Was It Wrong for Whites to Engage in Redlining?

Executive Summary

  • Redlining, the practice of preventing blacks from moving to white areas, is generally considered highly objectionable.
  • We cover how consistent the disagreeable presentation of redlining is.


This video shows the redlining that occurred. PBS presents this as a terrible injustice. 

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Are Blacks Consistent on Redlining?

Here is what the video is not bringing up, and which, of course, would never bring up — if you don’t stop blacks from moving in, they aggregate and degrade the area. This is happening to Minneapolis, and no one can say it publicly, even though it is completely obvious.

This pattern has repeated in every city where blacks have become the majority. Just think of the cities of Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, and Washington DC (which are two cities, a black one and a white one).

As they become a higher percentage of the local population, many of the young black men will deliberately intimidate whites. White children may find themselves getting beat up at school. The statistics are shown in the article Why the Claims by Black Lives Matter on Police Shootings Are False, that blacks lead all racial groups by a large margin in the violence used by blacks against other races. Blacks increase property crime everywhere they go. They increase murder everywhere they go. Every society destroying behavior that we have a label for comes along with black migration to an area, and there are not examples that can be found where this does not occur.

These facts are codified in crime statistics and cannot be debated. We also have pre-black migration statistics and post-black migration statistics. So unless the argument is that whites are forcing blacks to commit crimes, there is no way around the conclusion. What about when the area is nearly entirely black? Those are the worst-case scenarios. The black section of Washington, DC, has a violent crime rate that is literally off the chart. We cover this topic in the article The Similar Decline of Black Run US Cities and South Africa.

The fact that whites often move away from blacks out of self-defense is entirely lost on the common media. To these entities, the entirety of white flight is due to racism. Mainstream media is perfectly happy to overlook how blacks ruin areas, how blacks use violence on whites (and other groups), and how their behavior degrades everywhere they move — but if whites move away from this, then this is a horrible example of racism.

Who Were Redlined More, Blacks Or Other Groups?

In researching this topic, I was surprised to learn that many many groups were redlined, including Catholics and Asians. However, this redlining did not seem to stop these groups from making progress. Why was this never brought up to me before? Why was redlining explained repeatedly as something that only occurred with blacks. If redlining also happened to Catholics, then it is not entirely about discriminating based upon race. This is a major problem with taking a history from those with an agenda.

Why Was the US Successful?

The US was successful because it was a white country. And as this video covers, this was a core belief of the US, and only changed in the past few decades.

The US has no history as a successful non-white country. The US has been historically a white country, with only blacks and American Indians as exceptions. However, non-whites have tried to present the US as moving to “diversity” as being positive for the country.

Non-whites are causing pandemonium in white countries. It is difficult to see how non-white immigration and diversity is a positive for white countries. These non-white groups are intent on taking over white countries and using the claim of racism to censor whites. 

And it is not only blacks. Indian immigrants have massively defrauded the US foreign worker program and have brought a total disrespect for merit-based employment to the US and aggressively discriminate against all domestic IT workers as we cover in the article How Indian IT Workers Discriminate Against Non-Indian Workers. The US now again has bonded labor because of both Indian and Latin American mass immigration, as I cover in the article How Indian IT is Bringing Bonded Labor to the US.

White statues are coming down, regardless of whether the statues are involved in “racism” or not. All of the statues are, of course, of whites. If Martin Luther King’s statue was taken down, it is doubtful blacks or other non-whites would accept this. 

The Question of Why Blacks Continually Seek to Immigrate to White Countries or Move to White Areas

There is another question that PBS conveniently does not discuss.

Why do blacks have to move close to whites? Furthermore, why do blacks living in white countries want to move to white countries?

Is this to be oppressed? Africans who will spend a great deal of time describing how every single problem in Africa is the fault of white colonialists jump at the chance to immigrate to a white country.

If blacks were influential, they would not seek to gain access to white things but would build their own things.

For example, there are no black businesses in the US beyond those limited businesses that only cater to blacks like black music labels. Also things like barbershops — that cater to blacks. It is not possible for blacks to make things that other races want to consume. There are no black-run restaurants in any quantity in the US — even though blacks have their American-originated food, which has roots in the South. Blacks are not good at running things or forming things. MLK and other black leaders made blacks think they were just like whites. And they are not. We do not need to work together or live together. We can segregate. No natural law states that one needs to have a diverse society. The number of ethnicities that are doing anything to immigrate to white countries and then take over white societies is becoming overwhelming. I now have to listen to Mexicans, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, etc… who also want to invade white areas.

Each of these groups wants to make whites a minority in their own country. This is a specific goal stated by many Mexican immigrant organizations. More so in Europe than the US, Muslims speak of “out reproducing” whites, so they can destroy the Kafir (the Muslim non-believer) and make white areas Muslim.

Yet, each of the areas that are non-white in the US is undesirable. I know; I drive around them to get to white areas. The US is being overwhelmed by too many non-whites who cannot build what whites build. But they want the standards provided by white societies.

Consistency Check: How do Blacks Behave When They Gain Wealth?

If redlining were immoral, then blacks would not leave black areas when they became wealthy. However, blacks are very well known to move out of black neighborhoods and head to white areas. Michelle Obama is a perfect example of this hypocrisy.

Michelle Obama’s family moved when she was younger to access “better schools.” This is code for “moving to a white area.” Why did Michelle Obama do this? To move away from a more disorganized and lower intelligence black area. Once she moved, she was insulted that whites left the area after many black families moved in. So what white families did, which is related to what her family did — was not acceptable and a form of racism.

Where does Michelle Obama live?

Michelle Obama Has No Interest in Living Around Blacks And Only Wants to Live Around Whites

The Obamas live in Martha’s Vineyard. There aren’t any blacks anywhere close to her neighborhood. When blacks try to move to the best area they can — it is not an issue. But if whites do it, it’s racism.

Brainless Liberal Thinking and Double Standards

If blacks bring down a neighborhood, it goes without comment. However, if whites try to stop blacks from degrading their living conditions — it is presented by PBS as one of the great injustices.

Behavior that Politically Correct Whites Do Not Want to Admit

To be accepted in many white social groups, it is crucial not to admit that one is racist and that diversity is positive. However, there is a great discrepancy between what whites say and what they do. This is covered in the following quotations.

In 1958, political scientist Morton Grodzins identified that “once the proportion of non-whites exceeds the limits of the neighborhood’s tolerance for interracial living, whites move out.” Grodzins termed this phenomenon the tipping point in the study of white flight.

About 800,000 out of an earlier total population of 5.2 million whites have left South Africa since 1995, according to a report from 2009.[34] (Apartheid, a system of segregation of whites, blacks, and people of other races, had ended in 1994.) The country has suffered a high rate of violent crime, a primary stated reason for emigration.

A study of school choice in Copenhagen found that an immigrant proportion of below 35% in the local schools did not affect parental choice of schools. If the percentage of immigrant children rose above this level, native Danes are far more likely to choose other schools. Immigrants who speak Danish at home also opt out.

In a study performed at Örebro University, mothers of young children were interviewed to study attitudes on Swedishness, multiculturalism and segregation. It concluded that while many expressed values such as ethnic diversity being an enriching factor, when, in practice, it came to choosing schools or choosing which district to move to, ensuring the children had access to a school with a robust Swedish majority was also a consideration. This was because they did not want their children to grow up in a school where they were a minority, and wanted them to be in a good environment for learning the Swedish language.

In 2018, The Guardian covered the white flight that had occurred in Brampton, and how the suburban city had been nicknamed “Bramladesh” and “Browntown”, due to its “73% visible minority, with its largest ethnic group Indian“. It was also reported how “the white population fell from 192,400 in 2001 to 169,230 in 2011, and now hovers around 151,000.” – Wikipedia

What is Blockbusting?

The real estate business practice of “blockbusting” was a for-profit catalyst for white flight, and a means to control non-white migration. By subterfuge, real estate agents would facilitate black people buying a house in a white neighborhood, either by buying the house themselves, or via a white proxy buyer, and then re-selling it to the black family. The remaining white inhabitants (alarmed by real estate agents and the local news media),[79] fearing devalued residential property, would quickly sell, usually at a loss.

The realtors profited from these en masse sales and the ability to resell to the incoming black families, through arbitrage and the sales commissions from both groups. By such tactics, the racial composition of a neighborhood population was often changed completely in a few years. – Wikipedia

Redlining Comment

I found the following comment on redlining on a YouTube video.

If you look at a redlining map of Detroit, hardly any of Detroit proper was labeled “blue” or let alone green. The whole inner city was red. This means in most of the city, you could either only get loans with really high-interest rates for homes or no loans at all, and black people and immigrants weren’t allowed to live in blue or green areas even without a loan.

Recall that blacks have very high credit risks and engage in high percentages of loan scamming. Therefore, they cannot expect to have the same access to capital as other races. This would be like saying that credit should be available equally to everyone regardless of credit score.

Anybody with the money and means was basically incentivized to move out of the city. White flight didn’t reduce redlining.

This makes sense as now the bad black area is even more concentrated than before the white flight.

Legal redlining ended which led to the black population spreading into white neighborhoods and that led to more white flight.

This is the constant need by blacks to move away from blacks, which, when whites or other races do it, is called racism, but when blacks do it is called seeking a better life or getting away from violence or getting access to “better schools.”

And now the city is 80% black. The city’s population started declining in the 50’s, redlining wasn’t outlawed until 68. I honestly don’t know much about the history of our public officials but I know they’ve been mostly bad since before him and he was far from the worst.

The Dominance of Blacks in the Violence Statistics in the US

Why Other Races Flee Black Areas

Whites and other races flee from blacks for very good reasons. In the US blacks are the number one racial group that victimizes other racial groups with violent crime. Black culture is harmful to both blacks and anyone else who is around blacks. Blacks themselves know this. However, they don't usually admit it to other races and prefer to blame everything else but themselves. For blacks to effectively race scam -- they have to hold the position that blacks behave the same and deserve the same outcomes as other races. 

All Races Are the Same?

This is a part of the root of the problem. This proposal that all races are the same had no evidence to support it, yet it was asserted because it was politically correct. It was an appealing lie to believe because it "felt good."

Once this idea took hold, it now became a platform to say that all races should have the same things, and this has primarily been interpreted as non-whites invading white spaces and countries and taking their society from them.

Blacks want white outcomes, but because they can't produce white outcomes on their own, they have to invade white societies to obtain them, and their tool is not producing these things themselves but by taking them through living in white-originated societies.

The Repeating Pattern Seen Everywhere Blacks Exist

When blacks move into a neighborhood, that area becomes undesirable. Shoplifting increases, violence increases, and sexual assault increases. This leads to stores closing and a downward spiral for that area. The higher the percentage of the population that is black, the more predominant this and many other negative behaviors become as they begin to behave in conformance with black culture and expectations rather than conforming. 

What Would Happen if the US Had No Blacks?

Blacks are a massive civilization threat to any country, society, or city that accepts them. All countries, except white countries, have figured out not to have blacks live in their borders. 

Here is some food for thought: “What if all the Blacks suddenly left America, which is 13.3% of the total U.S. population?” and these statistics would improve. 

  • Amount of people in poverty would drop - 34%
  • The prison population would go down - - 37%
  • Welfare recipients would go down by - - - 42%
  • Gang members would go down by - - - - - 53%
  • Chlamydia cases would go down by - - - - - 54%
  • Homelessness would go down - - - - - - - - 57%
  • Syphilis would go down - - - - - - - - - - - - 58%
  • AIDs & HIV would go down - - - - - - - - - - 65%
  • Gonorrhea would go down - - - - - - - - - - 69%
  • Average ACT scores would go up - - - - - - 5.5 points
  • Average IQ would go up - - - - - - - - - - - - 7.4 points, (this is how much only 13% of the population in drags down IQ scores) This would put the U.S. 3rd in the world tied with Japan
  • Average SAT scores would go up almost - - - 100 points
  • The average income for Americans would go up over $20,000 a year

Blacks are major users of subsidies from the rest of the taxpaying population. This burden (some of which used to help blacks reproduce more blacks) would be lifted from the rest of the population

The effect on cities would be profound. All of the predominantly black cities from Detroit to East St Louis to Baltimore to Atlantic City, Wilmington Deleware -- every city would experience an immediate and radical improvement. 

Blacks as a Civilizational Threat

Blacks are a civilizational threat to any area, any city, and they seek to infiltrate white cities and countries because they have no ability to create functional societies, as I cover in the article What Happens When Blacks Take Over Management of Cities and Countries from Whites? Therefore, blacks need to infiltrate a society or city that is already built up by another group -- with the inevitable outcome that the area is ruined when a sufficient number of blacks are present.


These same journalists do not want their children to go to schools with many blacks and do what they can to not live around blacks. But they will write an article about how terrible redlining was — while they redline themselves. This is shown where whites choose to live that no matter how “Liberal,” they vastly prefer living in white areas. They will move to these areas, keep their kids in white schools, but then talk about how terrible it is that people are still racist.

Redlining, segregation, and Jim Crow-type restrictions are what is necessary to keep an area from being degraded by blacks.

The US began as a European-based country. It was successful because it was a European-based country. All of our laws, standards, and protections would not exist unless the US were a white-based country. Whites cannot make “dreams come true” for every non-white and provide them with a white standard of living.

The question that needs to be continually asked — is

  • Why do blacks want to live next to whites?
  • Why do blacks immigrate to white countries?

In each case, blacks in white countries and blacks living in black countries claim their primary oppressors are whites. So the question remains: why is it that the primary way that blacks seek to improve their condition is to move close to whites?