The Ferguson Effect – How BLM Worsened Black on Black Violence in the US

Executive Summary

  • BLM talks about reducing the deaths of black men.
  • They have had the opposite effect on black murder statistics in the US.


BLM focused very heavily on the number of blacks killed by police. However, they never discussed the overall black murder rate of other blacks. The number of blacks killed by police was always minimal compared to the overall black murder rate. What is very important is what happened after the BLM policies, like defunding the police, took effect in 2021.

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The Massive Increase in the Black Murder Rate

Around 90% of blacks that are murdered are murdered by other blacks. Observe the following statistics.

In 2019, before the “defund the police” movement, 7,777 black people were murdered, making up 53.5% of all homicide victims. That was already bad, but in 2020, both of those numbers rose; 9,941 black people were murdered the year George Floyd died, accounting for 55.8% of all murders. That is an additional 2,000 black lives lost to violent crime last year. In contrast, only 60 unarmed men were killed by police in 2020, and only 18 of those were black. – Washington Examiner

BLM has tried to present all murders of blacks by police as unlawful killings. BLM makes sure to leave out the story or even makeup stories regarding the deaths of blacks at the hands of police. However, of roughly 325 blacks killed per year by police, only around 18 are unarmed. Why are these other 300 or so blacks armed? BLM never addresses that issue. BLM has a point that even when police are at fault for any race, it is rare for police to be prosecuted. However, we believe all lives lost must be counted the same way. A black person killed by a police officer through either an error or through malicious intent is not somehow 20 times worse than a black person murdered by another black person. However, when the topic is black-on-black violence (which BLM wholly ignored), suddenly, the conversation seems to pivot to there being too many guns in society. However, the group with the most significant problem managing their guns is blacks. As gun ownership is far higher among whites than blacks, and violent crime is far higher among blacks than whites — it is impossible to say that the issue is simply the guns. Observe that when police often kill violent criminals, the police are to blame. However, when blacks kill other blacks, suddenly, the perpetrator is forgiven, and the gun or inanimate object is blamed.

And Other Crimes

It is not only murders that massively increased, but also other types of crime. The BLM policies also caused many more property crimes and more people to be raped.

Homicides in Atlanta are on track to beat last year’s 30-year high of 158 murders while rapes are up 236% after a soft-on-crime mayor and pandemic lockdowns sent crime in the city spiraling.

Atlanta Police Department statistics revealed on Friday, that homicides are up 43 percent for 2022 compared to the same period, from January 1 to February 12, in 2021.

Burglaries are also up 18 percent from last year, with 229 reported as of February 12 compared to 191 at the same time in 2021, and shoplifting cases are up 4 percent, with 164 cases thus far in 2022 compared to 157 last year. – American Renaissance

What is the Ferguson Effect?

This effect has gone through different names in the past, and it proceeds with what happened after the BLM protests and changes in policy in response to BLM and similar groups. However, this is when the black activists call for reduced policing combined with riots/protests, etc… and then as the police back off, the overall crime rate increases. One can look at the 2021 statistics as this effect but across many different cities.

This is explained in the following quotation.

That political message is accompanied by increasing tension on the street, inflamed by the persistent allegation that racist officers are the biggest threat facing young black males today. A garden-variety Black Lives Matter march that I attended last November on Fifth Avenue in New York featured “F–––the Police,” “Murderer Cops” and “Racism Is the Disease, Revolution Is the Cure” T-shirts as well as “Stop Police Terror” signs.

Officers working in urban areas are now routinely surrounded by angry crowds when they question a suspect or make an arrest. “In my 19 years in law enforcement, I haven’t seen this kind of hatred towards the police,” a Chicago cop who works on the South Side told me in May. “People want to fight you. ‘F––– the police. We don’t have to listen,’ they say.” A police officer in Los Angeles’s Newton Division reports: “Our officers are getting surrounded, cursed and jeered at every time they put handcuffs on someone.”

Officers continue to rush to crime scenes after someone has already been victimized, sometimes getting shot at in the process. But in that large area of discretionary policing that aims to prevent crime before it occurs — getting out of a squad car at 1 a.m., for example, to question someone who appears to have a gun or may be casing a target — many officers are deciding to drive on by rather than risk a volatile, potentially career-ending confrontation that they are under no obligation to instigate.

An officer in South Central Los Angeles described the views of his fellow cops: “Guys and gals in coffee shops are saying to each other: ‘If you get out of your car, you’re crazy, unless there’s a radio call.’ ” – Manhattan Institute

MSNBC Has to Try to Contradict the Obvious Ferguson Effect

The fact that this is on MSNBC means it is false—however, blacks and Democrat-aligned media state that the Ferguson Effect does not exist. Increasingly, media like MSNBC or CNN are undifferentiated from North Korean state media. 

This first part of this video has nothing to do with the question of the Ferguson Effect. Observe that the focus is on the person who was killed, who would fall into the category of 18 blacks who are killed every year by police who are unarmed. It leaves out the far higher number of black children killed by blacks.

At the 2:07 mark, it refers to a study that calls into question the Ferguson Effect. This is a report that covers 2014. However, as is already covered, violent crime spiked dramatically in 2021. Then, the video finishes with an unwarranted tasering entirely unrelated to the question.

The Ferguson Effect is not simply based on one city, it is a nationwide issue.

The Dominance of Blacks in the Violence Statistics in the US

Why Other Races Flee Black Areas

Whites and other races flee from blacks for very good reasons. In the US blacks are the number one racial group that victimizes other racial groups with violent crime. Black culture is harmful to both blacks and anyone else who is around blacks. Blacks themselves know this. However, they don't usually admit it to other races and prefer to blame everything else but themselves. For blacks to effectively race scam -- they have to hold the position that blacks behave the same and deserve the same outcomes as other races. 

All Races Are the Same?

This is a part of the root of the problem. This proposal that all races are the same had no evidence to support it, yet it was asserted because it was politically correct. It was an appealing lie to believe because it "felt good."

Once this idea took hold, it now became a platform to say that all races should have the same things, and this has primarily been interpreted as non-whites invading white spaces and countries and taking their society from them.

Blacks want white outcomes, but because they can't produce white outcomes on their own, they have to invade white societies to obtain them, and their tool is not producing these things themselves but by taking them through living in white-originated societies.

The Repeating Pattern Seen Everywhere Blacks Exist

When blacks move into a neighborhood, that area becomes undesirable. Shoplifting increases, violence increases, and sexual assault increases. This leads to stores closing and a downward spiral for that area. The higher the percentage of the population that is black, the more predominant this and many other negative behaviors become as they begin to behave in conformance with black culture and expectations rather than conforming. 

What Would Happen if the US Had No Blacks?

Blacks are a massive civilization threat to any country, society, or city that accepts them. All countries, except white countries, have figured out not to have blacks live in their borders. 

Here is some food for thought: “What if all the Blacks suddenly left America, which is 13.3% of the total U.S. population?” and these statistics would improve. 

  • Amount of people in poverty would drop - 34%
  • The prison population would go down - - 37%
  • Welfare recipients would go down by - - - 42%
  • Gang members would go down by - - - - - 53%
  • Chlamydia cases would go down by - - - - - 54%
  • Homelessness would go down - - - - - - - - 57%
  • Syphilis would go down - - - - - - - - - - - - 58%
  • AIDs & HIV would go down - - - - - - - - - - 65%
  • Gonorrhea would go down - - - - - - - - - - 69%
  • Average ACT scores would go up - - - - - - 5.5 points
  • Average IQ would go up - - - - - - - - - - - - 7.4 points, (this is how much only 13% of the population in drags down IQ scores) This would put the U.S. 3rd in the world tied with Japan
  • Average SAT scores would go up almost - - - 100 points
  • The average income for Americans would go up over $20,000 a year

Blacks are major users of subsidies from the rest of the taxpaying population. This burden (some of which used to help blacks reproduce more blacks) would be lifted from the rest of the population

The effect on cities would be profound. All of the predominantly black cities from Detroit to East St Louis to Baltimore to Atlantic City, Wilmington Deleware -- every city would experience an immediate and radical improvement. 

Blacks as a Civilizational Threat

Blacks are a civilizational threat to any area, any city, and they seek to infiltrate white cities and countries because they have no ability to create functional societies, as I cover in the article What Happens When Blacks Take Over Management of Cities and Countries from Whites? Therefore, blacks need to infiltrate a society or city that is already built up by another group -- with the inevitable outcome that the area is ruined when a sufficient number of blacks are present.


After all the posturing and marching of BLM and similar groups, the net effect appears to be that the number of blacks killed or “black lives lost” increased.

Furthermore, defunding the police and generally increasing black lawlessness will put several cities into a long-term decline. Therefore, we saw the impact of BLM on policy in 2021 — which none of the Democrat-leaning media entities will point out. However, the longer-term negative consequences are still to come.