How Muslims Lie About the History of Islamic Slavery

Executive Summary

  • Muslims have a long history of falsifying the history of their religion, and with the topic of slavery, the same applies.
  • We review another example of a Muslim propagandist on the topic of slavery.

Introduction to Islamic Slavery Falsehoods

Islamic Arabs were some of the most prolific slavers over the past several thousand years. We cover this in the article Where Did African Slaves Come From And Where Did They Go?

Interestingly, Muslims don’t acknowledge this history and seem to tell others a fiction of Islam’s relationship to slavery, and they are rarely called out for their enormous participation in slavery. The US, with a relatively minor involvement in slavery (roughly 388,000 slaves imported during the entire Atlantic Slave Trade) bears far more criticism than the Islamic world, which took more than 100 million slaves over more than thirteen hundred years.

See our references for this article and other related articles at this link.

Muslims Lying About Slavery

The following is a completely inaccurate video about slavery and Islam, as is normal, produced by a Muslim with zero interest in communicating anything true.

This is a very typical whitewash of another horrible practice. Islamic Arabs had a 1300 year period of slavery. Islamic Arabs are the world’s premier slavers. The statements in this video state that slavery by Christians was bad, but somehow slavery by Muslim Arabs was good. This man is also deluded. He is of African descent, and Muslim Arabs enslaved Africans in enormous numbers. They specifically did not convert African slaves to Islam, because in Islam, a Muslim can only enslave a non-Muslim. 

This type of lying is quite standard in the Muslim community where it is frequently proposed that Islamic individuals can essentially do no wrong. Academic institutions in the Arab world do not have the freedom to publish on slavery, and in fact, have no freedom of speech. The Arab world is so comprehensive in using violence against those that critique Islam, that even if all governments in Arab countries eliminated their blasphemy laws, the authors who wrote the truth would be retaliated against by the local population. In France, those that have blasphemed against Islam have sometimes been decapitated. And this is in a non-Muslim country. Imagine what would occur in an Islamic country.

Furthermore, most Western academics are hesitant to point out the Arab world’s history with slavery for fear of being called racist. Therefore, the Arab history of slavery goes little studied or communicated.

The Truth About Arab Islamic Slavery

Muslim Arabs enslaved what is estimated to be over 100 million African slaves over a period 1300 years. The death rate of transported African slaves was 85%, the highest of any slavery I have ever researched.

One has to wonder both how much Kamal El Mekki actually knows about Muslim history, and how so many African nations, that suffered so terribly at the hands of Muslim slavers could be Muslim.

Eradicating Slavery in the Muslim World?

Arab Muslim societies never tried to “eradicate slavery”, they never went through any period of analysis where they condemned the practice. Slavery is still prevalent in the Middle East to this day.

Arabs trade slaves online today. Laws against slavery in the Arab world are rarely enforced. It is also not agreed that slavery is so objectionable under the Muslim religion. 

Coolie labor is brought in to all of the Gulf States (mostly Southeast Asian) and they are paid horribly, and sleep in the construction sites. Their passports are taken and they can’t leave. The people that do this consider themselves good Muslims. 

Qatar is making extensive use of slaves or borderline slaves (that is workers that receive just enough pay to live and send a small amount of money home, but have no legal standing in the country) to build infrastructure for the World Cup.

There is nothing on the FIFA website about slave labor being used to build facilities for the upcoming 2022 World Cup. Qatar paid FIFA big money, and now that made FIFA get onboard with slave labor also. 

Where Did Slavery Reduction Come From?

Slavery has been reduced in the Muslim world, but not because of internal movements to restrict the practice.

This is covered in the following quotation.

“Slavery was gradually outlawed and suppressed in Muslim lands, largely due to pressure exerted by Western nations such as Britain and France.” – Wikipedia

Furthermore, Islamic countries are constantly backsliding on their commitments to reduce slavery. Basically, any opposition they have to slavery is just PR.

“For example, Saudi Arabia and Yemen only abolished slavery in 1962 under pressure from Britain; Oman followed suit in 1970, and Mauritania in 1905, 1981, and again in August 2007.[12] However, slavery claiming the sanction of Islam is documented presently in the predominantly Islamic countries of Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Mali, and Sudan.” – Wikipedia

Notice where slavery is still prevalent. Does this look like it maps with the contention that Islam has been so focused on “eradicating” slavery? 

This video entirely contradicts the proposal that Muslims abolished slavery. As most Muslims do little reading and are not allowed to contradict anything they are told by Islamic leaders, it is unclear how many Muslims are repeating this, or actually believe it to be true. Education is controlled by Islam in Muslim countries, and discussions with Muslims indicate a highly doctrinal system where truths are hidden from them if they contradict Islam. 

This video is historically accurate, when Muslims describe slavery, it never matches history. The Muslims that provide coverage of the topic live in a fantasyland. How Islam can be said to have eliminated slavery, when current Islamic countries rank very poorly for continuing to have slavery today, is mystifying.

Arab Islamic Slavery a Good Thing for Preventing Attacks Against Muslims?

Kamal El Mekki states that the fact that Muslims took slaves was a good thing because it served as a disincentive that prevented Muslims from being attacked. That is, because those that would attack Muslims, thought twice, as if they lost, they would become enslaved to Muslims.

However, from its inception, Islam was spread by attacking and invading and expanding as a colonial entity. Muslims took many millions of slaves through these attacks, being careful not to convert slaves to Islam, (as they would then have to be released, as only non-Muslims are allowed to be enslaved). Slaves are a type of war booty, and therefore can be viewed as one of the motivators for Muslim conquest.

Thus Kamal El Mekki’s explanation/justification of Muslim slave taking as a defensive tactic is at odds with Islamic history. Muslims took slaves whenever they would. But the vast majority of those that became slaves under Islamic Arabs did so under conquest. Furthermore, more than 100 million Africans that were enslaved by Muslims certainly did not attack Muslims.

This one statement by Kamal El Mekki, even without reviewing the rest of his statements in this video, calls into question how much he has an interest in communicating anything true.

In this video, the Apostate Prophet does an excellent job of explaining the history of Muslim slavery. 

Understanding Islam by Ignoring Muslim Presentation of History

Muslims also tell Westerners that they live in harmony with other religions. However, this is untrue as Muslims oppose freedom of choice in religion and any other religion but Islam. Turkey is one of the only secular governments in the world in a Muslim society where there is some type of separation between church and state. However, even in Turkey, all other religions face discrimination, and under Erdogan, Turkey’s multi-decade “experiment with separation” is ending.

Muslims who settle in the West and want illegal Muslim practices respected in the West — mislead Westerns by presenting a fairyland picture of Islam as a religion that tolerates other religions. This is in great part assisted by Islamic websites and other Islamic sources that have no issue with also misleading Muslims.

This is very similar to the Muslim assertion that in Islamic societies, all people are considered equal. It quickly becomes apparent that most Muslims treat discussions about Islam with outsiders as a type of scam — where the intent is to deceive the Westerner about Islam.

The best way to understand Islam is to research the topic without listening to the filter provided by a person who is Muslim.

Muslims don’t provide an accurate history of their religion to Kafirs, nonbelievers, which is something we cover in the article The Islamic Requirement to Perform Taqiyya and Lie to Non Muslims. 

The Requirement to Perform Taqiyya

Lying to the Kafir is called Taqiyya, is considered a virtue in Islam is used to advance the cause of Islam. This in part explains why Muslims constantly lie to non-Muslims about Islam.

Taqiyya, Muhammed Ali and the Black Muslims

Muhammed Ali changed his name from Cassius Clay in 1964.

The argument Muhammed Ali presented for his conversion to Islam was the same that was explained to him by the Black Muslims or Nation of Islam in the US. This story is that Cassius Clay was a slave name. And that Islam was a religion that declared that all people, regardless of race were equal. A quick trip to the Middle East could have dispelled Muhammed Ali of this notion, however, he converted to Islam without verifying the claims made to him by the Nation of Islam. Furthermore at that time, and today, blacks are far worse treated in Arab countries than in the US or Europe.

This action switched Cassius Clay’s alignment to the religion that had been not only the largest slavers of Africans in world history but the world’s greatest slavers of any group. From when the US fought a civil war over the continuation of slavery, until today, slavery persisted in Muslim countries and is still not even much questioned. Although it is covered up.

Cassius Clay was the perfect convert for not only Islam but any other religion, in that he was illiterate. Religions are continually on the lookout for people that lack the ability to think scientifically and can be easily manipulated. Regions then consider it entirely moral to tell any lie to the individual in order to get them to convert.

How Extreme Was the Lie Told to Cassius Clay Around Islam?

The lie told to Cassius Clay that only Christians and only whites had ever participated in slavery, and that no Muslim had ever participated in slavery, and that all people in Islamic countries were equal to each other is utterly mind-bendingly false.

The man who was in part responsible for converting Cassius Clay to Islam was eventually murdered in 1965 by the leadership of the Nation of Islam for exposing the misdeeds of its leader Elija Mohammed.

Malcolm X publicly accused Muhammad of “having 8 children with six different teenage girls. Six different teenage girls that were his private secretaries.[25]” After first discounting the rumors, MalcolmX came to believe them after he spoke with Muhammad’s son Wallace and with the women making the accusations. Muhammad confirmed the rumors in 1963, attempting to justify his behavior by referring to precedents set by Biblical prophets. – Wikipedia

How Mohammed Took African Slaves and Raped Them

The following video starts off by discussing Muhammed Ali and how he was tricked into thinking Islam opposed slavery, video explains how the Koran describes the slaves that were raped by Mohammed, but then covers the specific Koranic descriptions of Mohammed’s African slaves.

Remember that in Islam, Muhammed is the “perfect Muslim.” And nothing he did could be questioned, and everything written about Mohammed is to be lauded by modern Muslims. Any person (Muslim or non-Muslim) who does not laud Mohammed is guilty of blaspheming against Islam. 

The Nation of Islam convinced Cassius Clay, who had the name of an abolitionist, to take on the name of a Mohammed, who had African slaves and raped his female African slaves. Muslims covered up all of this in order to convert Cassius Clay to Islam.

The History of the Nation of Islam in the US

Reading about the development of the Nation of Islam, which began in Detroit in the 1930s, it was curious to find that the originator of the church Wallace Ward was most likely murdered by a church insider over a power struggle and that Elija Mohammed had to relocate his family to Chicago from Detroit for fear of being murdered himself.

This quote was quite instructive.

Muhammad (Elija, not Muhammed Ali) preached his own version of Islam to his followers in the Nation. According to him, blacks were known as the ‘original’ human beings, with ‘evil’ whites being an offshoot race that would go on to oppress black people for 6,000 years. – Wikipedia

This is extremely unlikely and calls into question Elija’s understanding of world history.

  • Europeans did not discover and explore African until the 15th century.
  • It is also curious how Islamic far more extensive enslavement of Africans by a factor of more than a hundred appeared to have escaped his attention.

How Lying Unifies All Religions

All religions lie about their history.

  • The Catholic church lies about its child molestation.
  • The Mormons lie about how Joseph Smith was killed and why.
  • Scientology lies about how it steals from its followers and how top-level Scientologists travel the galaxy at light speed.

Lying is the default position of religions because to be religious means that one rejects evidence.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that religions lie so much. There is no evidence for religion, yet the religious person does not follow the scientific approach and responding to the lack of evidence declares “I do not know,” but rather seeks to elaborate on the position of ignorance that they do know, and then seek to convince others of one of a number of unsubstantiated stories.

Scientists that are religious are rare, but those that do have to twist themselves into logical pretzels to stay religious. This is because being religious means not using evidence to support a conclusion. Mayim Bialik holds a Ph.D. in the sciences and no doubt has a high IQ, however, lacks the thinking ability to be able to recognize that evidence is required for all assertions, even those that are religious. Feeling good around sunsets or having emotional responses to human experience is not evidence for their being a God, much less proposing that one of the religious myths is true. 


It bears asking the question, why is it standard and widely accepted to discuss those who are Christian and their involvement in slavery, but taboo to discuss the far larger and longer involvement of those who are Muslim and involved in slavery?

Could Muslim slavery be taught in universities honestly, or would a class that dealt with the subject be censored because it was not politically correct and “insensitive to people of color?” Even blacks were enslaved, the fact that it was predominantly done by Arab Muslims is a problem because the victimizers were not white.

Overall, the last people to ask about slavery in Arab societies are Arabs themselves.