Why Are There Such Enormous Racial Discrepancies in Unwed Mothers?

Executive Summary

  • There are amazing discrepancies in unwed mothers by race.
  • This article delves into the question of why.


The discrepancies in the percentage of women in the US who have children while unmarried. The discrepancies are shocking and tell an interesting story.

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The Discrepancies

Reading the following quotation was very surprising.

The black community’s 72 percent rate eclipses that of most other groups: 17 percent of Asians, 29 percent of whites, 53 percent of Hispanics and 66 percent of Native Americans were born to unwed mothers in 2008, the most recent year for which government figures are available. The rate for the overall U.S. population was 41 percent. – NBC

What comes across very quickly is that the black, Hispanic, and Native American numbers are higher than the Asian and white percentages.

Further interesting is that as the quote continues, it explains that liberals do not want this topic to be discussed.

This issue entered the public consciousness in 1965, when a now famous government report by future senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan described a “tangle of pathology” among blacks that fed a 24 percent black “illegitimacy” rate. The white rate then was 4 percent. – NBC

What is amazing here is how low the white and black illegitimacy rate was. This has grown from 4 to 29 percent for whites and 24 to 72 percent for blacks.

Observing and Commenting on the Illegitimacy Rate is Racist?

Many accused Moynihan, who was white, of “blaming the victim:” of saying that black behavior, not racism, was the main cause of black problems. – NBC

This is curious because black behavior is a significant reason for racism against blacks. The Democratic Party and other sympathizers seem to want blacks never to have to answer for their behavior. If one does not like black behavior, then the answer is not to address black behavior but to label people who observe the negative aspects of black behavior as racist.

Shouting Down Bill Cosby

That dynamic persists. Most talk about the 72 percent has come from conservative circles; when influential blacks like Bill Cosby have spoken out about it, they have been all but shouted down by liberals saying that a lack of equal education and opportunity are the true root of the problem. – NBC

Even blacks cannot get away with critiquing the black illegitimacy rate. Before he was prosecuted for mass rape, Bill Cosby was considered one of the pillars and representatives of black society in the US. Yet his comments on black illegitimacy were still not tolerated. This is also explained in the following quotation.

Even in black churches, “nobody talks about it,” Carroll says. “It’s like some big secret.” But there are signs of change, of discussion and debate within and outside the black community on how to address the growing problem. – NBC

Interestingly, the black overconsumption of Aid to Dependent Children is covered in the following quotation.

Blacks are vastly overrepresented on the rolls. As the first chart on this page shows, 5.4 million — nearly 40 percent — of all recipients are black. The second chart compares actual numbers of recipients with numbers in the population to show the percentage of each racial group that lives on welfare. Only 2.9 percent of whites are on welfare whereas 18 percent of blacks are. This means that any given black is six times as likely as any given white to be on the dole. Although Asians have the lowest percentage on the dole after whites, they are still nearly twice as likely as whites to be recipients. – AmRen

Family Oriented Hispanics?

Hispanics we are told are very family-oriented. However, that is not supported by their illegitimacy levels which after blacks and American Indians are the next highest.

Mental Block on the Part of Democrats and Liberals

There is no debate that it is far better for children to come from a two-parent household than a single-parent household. Yet, those of a liberal persuasion seem to think it is more critical to society if gays can be married than if the marriage rate for blacks, Hispanics, or American Indians is very low for those that have children. The overfocus of overall US society and liberals in particular on gay marriage, considering the problems with marriage for many groups in the US, is simply bizarre.

This is a typical modern advertisement. Rather than discuss the very high and constantly increasing illegitimacy rate in the US, people are told they are bigoted if they don’t give 100% support gays marrying. The baby formula company Bobbie used these gays, who can neither have children nor breastfeed, to shame people for supporting breastfeeding. The message is constant from the left — the overall illegitimacy rate is irrelevant, and our focus needs to be on supporting gay marriage and gay couple surrogacy. If you bring up the topic of illegitimacy, you will be called a bigot and told to focus on the important thing for society, which is gays getting married and raising children that are not theirs. 

Liberals go beyond critiquing people who are critics of single motherhood, they actively promoted single motherhood as ideal and “brave.”

Puerto Ricans on the Dole

It was curious to find this quote on Puerto Ricans, who seem to specialize in scamming the welfare and Medicaid system.

However, when it comes to growing fat on government handouts, Puerto Ricans take top honors. Although only 2.9 percent of white people are on welfare, 23 percent of the population of Puerto Rico is on the dole. Although ten percent of Americans are on Medicaid (a racial breakdown is not available), 36 percent of Puerto Ricans are on it. Finally, though nine percent of the country gets food stamps, 42 percent of Puerto Ricans do. There are so many food stamps floating around the island that they are practically a second currency. Even prostitutes accept them.


The Democratic Party and liberals can’t figure out that single mothers usually do an inferior job to two-parent households. Furthermore, they don’t want the topic discussed and instead want it hidden. However, it is not just a non-white versus white issue, and Asians have significantly lower illegitimate births than whites.

On another topic, white women have begun copying the disrespectful behavior towards men of black women. No group has worse relations between men and women than in black society, and this influences the behavior of white women, which, when combined with feminism, tells them to undermine white men and that they are…

“Strong and independent and don’t need no man.”

Therefore, black society in the US undermines itself and white society as well. And as white women increasingly adopt the unappealing behavior towards men of black women (which feels good and “empowering” in the short term), they will drive men away from marriage.

This is an excellent video on why men are less likely to get married.

Candace Owens is a black woman but explains in this video why black culture regarding how women should behave is dysfunctional. 

As she explains feminism is designed to get women to hate men, in the same way, that Critical Race Theory is simply designed to get non-whites to hate whites. Feminism taught women that being a housewife is similar to being a failure, while career women are esteemed.