Why Are Blacks and Hispanics Continually Compared to Whites?

Executive Summary

  • Blacks and Hispanics continually compare themselves to whites — however, is that the right comparison group?


Blacks were brought to the US and have more recently begun immigrating to Europe. In the same way, the US had very few Hispanics before 1965 but now has large Hispanic populations. In each case, these groups have tried to compare themselves to whites and expected the same outcome. Any area where either group does not match whites is typically explained with the logic of racism. However, whites have very little in common historically with either whites or Hispanics. This article will use the Brightwork Country Civilization score to show the illogical construct of the constant comparison of blacks and Hispanics to whites.

Our References for This Article

See this link if you want to see our references for this article and other related Brightwork articles at this link.

Our Rankings

Our rankings are for what we considered degrees of civilization. You can hover over each country and view our score. One is the most civilized, and eleven is the least. 

The Scoring

Our scoring looks like the following:

Country Civilization Scoring

This is the scoring and their relative levels.
Country StandardLiterate Culture?Fatalistic?Score and Country Class
Western EuropeYesNo1
Eastern or Southern EuropeYesNo2
North AsiaYesSemi3
Southeast AsiaSemiYes5
Pacific IslandNoSemi6
Latin American and CarribeanNoYes8
African Country + > 20% of Pop. = IslamicNoYes11

This categorizes countries by most civilized, represented by a Western European standard, to the least civilized being African and African countries with over 20% of their population as Muslim.

What Are the Rankings Based Upon?

The rankings are based upon the overall civilization of the country. This would include things like its freedom in the society, protection for freedom of speech, the independence of women, lack of police persecution, a reasonable justice system, protection of worker’s rights, animal rights, physical and computer infrastructure, etc. The opposite end of the rankings is weak in all of these things. For example, in the Muslim world and India, and many places in southeast Asia, slavery is still practiced. The Gulf countries trade domestic slaves right online, and no one thinks it is odd or potentially wrong. It is impossible ever to be a high-ranking country and be strongly Muslim, as Islam opposes the criteria in our list.

People appear to intuitively know what the top-rated countries should be, as there is the most robust competition to immigrate to these countries. Anyone from a Class 1 or Class 2 country that finds this list offensive can put their money where their mouth is and move to a Class 8 and Class 9 country for a few years.

Western Europe, the Highest Scoring Group of Countries and Satellites in the World

Western Europe and its satellites, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., are the highest-scoring societies and most accomplished globally. Before large-scale immigration, the performance of these countries was even starker versus nonwhite countries. For example, the US scored the highest in both relative intelligence tests, public health, and many other national health measurements back in the 1950s and 1960s, back when the country was roughly 95% white. As the US has become less white, all of its national health metrics have gone into decline.

The Performance of Blacks and Hispanic Countries

Blacks have the lowest ranking societies in the world. This is true in the past, where African countries neither had the wheel or writing (the “hieroglyphics” which is proposed by African-centric scholars to be writing that was found around Kenya is not writing) before the Europeans arrived. The same applies to Latin America, where all Central and South American civilizations were easily defeated by the Portuguese and the Spanish. There was little competiton between the steel armaments, guns, horses of these invaders, and the Mesoamericans who did have metalworking but did not use it for weapons (as is explained in the following quotation).

The objects themselves were still mainly adornments, now often being attached to beads. Some functional objects were fashioned, but they were elaborately decorated and often found in high-status burials, seemingly still used more for symbolic than for practical purposes.

Only with the Incas did metals really come into practical use. Nonetheless, they remained materials through which to display wealth and status. The characteristic importance placed on colour, which had led to some of the earlier developments, was still present (sun/moon association with gold/silver).

The Aztecs did not initially adopt metal working, even though they had acquired metal objects from other peoples. However, as conquest gained them metal working regions, the technology started to spread. By the time of the Spanish conquest, a bronze-smelting technology seemed to be nascent. – Wikipedia

Although it is also true that the conquerors also used, unbeknownst to them, “biological warfare,” in the form of smallpox and other diseases that greatly weakened the native inhabitants.

The wheel also did not exist in any Central or South American culture, except on children’s toys. Although the pinnacle civilizations like the Mayan and Aztec were significantly more sophisticated than anything found in any African society.

These differences persist to this day.

Latin American and African countries produce extraordinary low levels of intellectual property. The number of Nobel Prizes won by Africans or Latin Americans (outside of peace) is so low, it barely is worth counting.

However, when blacks or Hispanics live in white or class 1 or class 2 societies, all of this history is normally thrown out the window, and they seem to expect to have the same outcomes as whites. What is curious is why this expectation exists.

There are eight levels between blacks and Western European whites.

Why would they perform or have the same behavior just because blacks are brought to a white country?

  • Blacks should look to either Muslims or Latin Americans, not whites for inspiration.
  • Latin Americans, correspondingly, can look up to Indians or Pacific Islanders. They should not be comparing themselves to whites as anything in their history indicates that this is attainable for them.


Both blacks and Hispanics that live in white societies all rely on societal and cultural subsidies from whites in white societies to enable their standard of living. No black or Hispanic would have an automobile or understand how the sun functions if they did not have access to knowledge developed by whites. Blacks and Hispanics improve their condition the most when they move to a white area of a white country when they are in a small minority. However, as their concentration grows, the subsidy they receive declines, and the city or area takes on more of the characteristics of their culture and their capabilities. A good example of this is Detroit, which went from a small percentage of black in the 1910s to 1920s to 80% black today and is now a dead city that is in a type of federal receivership. Or the Inland Empire in California, which now feels and looks like an amalgamation of the United States and Mexico — rather than simply the United States, and where whites no longer go. White flight is caused primarily by whites reaching the limits of their tolerance for providing this continual cultural and societal subsidy.

It is not good enough for non-whites to move to white countries, they need to live around whites in order to receive the full subsidy from whites that they most enjoy. This is why blacks in the US have been trying to “spread out.”

The intent of immigration to white countries, and why they compare themselves to whites, is to enable an even more significant transfer to benefits from white societies away from the white inhabitants and towards them. This means stripping benefits away from whites to accomplish this. And this also means presenting the assumption that non-whites are the same as whites and that non-whites are as deserving of the benefits of white societies as whites.

This same thing is true of other non-whites. It is just that North Asians, as an example, are closer in their civilizing capability than blacks or Hispanics. North Asian neighborhoods in the US are also less desirable than all-white neighborhoods, but better than black or Hispanic as they are capable of far more, as is reflected in the Brightwork Country Civilization score. However, North Asians who immigrate to white countries also seek to improve their condition by obtaining the benefits of a society their own cultures have never been capable of creating.

What is The Final Problem With This?

No matter how much white societies open themselves to non-white immigration, there will never be a point where whites will satisfy the demand of non-whites to have their condition improved by taking a portion of the benefits of white societies from whites.

If we take India, India has around 1.4 billion people who would like to live in white societies. However, there are not enough white societies for them to move to. If we take Finland is a Class 1 country, one of the best in the world — however it only has a population of 5.5 million. Norway, another Class 1 country Indians would love to move to — but it also only has a population of around 5.5 million. In fact, in total, only roughly 180 million people live in what we categorize as Class 1 countries. There are not enough of these countries to go around for all the people in Class 11 to Class 4 countries.

Furthermore, as white societies accept more non-whites and become increasingly non-white, a previously white country’s ability to improve the condition of non-whites (and provide habitat for whites) dissipates. This is why the plan of making white countries “diverse,” which is a code word for “non-white,” was always doomed to failure. This might work if there were only one non-white for every three white people on the planet, but there are not. There are around 9 non-whites for every white, and as Africa will be doubling its population by 2050, that ratio is only set to increase.

There are simply not enough white societies in the world to accommodate even a portion of all of the non-whites that want to move to them and appropriate the benefits of white society for themselves.