What Happens When Hispanics Take Over a US Area?

Executive Summary

  • A significant effort has been made to say how good it is when Hispanics immigrate to the US.
  • These quotes illustrate the reality of what happens when Hispanics take over.


Hispanics are often presented as more American than white Americans because Hispanics have family values and work hard. However, what is entirely left of this presentation is what has happened to areas that have become predominantly Hispanic in the US.

Our References for This Article

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Our Country Rankings

First, it is good to understand where Latin American culture ranks versus other cultures. We attempt to rank the world’s cultures from best to worst.

Our rankings are for what we consider degrees of civilization. You can hover over each country and view our score. One is the most civilized, and eleven is the least. 

The Scoring

Our scoring looks like the following:

Country Civilization Scoring

This is the scoring and their relative levels.
Country StandardLiterate Culture?Fatalistic?Score and Country Class
Western EuropeYesNo1
Eastern or Southern EuropeYesNo2
North AsiaYesSemi3
Southeast AsiaSemiYes5
Pacific IslandNoSemi6
Latin American and CarribeanNoYes8
African Country + > 20% of Pop. = IslamicNoYes11

This categorizes countries by most civilized, represented by a Western European standard, to the least civilized being African and African countries with over 20% of their population as Muslim.

What Are the Rankings Based Upon?

The rankings are based on the overall civilization of the country. This would include things like its freedom in the society, protection for freedom of speech, the independence of women, lack of police persecution, a reasonable justice system, protection of worker’s rights, animal rights, physical and computer infrastructure, etc. The opposite end of the rankings is weak in all of these things. For example, in the Muslim world India, and many places in southeast Asia, slavery is still practiced. The Gulf countries trade domestic slaves right online, and no one thinks it is odd or potentially wrong. It is impossible ever to be a high-ranking country and be strongly Muslim, as Islam opposes the criteria in our list.

Therefore, when Latin Americans immigrate to the US, they choose a historically white country over a country run by Latin Americans. This allows them to move up several notches. However, it is not clear why those liberally minded think that Latin Americans can maintain a significantly more civilized society than they are. And as the following quotes will illustrate, they can’t.

What Happened to New Mexico?

New Mexico has the highest percentage of Hispanics of any state in the US, with 47.8% Hispanic. California is the next closest, with a 39% Hispanic population.

Let us review the quotes from comments on an article titled Why it Sucks Living in New Mexico.

Comment #1: Hispanic Discrimination Against Whites

I moved away from ABQ in 1990, the economy was in the tank then but being a white 25 year old college educated man, I was turned down for employment as a dishwasher at the Monte Vista. Yes there is rampant racism against white people in New Mexico. I am now a CEO of a successful business in Denver and came back to visit in 2017 and found that things look worse than they did 27 years ago.

Albuquerque has devolved and will continue to devolve.

If you are young motivated person who wants to make something of your life, GET OUT OF NEW MEXICO AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!

Curiously, whites are constantly told not to be discriminatory when discrimination is the norm and accepted among non-whites. There are enormous Indian companies that operate in the US that employ almost exclusively Indians. However, the US government bodies like the EEOC do not notice if a company is 98 or 99% Indian, which does not match the US demographic because any degree of discrimination is allowed as long as the discriminating party is not white.

Comment #2: Crime Infested State

As others have stated – New Mexico is a crime infested, corrupt, shit hole of a state, where you pray you are not going to be robbed, car-jacked, killed by a drunk driver, or shot intentionally or by mistake on your way to and from work – and where you hide out in your home during the evening hours praying that your car is not broken into in your driveway, that a stray bullet doesn’t find you through the walls or roof during the frequent gang shootouts here, and that you are not the grand prize winner of tonight’s really tragic home invasion. Yeah, it is really that bad here. Really, really, really.

Please – if you are thinking about coming here – don’t. Don’t stay for the day, don’t stay for the evening or night, just keep driving to some small town, in some other state with bed bugs and relative safety.

Every night people park their car or truck and or moving van, U-Haul trailer in some New Mexico town, and their lives are turned inside out when everything they own is stolen. Literally, every night there is a news story about someone losing everything to thieves here.

Believe it! If you come here – you are more likely to be robbed, burglarized, car-jacked, threatened on the street at knife or gunpoint, kidnapped, murdered at random than almost anywhere else on earth.

Not long ago a body was dumped in Albuquerque in a Walt-Mart Parking lot (minus a head and genitals) Mexican cartels.

Yes, I have truly come to hate this state. I hate living here because every day here is dangerous and uncertain.

I cannot wait to leave – to live in relative safety almost anywhere else. Chicago, or Baltimore maybe.

This is curious because, in addition to many other problematic items, it implies that the Mexican cartels now operate in the US.

Comment #3: New Mexico Turned into Mexico?

New Mexico makes me so depressed. I’ve tried to find enjoyable things about NM but everything feels subpar. Don’t let the “New” in New Mexico fool you: About 90% of the things here are outdated by at least 50 years. And even though New Mexico is technically apart of the USA, it doesn’t feel like it. In fact, if you took pictures of Central right now you could probably convince somebody that you were in a third world country. Unless if you want to live far away from anywhere relevant, neighborhoods in Albuquerque really have no consistency in terms of quality or decent location. None of the parks have bathrooms, probably because of the rampant homelessness. At least every other corning in Albuquerque you will find a homeless person. Is it any wonder why New Mexico has one of the flattest population growths?

New Mexico could be great, just not in my lifetime and I’m not even 30 yet. I don’t want to be trapped here, I already feel how much I’m missing out on just by being here. New Mexico has not caught up with the real world.

This sounds like, even with only a little less than 1/2 the population being Hispanic, the state now feels like Mexico. One should ask the question….”How much is New Mexico being held together by non-Mexicans?”

Comment #4: Illegals Parachuting Across the Border

While the illegals are marching across the southern border. Looking like a biblical plague swarming over the landscape. Stopping to get SSSI, welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, and everything free they can. To include anything of yours they desire. Those who are entitled to your things have arrived.

The state list the population at just near 2,000,000. While the number of of those on Medicaid number 980,000. The police will pull you over and beat you, stun-gun, abuse, and even shoot you in the back several times for the fun of it. New Mexico leaves a vacuum of emptiness in everyone who comes near it.

While I had to go to school, get the diplomas and degrees I needed to obtain and keep a good job. The job place now is full of non English speaking numb nuts. Most undocumented and demanding that all non Spanish speaking personnel learn Spanish. They demand that the workplace observe the holidays they have. You have to be very careful not to offend anyone or you get written up. Just raising an eyebrow incorrectly can lead to workplace drama.

New Mexico sucks a big one. Not the land, just the idiot numb nutted dimwits that run the state.

Government, policies, taxes, wages, law enforcement and Judaical process are all filled with nothing but everyone’s brothers, aunts, uncles, sisters, mothers and fathers. Who are all entitled to get the pay but not required to do the work.

The more Hispanics immigrate to a state, the more they do not want illegal immigration laws enforced. This is why California has so many “safe cities.” This is so more Mexicans can enter the state and turn over the state’s demographics. Once there are enough of them, the state becomes unappealing for non-Hispanics to live as it becomes to resemble a Latin American country.

Comment #5: Awful…Because it Has Mexico in the Name

Of course New Mexico is a shit hole… Anything that has Mexico is the name is suspect. The state is overwhelmingly Mexican, with all of the problems that go with it. Violence, crime, poor education, poverty, no respect for women, on and on.

Give it back to Mexico, everyone will be happy, Mexicans, Mex-Americans and most importantly Americans.

Yes, this comment seems entirely consistent with all of the other comments. If you import Mexicans, you end up with Mexican problems. It is very difficult for those who support Hispanic immigration to argue that New Mexico is evidence of a good outcome. Furthermore, New Mexico’s population, due to high Mexican birth rates and white flight, will result in New Mexico being more Mexican and having more problems than it does now in the future. We are still only partially along the way to seeing what the outcome of uncontrolled Mexican immigration brings.

This brings up a question. If all New Mexico were handed over to Mexico and all non-Latin Americans moved out of New Mexico — would Mexicans from other states agree to move to a state that was part of Mexico?

Comment #6: Mexican Pride?

This really should be considered an oxymoron. Lets see a bit about how this pride manifests itself in New Mexico.

Politicians who are in the back pocket of big money and special interest groups. Mexican nationals running around flying the Mexican piece of shit flag. Breaking and entering, trashing, burning assaulting anyone they can all with out fear. The state thrives on their presence to buy food and gas for the next riot to keep the economy going. The illegals keep the state employees in welfare and social programs in a cushy job. I even get AARP mail to me in pig Latin Spanish because they assume everyone here is an illegal wad of crap.

I do not find Trump all that inviting to elect into office. However compared to Clinton, Trump is a saint. I will vote for him to build the wall, and build it higher. For all those who say shame shame on me for saying such a thing. Before you start jacking your jaw, come on out and stay here for a week or two. Specially in a riot or a Mexican fiesta (same thing). Then when you and or your family members are shot down, robbed, raped, kidnapped, and or sold into slavery. Then let me here you say shame on me. Instead you will be at the wall with a rivet gun yelling faster…faster.

The very idea that Mexicans leave Mexico in droves, break out into tears when deported, claim that being made to live in Mexico violates their human rights — would seem to indicate that they should not be waving the Mexican flag when living in the US. It is illogical.

Comment #7: Albuquerque an Embarrassment

Albuquerque is an embarrassment.

I work in the tourism industry, which is the only half way viable private sector job category here. That’s sad enough, but i have to explain how it really is here to people from all over the WORLD.

I watch the expressions on my clients’ faces go from puzzled to concerned to horrified. You would think I’d try to talk this State up… I do. I tell my clients to stay the hell away from Albuquerque, Los Lunas, Espanola, and Gallup. Santa Fe is the only place of touristic value (unless natural history or geology is your thing). Even Santa Fe is Questionable. There are some redeeming things about the state as a whole, but all of them are overshadowed by the absolute SHIT CAMP that is Albuquerque. I’m not going to go into the illegal alien thing… it’s been discussed at length.

The problem I have is with the CITIZENRY. Choose your friends very carefully. There is a culture of screwing over and selling out. Just a bunch of ignorant assholes whose only reason for living is drinking. The economy is about to get worse. much worse. There are two initiative in the works right now that will kill small business in general and decimate old route 66 in particular.

Again, this is at less than 50% Hispanic. Now forecast New Mexico at 50%, then 55%, then 60% Hispanic. What does one imagine happens as the Hispanic population in New Mexico continues to rise?

Comment #8: New Mexico as Corrupt?

NM is a nasty, political corrupt, inept justice system, sewage pool of savagery.

My grand parents came out here at the turn of the century (1900) and began to carve out a livable hospitable place to exist and raise a family. Fighting weeds dirt and at times facing
famine. Now my grandparent, mother and father, all buried in the land they worked so hard to tame. I am ready to leave it all. Just another few years to finish up some obligations.
There is nothing left, taxes keep going up, prices are out of control. Undocumented (illegal aliens) running to and fro destroying and stealing everything. I have had it. With just my wife and I still left. We are getting out while we can. I can not find the words to describe this crap load of garbage this state is. What a change from 50 to 100 years can make.

New Mexico was constituted as a state and was built up primarily by Europeans. Since Hispanics began to immigrate en mass and have high fertility rates, New Mexico has gone into a steep decline. That means that Mexicans are living off what others created, which they simply moved to. Their decedents have either left the state or are considering leaving.

Sugar Coating Dyfunctional Hispanic Outcomes and City Degredation in White Countries

PBS celebrates Hispanic heritage — while none of the employees at PBS choose to live in Hispanic areas in the US.

Now try to reconcile those quotes with PBS’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. We are constantly told that Hispanics are a critical component of the US. However, the US developed with a small Hispanic population. And nothing about the design of the US is based on Latin American ideas or standards. Hispanic immigration increased in the 1970s and onward. And the areas that have become predominantly Hispanic have had desultory outcomes. 

Like most whites, I stay far away from Hispanic areas — so it is curious that according to PBS, Hispanic immigration has been so great for the US. Hispanics have primarily decreased standards in the US, and have normalized not speaking English, which now other immigrant groups have adopted. Overall, I view the effect of Hispanics on the US to be corrosive to the society and it is very clear that Hispanics and whites do not have very much cultural overlap. Secondly, the primary reason there are so many Hispanics in the US is due to illegal immigration. That is, the introduction of Hispanics into the US is not based upon any strategic fit between the white culture in the US and Hispanics, but because of the unfortunate fact that the US shares a border with Mexico.


The pattern of non-white immigration to white countries is always the same. The non-whites claim oppression, beg for sympathy, and white business owners — seeing the opportunity for higher profits and the ability to use them as a weapon against domestic labor form a common cause with non-white groups. As non-whites immigrate, they increasingly discriminate against all other groups in favor of their own racial and family groups. There is a “sweet spot” where immigration seems like it will be ok. This is when their percentage of the population is low. The reason for this is that the non-whites can live off of what the white society created. However, as the non-white numbers surge (which they invariably do), the problems become pretty apparent. At that point, it is too late, as the non-whites now have political power. The only move left for whites at a certain point is to move away from the area. This is why I have called non-white immigration to white areas a Slow Motion Invasion