How Blacks Deny The High Black Violence Levels and Look to Blame Other Things

Executive Summary

  • Blacks make a significant focus of blacks being killed by police. However, they seem to remove all agency when the person doing the killing is black.


Blacks and black run organizations like BLM have demonstrated a pattern of changing their analysis of responsibility for violence depending upon whether the perpetrator is black. This is illustrated by their statements which we will cover in the following article.

Our References for This Article

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BLM and BLM protesters have many shirts and signs that state their view that police are shooting them in large numbers. 

BLM protesters are shown in this video as absolutely apoplectic about George Floyd and similar police shootings of black (and only blacks, others shot by police who are not black are never discussed by BLM or by blacks in general). 

The problem is that the number one killer of blacks is not even violent crime but health issues.

Experts say there’s a major health disparity in those who come with customs from other countries to those who come to the United States and acclimate to a country where a third of all adults have obesity but half of all Black adults have obesityTrusted Source due to attitudes about and access to healthy foods and means of exercise. – Healthline

There are a lot of blacks could do to improve their health and reduce early mortality, but they are not interested in doing this as it would mean not being able to point to finger at someone else. It is difficult to get people to follow health instructions, but far more straightforward of a matter to get them to get angry and appear at a BLM protest.

But if we move topics to just black murders, the murders by police of blacks in the US is between 1/25 and 1/30th of the murders every year of blacks, and other blacks murder around 90% of blacks that are murdered. Blacks are roughly 5x more violent than any other racial group in the US. And yet, we never hear this statistic stated by blacks. This very high level of violent crime explains the high number of blacks killed by police every year versus other races. This is described in the article Why the Claims by Black Lives Matter on Police Shootings Are False.

Pointing Blame Away From Blacks When Blacks Perpetuate Violence

The following quotation contains several statements by blacks that appear to remove the responsibility of blacks when it comes to homicide. These quotes are from an article that addresses the increase in violent crime in Atlanta in 2021.

Observe the following article, which shows the victims of murder In Atlanta. Nearly all of the victims are black, which means that the vast majority of the perpetrators were also black.

Homicides in Atlanta are on track to beat last year’s 30-year high of 158 murders while rapes are up 236% after a soft-on-crime mayor and pandemic lockdowns sent crime in the city spiraling.

Atlanta Police Department statistics revealed on Friday, that homicides are up 43 percent for 2022 compared to the same period, from January 1 to February 12, in 2021. In total, there were 20 homicides so far in 2022 compared to 14 last year.

Rapes are also up an astounding 236 percent, with 37 reported so far this year, compared to 11 at the same time in 2021.

Burglaries are also up 18 percent from last year, with 229 reported as of February 12 compared to 191 at the same time in 2021, and shoplifting cases are up 4 percent, with 164 cases thus far in 2022 compared to 157 last year.

The Atlanta Police Department has said ‘irresponsible gun ownership’ has led to many of the shootings this year, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, after more than 2,000 firearms were stolen from vehicles in Atlanta last year. – American Renaissance

Pivot #1: Murder is Just “Irresponsible Gun Ownership?”

The term “irresponsible gun ownership” seems like a euphemism. Irresponsible gun ownership is usually considered leaving your gun in a bathroom or not keeping the gun away from children. I have never heard of the term “irresponsible gun ownership” interchangeably with murder. Is it the position of the Atlanta Police Department that all of the murders were irresponsible gun ownership?

Pivot #2: Republicans Lax Run Laws Were The Cause?

While some city officials laid the blame at woke former Mayor Lance Bottoms, who announced she wasn’t running for office again in 2022, for not doing enough to tackle crime. Meanwhile, Bottom tried to blame local Republicans for lax gun laws.. – American Renaissance

Did the gun laws change between 2020 and 2021? Probably not. So why were gun laws blamed?

Secondly, as you saw from the article link above, nearly all of the victims were black. If lax gun laws caused the violence, why didn’t whites or Asians in Atlanta engage in the violence?

Pivot #3: The Lifting of the Pandemic Lockdown Was to Blame?

…and lifting the pandemic lockdown. – American Renaissance

The pandemic lockdown was for covid — it was not a lockdown to keep people from murdering each other or raping each other, or engaging in burglaries. Did Bottoms say this? And again, violent crime was highly concentrated among blacks in Atlanta. Why didn’t the different racial groups in Atlanta respond to the lifting of the pandemic lockdown by engaging in rape and murder, and burglary as the blacks did?

Pivot #4: Night Clubs and Bars Were Open, and People Came to Party In Atlanta is to Blame?

Bottom responded to criticism, say her mentioning the rise in violence across the United States is ‘not an abdication of responsibility, but an acknowledgement of the widespread severity of this issue.’

The former mayor had previously tried to blame the city’s crime wave on state Republicans lifting COVID-19 restrictions too early and lax gun laws.

‘Remember, in Georgia, we were opened up before the rest of the country, even before the CDC said that it was safe for us to open,’ she said in an interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle.

‘So our night clubs and our bars remained open, so we had people traveling here from across the county to party in our city.’ – American Renaissance

Did the CDC say that it was unsafe to open because of the potential rise in murders, rapes, and burglaries? It seems that Bottoms is confused as to what the CDC instituted the lockdown for.

Pivot #5: The Pandemic Lockdown Was to Blame?

She said the pandemic ‘left a lot of people battered and bruised, not just physically, but also emotionally,’ which led to an increase in personal disputes that could easily be exacerbated by guns. – American Renaissance

Did this problem affect all groups or just blacks? Because the rise in murders, rapes, and burglaries is overwhelmingly becuase of Atlanta’s black population.

Pivot #6: The Its Too Easy for Young People With Mental Illness to Access Guns

‘Until we deal with the systemic issues of gun violence in this country – how easily young people with mental illness can access guns in this country, I’m afraid that this will not be the last summer that we are having this conversation.’ – American Renaissance

Again, if this is true, which is a tough conversation, as many people involved in criminal activity access their guns illegally — but again distracts from the primary issue. Blacks perpetrate most murders, rapes, and burglaries in Atlanta. The supposed ease with which young people with mental illness can access guns is not affecting other races.

Pivot #7: Murders Are Mentally Ill?

Using the previous quote, one can see another pivot, which is the pivot to mental illness. Does Bottoms have evidence that a substantial number of the murders in Atlanta are mentally ill? This is a new pivot that blacks have latched onto, which is that their murders deserve sympathy becuase they are mentally ill — and they then blame the broader society because blacks don’t have sufficient access to mental health services. However, this misses that there aren’t mental health services in the majority of the world. Yet non-blacks who don’t have access to mental health services don’t have the violent crime problems that blacks do.

This mentally ill pivot is explained in the following quotation.

The 21-year-old activist charged with trying to murder a Kentucky mayoral candidate has been released from jail after his $100,000 bond was posted by a bail fund supported by the local Black Lives Matter chapter.

Quintez Brown’s cash bond was paid Wednesday afternoon by the Louisville Community Bail Fund, which is an arm of Black Lives Matter Louisville, news station WAVE reported.

Brown, who is accused of firing multiple shots inside the Louisville office of mayoral hopeful Craig Greenberg on Monday, walked free from the Metro Department of Corrections just hours later.

BLM Louisville organizer Chanelle Helm, who co-founded the bail fund, told the outlet that Brown would be safer out of prison — and claimed he was likely suffering from PTSD after two years of social unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In this case, we’re dealing with someone that has mental health issues,” Helm said.

“They are calling for this individual, this young man who needs support and help, to be punished to the full extent,” Helm added. “It is a resounding message that people are down for the torture that has taken place in our jails and prisons.” – NY Post

It is easy to predict that if Brown had been white, and he had attempted to shoot a politician who had been black, BLM Louisville would neither have bailed him out of jail nor would not be using the term “mental illness.” Instead, the term they would have used is that Brown was a white supremacist. The following quote shows more empathy for Quintez Brown.

Inquiring minds want to know if Brown’s close relationship with another mayoral candidate, pastor Tim Findley, who is running against Greenberg, led to the shooting. But Findley believes his rivalry with Greenberg had nothing to do with it.

“Quintez is a son of the city,” Findley told The Post. “He’s brilliant but we know there were emotional issues. It’s very sad because what I saw was a bright shining star. He represented what we wanted to see in our young people.”

“He needs to get mental health support,” Chanelle Helm, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter in Louisville who has known Brown since age 16, told The Post “but declined to be more specific about his issues,” per the report. – EURWeb

Interesting. So the fact that Greenberg was a political opponent of Tim Findley, who Brown supported, had “nothing to do” with the attempted murder.

Secondly, Quintez is also a “son of the city,” and “he’s brilliant.” Furthermore, he needs to get “mental health support.”

Isn’t that nice? It appears that as long as the perpetrator is black, the rules completely change in the minds of blacks.

Helm has more empathy for Quintez Brown.

Chanelle Helm co-founded the Black Lives Matter chapter in Louisville that put up Brown’s bond money and told The Post: “We’re trying to figure out what happened to him while everyone else is vilifying him.” – NY Post

BLM vilified not only police officers involved in the killings of blacks, but all police officers. And has called for all police to lose their jobs and for there to be no police. Which would have made it difficult to arrest Brown. Brown is guilty of attempted murder — should Helm really be questioning why Brown has been vilified? This again demonstrates the excessive hypocrisy of BLM.

Pivot #8: Gun Violence or Black Violence?

We return to the quote from the American Renaissance article on the rise of crime in Atlanta.

‘If it were an Atlanta issue alone, then I’d know that there was something we weren’t getting right,’ the mayor said.

‘But I’m talking to mayors and hearing from mayors in cities and large urban areas, we’re all experiencing this, which means that we all have to work together to find a solution to this gun violence that is gripping our nation.’

New Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, who was elected in November on his pledge to fight crime, has already pledged to install a combined total of 10,000 new streetlights, security cameras and license plate readers in the city, as well as hire hundreds of new police officers.

And police officials now hope a new camera integration system, called Connect Atlanta, will continue to help investigators.

Connect Atlanta, a network of more than 4,500 surveillance cameras across the city will allow officers to pull up footage on their cellphones and laptops before they get to the scene.

‘We’re moving from a video integration center to a real-time crime center,’ Chief Rodney Bryant said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He said he hopes the new technology will make officers more proactive in addressing crime. – American Renaissance

This means that effectively non-blacks will lose the right not to be continuously surveilled because of blacks. If it weren’t for blacks, Atlanta would not have a violent crime problem, and no one would need to install these surveillance cameras. We covered this topic in a related article, Is Gun Culture or Black Culture to Blame for Gun Violence?

How Blacks Provide Two Different Standards

What is curious is the number of excuses offered by Bottoms in just a short interview. Police have stressful jobs, and they have to make split-second decisions whether to use their guns against someone. Why do I never hear the types of excuses being made by blacks for police officers when they shoot a black person?

Observe how plastic the rules are with blacks when it comes to killing. Police killing (and recall, only a tiny fraction of police killings are murder, while nearly all killings by black civilians are murder) are absolutely unacceptable, and there is no consideration even of the case, whether the black person was armed, posed a risk to the police officer, etc… However, as soon as the killing, or more accurately a murder or rape, is performed by a black person, immediately the standard applied changes, and it is necessary to consider the covid lockdowns, the psychological state of the assailant, the availability of guns that led to the “irresponsible gun ownership.”

The Massive Increase in the Black Murder Rate

Observe the following statistics.

In 2019, before the “defund the police” movement, 7,777 black people were murdered, making up 53.5% of all homicide victims. That was already bad, but in 2020, both of those numbers rose; 9,941 black people were murdered the year George Floyd died, accounting for 55.8% of all murders. That is an additional 2,000 black lives lost to violent crime last year. In contrast, only 60 unarmed men were killed by police in 2020, and only 18 of those were black. – Washington Examiner

How Blacks Present All Black Shootings by Police

Black people and BLM normally present all murders of blacks by police as unlawful killings. BLM makes sure to leave out the story or even make up stories regarding the deaths of blacks at the hands of police.

Long after “Hand Up, Don’t Shoot,” was discredited (in that it never happened and Michael Brown rushed the police officer) BLM continued to repeat the lie. This demonstrates that BLM and many blacks do not care what the facts of each case are. They determine that police of guilty without evaluating the facts. 

BLM has tried to present all murders of blacks by police as unlawful killings. BLM makes sure to leave out the story or even make up stories regarding the deaths of blacks at the hands of police. However, of roughly 325 blacks killed per year by police, only around 18 are unarmed. Why are these other 300 or so blacks armed? BLM never addresses that issue. BLM has a point that even when police are at fault, for any race, it is rare for police to be prosecuted. However, our view is that all lives lost must be counted the same way. A black person killed by a police officer through either an error or malicious intent is not somehow 20x worse than a black person murdered by another black person. However, when the topic is black-on-black violence (which BLM wholly ignored), suddenly, the conversation seems to pivot to there being too many guns in society. However, the most significant problem managing their guns is blacks. As gun ownership is far higher among whites than blacks, and violent crime is far higher among blacks than whites — it impossible to say that the issue is simply the guns. Observe that when police often kill violent criminals, the police are to blame. However, when blacks kill other blacks, suddenly the perpetrator is forgiven, and the gun or inanimate object is blamed.


Blacks generally and black organizations like BLM are inconsistent regarding violent actions. When a police officer shoots a black person, the police officer is not only given full responsibility but is generally considered by blacks to be guilty of murder, regardless of the facts of the case. However, when the topic is blacks killed by blacks, blacks bring up other things to deflect agency from the black perpetrator of the violence.