The Negative Outcomes of Female Dominated Socities

Executive Summary

  • Women’s modality of thought has become dominant in the US, Europe, and many other white societies.
  • This article shows what happens when women’s modality is dominant.


Rape is taken very seriously in white countries. Feminists, in particular, exaggerate the frequency of rape in white countries and have made ridiculous claims about rape, including the hypothesis that it has zero to do with sex and is 100% about power. What is particularly curious is seeing what happens to the interpretation of rape when non-whites perform it.

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The Problematic Behavior and Patterns of the Most Coddled Generation

The best way to begin this article is by viewing the appearance of Professor Jonathan Haidt on Real Time With Bill Maher. The relevant part of the video for this article stops at the 6-minute 37-second mark.

Maher and this professor hit the nail on the head regarding the outcomes.  In this discussion, both focus a lot of their blame on social media, leaving women off the hook. They discuss unruly children, but they do not draw the correlation to highly permissive parenting — which is nearly entirely the domain of women. I provide evidence that single mothers usually have the most permissive parenting and poorly behaved children. This is because there is no male, and the female parenting preference dominates.

This same modality exists in families with both parents, but the male is feminized, and the female is running the house. This is most apparent in black families, the racial group in the US that has gone the furthest in undermining men and have the lowest participation of males in child-rearing. Blacks have around 72% of their children born to unmarried women, the highest in the US. (the black community does not celebrate fathers day and likes to call it a “second mothers day). Based on black outcomes, intelligence, and behavior, blacks do the worst job parenting any racial group in the US.

If the US were all black, it would have at the very least the following – based upon dividing 100% of the population by 13.4% that is black, arriving at a multiple of 7.4 to multiply these figures:

  • 3.87x as many homicides.
  • 6.4x as much drug-related crime.
  • 5.18x as much overall violence.

And if the US were 100% black, it would have black policing and a black judiciary, which — if Africa is our guide — is at a much lower standard than policing and a judiciary with a strong white component and based upon European standards, so the numbers might be worse.

So why is anyone copying the black parenting modality, which includes absent men, undermined men by “strong black women” and high levels of out-of-wedlock birth, as well as a culture of baby mommas and baby daddies, with women having children from multiple black men?

Asians in the US, on the other hand, not whites, have the lowest percentage of children born to unwed mothers.

Lessons from the Show Supernanny

Supernanny is a show where a very experienced nanny comes to parents’ homes with poorly behaved children and teaches them how to be better parents. When a male is present, a feature of these families is a feminized man who refuses to provide discipline. A significant reason for feminized men is that women undermine men’s roles as disciplinarians.

Does 100% Male Dominated Parenting Lead to Good Outcomes?

The stupidest societies in the world are Muslim, dominated by men. Only 10 Muslims in history have ever won a Nobel Prize; five of these are for peace — so are not intellectual Nobel Prizes, and only three have won for science. Of those three, two won with the assistance of living in the US and doing their research in the US. That makes the grand total of a single Nobel Price in science won by a Muslim living in a Muslim country at the time. That is out of a world population of 1.7 billion. Canada, a country of what’s until very recently 25 million (now exploded to 37 million with non-white immigration), has 33 Nobel Prizes.

You can see this video where a 55-year-old man is purchasing his 9-year-old bride for molestation.

Selling prepubescent girls to men of any age is approved in Islam, and the Prophet Mohammed did the same thing; therefore, it is impossible for any Muslim to critique this practice. This is called living consistent with the Sira — which is everything Mohammed did — it includes owning slaves, marrying your friends’ children, lying, cheating, robbing caravans, and many more appalling behaviors — and Muslims endorse it.

  • WOKE liberals also agree that this should not be criticized because it is intolerant.
  • WOKE liberals are happy to sacrifice this girl to score WOKE points and increase their prestige among other liberals.
  • A very high percentage of these WOKE liberals who will look the other way are women.
  • In debate, these same WOKE liberals women have said the real problem is me — for pointing this out. The logic presented to me is that pointing this out may lead to discrimination against Muslims. It is important to show “empathy.”

I have researched Islam for months and have written around 80 articles on Islam. However, women who cannot name the three major books in Islam, or when Islam was founded, consider their knowledge level superior because their knowledge is more WOKE and empathetic. WOKE adherence and declarations of empathy are coming to be seen as more important than actual knowledge. That is, the WOKE see themselves as bringing a type of “lens” that can supersede knowledge because this WOKE lens is so superior.

This article is not proposing Islam or complete male domination, which Islam teaches. It is not that women should not get any say — the point of this article is being entirely femi-centric leads to other problems. Curiously, Muslims are not known for being disciplined — so while it is endorsed for Muslim men to both beat their children and beat their wives — it does not seem to result in Muslims being high or even moderate functioning. Every Muslim society is a disaster in terms of outcomes — but this is most likely also attributed to race.

Examples of the Overlap Between WOKE Permissiveness, Parenting, and Social Outcomes

As feminine modalities have become increasingly dominant in Western countries, WOKEness has dramatically increased. WOKEness is an extension of PC and can be considered extreme PC. It also overlaps with breaking down white societies to make them more amenable to non-whites and undermine white men.

How Feminists Adhere to WOKE Groupthink

MS Magazine and feminism, in general, is “WOKE,” which means “culturally sensitive.”

  • This means blaming white societies and holding them accountable while being silent in non-white societies.
  • It means being progressive enough to state that honor killings are (if I created a synopsis of various quotes, it would look something like this)…

“How one culture’s fathers deals with young women who apostate (reject Islam), and that is ok and we need to be sensitive to it, or at the very least ignore it.”

And this extends to non-whites living in white countries.

How The UK Keeps From Being Politically Incorrect By Not Prosecuting Rapists — If They Are Not White

The following video describes how women stood by, did nothing, and did not inform authorities while they knew that Muslim men were raping young and underage women. This was all done in the spirit of WOKEness.

In Europe, there has been a massive increase in the horrific Muslim sex trafficking or grooming; in some cases, one right affected 1400 young girls. The women admitted they did it because they did not want it to become public and reinforce racist stereotypes.

The following quotation explains this.

Who is allowed to be part of the #MeToo movement? I ask because on Friday five men were found guilty of horrific sexual crimes against eight girls and yet the case hasn’t trended on Twitter. There have been no hashtags. The girls’ suffering hasn’t been widely talked about. There have been very few declarations of solidarity from feminists. There’s pretty much been silence. It isn’t hard to see why. The problem for the mostly middle-class, well-connected feminists who make up the #MeToo movement is that this case involved both the wrong kind of victim and the wrong kind of perpetrator. Strikingly, the judge didn’t only condemn the men – he also criticised the authorities in Rotherham. He said they had at best been ‘totally ineffectual’ and at worst ‘wholly indifferent’ to the abuse of girls by Muslim gangs. He said he was ‘quite satisfied’ that the ‘relevant authorities’ in Rotherham knew girls were being targeted for sexual exploitation. And their failure to do anything about it is a ‘lamentable state of affairs’. Boiled down, this really means that they considered it more important to protect Muslims from criticism than to protect working-class girls from sexual abuse. Even now, discussion about Muslim grooming gangs is shushed. Anyone who raises it will be branded an Islamophobe, a racist and maybe even a fascist. – The Spectator

This quote is amazing as, in addition to women in the neighborhood, the authorities themselves are accused here of turning a blind eye to rape.

One has to ask the question, why are the authorities in Manchester doing this unless they are receiving pressure to look the other way?

This same topic has arisen in Sweden due almost entirely to Muslim immigrants, and now Sweden has so many rapes that it is hard for them to keep up, according to the police.

In the following video, the Swedish authorities complain now that they have to deal with the rape of babies.

Sweden Law Enforcement #1 Objective: Keeping Muslims From Being Stereotyped as Rapists

This is not discussed that Islam actively promotes rape under any circumstances, as I cover in the article Is It Still Rape if the Rapist is Not White?

Why has YouTube/Google limited the viewing of this video? Muslims are a protected group to Big Tech, and so censor unflattering information.

In Dubai, foreign women are prosecuted for being raped. Feminists and women, in general, will not critique this judgment because Dubai is not a white country. Therefore it is not PC to critique a non-white country. 

The following comment I took from the same YouTube video is quite interesting.

I worked in UAE for a while and I can tell you outrageous facts about the hypocrisy that would shock everyone but in short I would say a place like Dubai which imports prostitutes in plane loads for sending them to clubs all over while holding their passport to make money out of them is quite significant indication of how corrupt Islamic representation of religion is in such countries.

The biggest attraction of Dubai is the massive import of prostitutes and this poor lady is being imprisoned for sex without wedlock after being raped; what sick despicable vermins in human skin these people are. – Comment on YouTube 

German Lose Their Minds Under WOKE Influence

German authorities call out the disproportionate rapes being caused by Muslim immigrants as “racist.” They also claim that if Muslim immigrants could get better jobs, rapes would decrease, and not having the right job will push even the most reasonable person to begin raping others. I have heard of property crimes based on poverty, but blaming rapes on poverty is new.

What has been the response of feminists to these rapes by non-white men?

It has been primarily to critique those bringing up grooming as racist. 

How Black Women Have Been Struggling to Blame Overall Society and Call It Racism

US blacks have been struggling to figure out a way to blame their cultural problems with rape on the broader white community. They have not found a successful strategy to do this. One of the ways they hide the high levels of assault by black men is by declaring their assaults but by being very careful, never to mention the race of the person who assaulted them. Their preference obviously would be to be able to point the finger at other races for attacking them and then discuss how this is due to endemic white supremacy, which would allow for race scamming.

The only problem with this is that it is very infrequent for other races to rape or even harass black women. However, it is very common for black men to assault white women sexually.

When Oprah Winfrey began producing a documentary on the rape allegations against Russell Simmons, she was threatened by many in the black community as it reinforced “racial stereotypes” about black men. She was told not to embarrass the black community by bringing down a powerful black man, and Oprah promptly cratered to the pressure and removed her name from the documentary.

Southwest Airlines and WOKE Insanity

These quotes describe the WOKE undisciplined insanity that is undermining white-originated societies. These are quotes from the changing work environment at a specific airline, but they permeate throughout western societies. These quotes are from an article in The Epoch Times.

Issue #1: Turning Southwest Airlines into WOKE Enforcement

But eight current Southwest employees, including three minorities, told The Epoch Times that “woke, leftist” DEI policies, as implemented, have tarnished the cherished Golden Rule principle, fractured a once-cohesive workforce, and, ultimately, may put safety at risk.

Faced with pandemic-related staffing shortages and pressure to add minorities, the company has changed the way it hires, trains, and disciplines workers—mostly to benefit less-qualified new hires representing the diversity rainbow, the employees say.

The US has moved away from merit-based hiring to WOKE diverse hiring. This is the same thing that happened in South Africa after blacks took over, and blacks who knew the right replaced whites with far more capabilities. No black-run nation or city has ever developed the idea of merit — everything runs based on tribal affiliation.

Women in white societies generally support WOKE diversity hiring. However, there is something most of them don’t know — non-white societies do not function based upon merit or ideas of merit.

This is how blacks behave in Africa — everything is along tribal lines. Not to say that the best-qualified person always gets the job in white-originated societies, but white societies were the only ones to develop the idea of a merit-based society. Whites hire Indians that immigrate to white-originated societies on merit but then begin hiring Indians based on tribal affiliation. White societies can not be meritocracies if they have substantial non-white populations that only work on tribal hiring.

As soon as one group like Indians begins only hiring Indians, it breaks the trust in the system, and then all other groups eventually will move away from meritocracy and push for their family and friends to be considered for jobs. Non-whites are currently arguing for hiring based upon diversity – which allows more of them to be hired, getting around white merit rules. However, once hired, whites will find they will never accept merit. Diversity will be promoted until whites are pushed out of companies. As is stated, the NBA scores very high for diversity, and the NBA is over 95% white. Diversity does not mean diversity; it is code for removing whites and replacing them with non-whites.

Issue #2: Turning Southwest Airlines into WOKE Enforcement

Minorities or people with leftist political views, varying gender identities, and alternative sexual orientations appear to be given wide latitude. This “protected class” is allowed to bend or break rules, and new hires in these classifications may be given extra chances to pass required skills tests, the employees said.

At the same time, veteran workers—especially those who are white, heterosexual, and conservative—find themselves in the crosshairs for almost anything, including making a personal statement of religious or political beliefs, the Southwest workers said. Even minorities can be shifted into this targeted group if they espouse personal beliefs running counter to causes that the company supports.

One of her colleagues said: “The company is trying to eliminate anybody who does not agree with their agenda. The last few years, anybody who speaks up against them, they want gone.” That flight attendant said she had no problems at work until she posted her Christian religious beliefs on her personal Facebook page, along with her support of President Donald Trump. A coworker reported the posts to Southwest, and the flight attendant said she has faced repercussions ever since.

The company supported the union’s political activism, Carter’s suit says, by accommodating work-shift changes for union members so they could participate in the Women’s March on Washington, D.C., in January 2017. Marchers were protesting Trump’s inauguration; one of the primary sponsors of the event was Planned Parenthood. Southwest also showed “solidarity” with the protesters by bathing its airplane cabins in pink lights on some D.C.-bound flights, Carter’s lawsuit says.

But corporate leadership and philosophy shifted. Carter said, her former coworkers tell her the culture is now one where people are fired on a whim, and they’re encouraged to file complaints against each other over perceived insults, such as failure to use the “preferred pronoun” of a person asserting an alternative gender identity.

The flight attendants describe feeling as though a backstabber is always ready to pounce, to report any action or statement that doesn’t fit the corporate ideology. They’re being held to strict conduct and uniform standards while “accommodations” are extended to people in protected classes, such as a minority woman who was allowed to wear a nose ring—which got a white female in trouble—and a male flight attendant who described himself as “nonbinary”—neither totally male nor totally female—being allowed to wear a skirt that appeared to be shorter than regulations allowed.

The nonbinary employee seemed to be using his position at the airline as a platform for LGBTQ activism and self-promotion, rather than focusing on benefiting the company or its customers, fellow flight attendants said. They shared screenshots of the nonbinary employee’s social media posts. One is a selfie of the mustached man posing in his Southwest uniform, with the comment, “My dress looks better on me than most chicks.”

Those quotes don’t sound like an airline based in a white-originated country. The US is obviously becoming more tribal and more like a third-world nation — and that means that is the direction of the US in terms of competency and effectiveness. LGBTQ and using pink lights to support women’s marches, retaliation against other political views. These are all tribes — and tribal affiliation is now being placed above merit. Women are far more likely to support these things; however, women are not considering that this “tolerance” results in accepting factions.

None of these things has anything to do with Southwest Airlines running an efficient airline. In fact, they run counter to running an efficient airline. They also run counter to white society in that they push tribal affiliation above job performance — and hence they are anti-white ideals.

Issue #3: Turning Southwest Airlines into WOKE Enforcement

It used to be unusual to see flight attendants behave in ways that brought embarrassment to their coworkers. Now, quite a few of the new hires who were prized for their diversity “are rather risqué,” a flight attendant said. “They become very emboldened; they feel they can get away with this because they are in a protected class.”

Still, Southwest has had to fire employees who pushed the envelope too far, including one minority flight attendant who solicited sex in a social media video and another who videoed herself twerking. In both instances, the videos, provided to the Epoch Times, show the employees in Southwest uniforms.

The female response to this is to “show empathy.” However, it means that standards go into decline. Women’s empathy ends up being used against the entire society and to degrade standards, then women’s empathy is negative.

Issue #4: The Work Ethic of Those Raised Under Permissive Female Parenting

While seeing a decline in the flight attendants who seem to be truly vested in their work, the flight attendants say the company is directing them to merely “inform” passengers about violations of safety rules, not to enforce the rules.

“We’re allowing customers to do as they please, and it’s causing safety issues,” a flight attendant said. People are refusing to remain seated during takeoffs and landings, for example. If something goes amiss, “You become a projectile; you can hurt other people,” the flight attendant added.

She doesn’t see that same level of grit from the new hires. “They don’t have the same tough mentality,” she said. Nor do they have the same work ethic, which might be attributable to differences between the younger and older generations.

The older flight attendant described being busy from the beginning to the end of each flight while many of the new hires tend to just serve one round of drink orders, “then they go back to the back (of the airplane) and sit down for the rest of the flight.”

Recently, our flight attendant couldn’t even read off the pre flight instruction card.
She dropped a large tray in flight and announced “Welcome to Atlanta” when we arrived in Dallas.
I wondered what benefit she would be in a crisis situation.
Cleary a quota checkoff over public safety!

Several issues combine to provide this outcome.

First, the US is becoming decreasingly white. All of these non-whites, at some point, immigrated from countries where the standards of behavior are lower and from less capable countries.

A second factor is that female-dominated permissive parenting leads to reduced behavior standards. Rather than getting effective parenting, many or most adults now exit their childhood as far lower functioning than previous generations.


Somewhere along the line, women in Western societies were told and came to believe that they were smarter than men, that they should make all the decisions, and that their way of setting up a society must be dominant and superior to males.

This results in high levels of permissiveness and eventually leads to those countries being invaded by other groups that turn that society against the descendants of those that created the society in the first place.

With women running the show, parenting becomes about indulgence and permissiveness. The output is dysfunctional children and adults because, under the rule of women, no discipline is necessary, only “empathy.” Societies run by female ways of thought have dysfunctional children and are invaded and taken over by barbarians. Those barbarians can take the form of poorly raised children under a female-centric parenting modality, immigrants from barbaric cultures, or children of immigrants from barbaric cultures.

Other Interesting References

More from Professor Haidt can be found in the following video.

The Supernannies

Nannies trained to be the best are not just pushovers that apply a modern, feminine concept of undisciplined childcare.