The Real Definition of White Privilege

Executive Summary

  • There is a lot of confusion on the term white privilege.
  • We provide the most logical definition.


The term white privilege was developed primarily by US blacks to shame whites for their benefits from living in white societies. However, non-white immigration from countries run by non-whites to countries run by whites illustrates a more accurate operating definition of the term.

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White privilege is the term used to describe the benefits of living in a society that is managed by whites. All people living in those societies benefit, not just whites.

Proper Use

Example #1

When South Africa moved to black rule, and to an abyss of corruption and tribalism, those people living in South Africa lost their “white privilege.”

Example #2

When Pedro immigrated illegally to the US to escape Mexico, he obtained the white privilege of moving to a soceity that actually functioned.

Even though non-whites beg to be allowed to immigrate and will immigrate illegally into white countries, non-whites will never state that it is their privilege to live in white countries.

Non-whites are addicted to white societies like crack cocaine. As soon as they get a taste of a white-run society, they cannot tolerate going back to what their ancestors were able to create. Non-white, for some bizarre reason, believe that they have the right to live in countries, not that their ancestors made, but whites began that.

This was not the promise of independence from colonialism.

Very few post-colonial countries have made progress since independence, and they have radically increased their populations. 

Improper Use

Example #1

Lars lives in Sweden, a very civilized country with high standards and a strong social safety net. He receives white privilige.

Why Is This Use Illogical

If a white person lives in a society that his ancestors made, this cannot be said to be a privilege, any more than it is a privilege to live in a house that one built.

The term white privilege is used without a thought for non-whites to extract from whites the benefits of their society and their capabilities of running societies and allocate it to non-whites.

Why Is There No Term “Asian Privilege” or “Jew Privilege”

Both Asians and Jews have higher average incomes than whites, yet these two terms do not exist. The natural question is, why not?

The term “_____ Privilege” is only used to target a group to attack its civilization and take it over. Blacks know that Asian and Jewish societies cannot be effectively attacked because Asians and Jews will not simply allow their societies to be invaded and torn down. For this reason, these terms do not exist.