grew up very poor, and I didn’t see myself or my mother living with the dignity that we deserved. So, as I got older, a big goal of mine was homeownership,” she says. “The attacks on me around the homes I purchased were an anti-Black and also anti-woman attack. It was, ‘Black women don’t deserve shit.’ And so, therefore, how dare you.” – Hollywood Reporter

This is called a diversionary tactic. Rather than provide evidence that the real estate buying binge was paid for with funds outside of BLM, she discusses her goal of owning a home. This evasion and logic do not contradict the accusation that she took money from the BLM charity to pay for these purchases. This is further explained in the following quotation.


Patrice Cullors appears to want BLM not to be held to any of the state charity rules regarding managing a tax-exempt charity. She wants this special treatment because BLM is a black-run organization, which, if true, does not mean that BLM could not simply hire non-black accountants. This is a constant demand of blacks in that because they are black, they should have different standards applied to them. What started as affirmative action has now morphed into a constant demand for a second set of standards to be applied to them in every area of life. We want to say that this is a request unique to Patrice Cullors, but it is a demand for many blacks in the US.