What Will Happen When US Society’s Demographics Flip to Non White?

Executive Summary

  • The US is set to go through a racial flip in the near future which will completely change the country.


The US is in the midst of a massive change in its demographics. This article will describe what this means for the US.

Our References for This Article

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The Continual Lobbying for Non-White Immigration

This issue is explained well in the following quotation.

Many advocacy groups support immigration increases and amnesty for illegal immigrants, while opposing enforcement measures aimed at denying jobs to illegal immigrants, such as the E-Verify system. These groups include “ethnic advocates” such as the National Council of La Raza and the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee. Others with a similar agenda include religious groups, with the Roman Catholic Church — which like the unions is also coping with a membership decline despite a fast rising share of immigrant members — at the forefront. The Interfaith Immigration Coalition – which groups over fifty Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim organizations – is also pro-mass-immigration and pro-amnesty, while the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints adheres to an equivocal position on immigration. Advocacy lobbies generally promote legislation that benefits the continued growth of their particular constituency. – Fairus

The Social Security Motivation to Support Continual Immigration

In fact, as the Center of Immigration Studies points out: “It is possible for immigration to maintain the current working-age share or ratio of workers to retirees, but it would roughly require net immigration five times the level projected by the Census Bureau through 2060. This would create a total population of 706 million in 2060 — more than double the current population.” – Fairus

The Coming Flip to Majority Non-White in the US

The age discrepancy between the races in the US is quite apparent. The whites are much older, and the non-whites are younger.

The racial breakdown we see of 55 or 60% white is not accurate because the whites are so much older. Fast forward a decade and this country is going to have a demographic flip that will shock everyone.


When that happens, the US we have known is over. The entire intent is to make the US a non-white and environmentally depleted hellhole.