Why Are Almost All Failed States Non White Countries?

Last Updated on December 24, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • The list of failed states shows mostly non-white countries.
  • This article covers why non-white states are so likely to be unsuccessful.


White countries are far more successful than non-white countries. However, many liberals argue that there is no difference between white countries and that to claim white countries are better than non-white is a form of white supremacy. This article shows several comparisons between white and non-white countries that illustrated enormous and essential differences.

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This shows that the countries furthest from failed states are almost all white.

*By Randam – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

In the following two sections, we will evaluate outliers from the strong pattern.

The Outliers: Non-White Countries That Are Far From Failed States


Japan is one of the most advanced countries in Asia, and it is very far from a failed state. However, very few whites would want to live there.

South Korea

South Korea is similar. South Korea has been close to a failed stated in its history but is no longer. The same applies as applies to Japan, few whites can tolerate living in South Korea. South Koreans prefer to immigrate out of South Korea, as the culture and expected conformity is brutal.


Singapore is the most advanced country in Southeast Asia. Lee Quan Yew based it on a British model. This made Asians act white. I lived there. It is sophisticated in terms of infrastructure, but one would not refer to the typical Singaporean as sophisticated. Indonesians come into the country and are basically treated as slaves.


Uruguay (although Uruguay is primarily European and has only around 10% indigenous Indians.) So while it is in South America, it is not an outlier as its population is not like the rest of Latin America.


Mauritius is a small country with a population of only 1.26 million.

Mauritius is also an excellent value to visit. However, the accommodation quality does not look all that great and there are not many options in terms of accommodation, meaning the tourism still must be relatively small.

Due to the heat and humidity, it is best to visit from May to October.

United Arab Emirates

This is the highest-rated predominantly Muslim country on the list. There is no freedom of speech and few other freedoms, so it isn’t easy to compare this to a white country. If you speak out against the ruling elite, you go to jail in the UAE.

Costa Rica

This is the highest-rated predominantly country in Latin America after Uruguay (which mostly has a European population). It is not a failed state, but having been there several times, it is a primitive society.


Like many other Gulf countries, this is a country with mass slavery, but it is amazingly wealthy due to oil.

These last few companies may not be close to being failed states, but they also don’t have much in common and have far lower standards than white countries.

Reverse Outliers: White Counties That Are Closer to Being Failed States


This is the lowest-rated white country in terms of being close to being a failed state. I have wondered for some time what is wrong with Russia.

Bosnia Herzegovina

This is the second lowest-rated white country in terms of being close to being a failed state.


This is the third-rated white country in terms of being close to being a failed state.

The Overlap Between Not Being Close to Being a Failed State and Freedom of Speech

The overlap between freedom of speech and failed countries is illuminating because the relationship is very strong. The US has very substantially lost freedom of speech in practice, even though the laws have not changed. For example, political correctness and demanding people get canceled, and Big Tech censoring people are all examples of restrictions of freedom of speech. 

As a country becomes closer to a failed state, it cannot tolerate freedom of speech.


It is impossible to not observe the relationship between failed states and non-white countries. Non-whites are very interested in immigrating from non-white countries into white countries — and looking at the failed state map, shows why. However, as non-whites perform this immigration, they reduce the quality of life for whites in predominantly white countries. If the US were to have all non-whites removed from it, the US would dramatically rise in the rankings. In fact, as the US has allowed large-scale immigration from non-white countries it has dropped in the rankings. Another example of a country moving to be closer to a failed state is South Africa. Under white rule, South Africa was far higher in the rankings. Under black rule, it has declined rapidly. South Africa has also reduced its ability to control its borders and is finding its tourism business greatly reduced.

One might ask the question, why do whites create superior countries to non-whites? This question has been categorized as white supremacy — however, labeling the question, does not answer the question.