Is Apartied Still Apartied If Its Not Done by Whites?

Executive Summary

  • The term apartied is explained as only a separation performed by whites in South Africa.
  • Apartied is only called such when whites institute it.


The term apartied is usually explained as being system separation by whites against blacks. Apartied is common in many places worldwide, but it is not noticed if those enforcing the apartied are not white.

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Examples of Apartied

In the article How The Term Apartied Was Specifically Racialized Against White Societies, I covered how the official definitions of apartied all deal with South Africa, even though the actual definition is not related to any country or race.

This video from Human Rights Watch makes a case for apartied in Isreal.

This video is one of the only sources that I found that explained that apartied is not simply a term that applies to South Africa but is a universal term that describes a pattern of treatment and laws of one group by another group.

The association of apartied with South Africa has blinded many if not most to the apartied that exists in non-white countries.

Examples of Apartied From Non-White Countries

I provided the following examples of apartied in that article.

  • Example #1: Apartied in By Jews of Palestinians in Israel
  • Example #2: Apartied by Muslims in Many Countries of Guest Labor
  • Example #3: Apartied by Black Americans of Africans in Liberia
  • Example #4: Religious Apartied in Iran

Because of how mind-controlled the term apartied is, there are many more places where apartied is enforced, but it is hidden from view, only because these areas are not white.


Apartied is found worldwide, but it usually is not called apartied unless the individuals performing the apartied are white. This means that the term is racist in that other races can do the same thing but not only not be called out for practicing apartied, but will not face the condemnation and sanctions that South Africa faced.

  • While South Africa was forced to change its system, at the same time, many cases of apartied existed (and exist to this day) that were not the focus of much attention, and the reason is that they were and are perpetrated by non-whites.
  • What else but a global double standard on apartied can explain the extreme focus and methods used to stop apartied in South Africa while not even noticing apartied in so many other places in the world?

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