What Even WOKE Liberals Won’t Admit is That They Do Not Want to Live Around Blacks

Last Updated on August 23, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Liberal WOKE whites like to state that they would never tolerate racism.
  • However, why do white’s behavior look like they don’t want to live or be around blacks?


Liberals state that they believe in diversity. However, there is a large difference between what they say and what they do. Let us review whites’ behavior as a whole, which also includes large numbers of liberal whites.

The Reality of White Behavior

How does this match with what whites, even whites, say they want? In the past, if you were white, you could say that you prefer to live around whites. However, now whites cannot say this. Therefore, whites no longer say this — however, there is nothing to stop them from behaving this way. 

This shows not imposed but self-selected segregation. 

What About Living Around Other Races?

It turns out it is not only blacks. Whites, who frequently say how they are disgusted by racism, consistently choose to live in white neighborhoods when they can. The code term is to move to a place with “good schools.” Good schools are necessary because one is not allowed to say that they want to live around whites.

The research on White flight has shown a common recurring pattern. When minorities first move into a White neighborhood, the reaction among Whites is only mildly negative at first, but after diversity rises above a certain tipping point — believed to be around 25 percent for Latinos — White flight begins in earnest. In general, the Whites who move first are the most ethnocentric and/or most likely to be adversely affected (often families with children). Their departure causes the neighborhood to become less White, which in turn causes more Whites to leave (and others to avoid moving in). This process produces a cascading effect that usually transforms the neighborhood within a few years.

After this process has played out, such neighborhoods will often retain a small White population, but it is usually one that is more tolerant of diversity or more able to protect itself through higher housing prices, gated communities, and private schools. The pattern is similar for Whites in gentrifying urban neighborhoods. In each case, the demographic profile of such Whites is fairly consistent — they tend to be disproportionately liberal, single, and childless. Depending on the neighborhood, they often have higher incomes and are more likely to have a college degree. These are the Whites who are responsible for the seemingly paradoxical result of Whites living in more diverse neighborhoods being more liberal. – UNZ

Comments on What Happens As Neighborhoods Become Black

Do blacks really destroy neighborhoods?
One of my American friends was telling me about how when black people come to a neighborhood and they destroy it and make it horrible for whites. Is this true and if so how do they destroy them? – Yahoo

What Happened to South Africa?

I’m 56 and have seen Blacks utterly destroy two relatively safe, decent and prosperous neighborhoods in which I used to reside. After two decades of independence in South Africa, their infrastructure is crumbling and it is now the rape capital of the world. Blacks commit the most crime in London. Obviously, Blacks, in the aggregate, can only survive successfully as hunter/gatherers. That lifestyle served them well for hundreds of thousands of years. – Yahoo

Being Chased Around the Country?

Every time I try to move away from them into good neighborhoods, its like they follow me. When they move in, the white, Asian, and Hispanic people start to move out and the area begins to become a ghetto black neighborhood. I was in my neighborhood for 6 years living peacefully until these black idiots started to move in. Then I started dealing with these problems. – Yahoo

Wrecking Balls of Civilization?

What rubbish. I was born in Chicago, raised in Jersey, lived in NYC, LA, Tampa and now Norfolk. I have never seen a Black neighborhood that was not in total chaos and all encompassing destruction. Historical Morristown, NJ is such a beautiful immaculate place. Then they brought Negroes in from Newark believing all they needed was a change in environment. The Negroes simply brought Newark with them. Drugs, prostitution, rape, robbery, gang violence, murder etc. increased 50 fold. Negroes are the wrecking balls of civilization and everything they touch turns to ****. – Yahoo

Stopping Black Migration to Your Area?

Yes, as a Landlord I have personally seen well kept White neighborhoods turn into boarded up houses within 10 years after the first black moves in. No one including Blacks want to have a black neighbor. Unfortunately, Blacks do not see themselves as part of the problem. However, it is Blacks that cause the downward spiral of a neighborhood. And yes, Whites will Always flee when they notice their neighbor is black. As a landlord I notice blacks hate grass and yardwork. The only solution is to stop blacks from coming into the vicinity. America has to find a way to stop Blacks from entering our neighborhoods. – Yahoo


We once had concrete blocks thrown through our windows for calling the police on a black neighbor’s evening party, which became a disturbance once they started lighting explosives and playing loud rap. After that incident, we purchased firearms. My good friends—who are white, and who purchased the house we sold to move here, also in this neighborhood about a half mile away—recently had their back door kicked in and $7,000 worth of electronics and property stolen while they were at work. I can think of eight other burglaries just last year. While the good whites are out working for a living, the blacks are looting their homes. My friends have a “For Sale” sign in their yard now. I hope that Brian J. finds the resources to move to a better place. I am sending my support his way. – VFR

Where did all of these views come from? Are all of these experienced entirely delusional and based on deep-seated racism? There are many events described in these comments. Is the PC view that none of these things happened? If black neighborhoods are sustainable, why to blacks continually seek to move out of them and why is their number one destination white cities?


Liberal whites are lying about their interest in diversity. That is one clear observation from the video.

However, in LA, which has many different racial groups, the areas are still very segregated. There are areas of LA where people primarily speak Chinese. If we look at the IT sector, it has become highly segregated, as Indians have discriminated against all other groups to promote only jobs for Indians.

This lack of integration is obviously how people actually prefer to live. For decades now, there have been numerous attempts to integrate people, and they have been met with little success.