Why is Diversity Only Demanded of White Societies?

Last Updated on January 18, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • The demands for diversity are not shared equally among countries.
  • White countries receive all of the demands, while non-white receive none.


There is a strange phenomenon where only white societies are expected to become diverse.

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Why Do Non-Whites Complain About White Areas?

It is odd to decry primarily white areas, and no one seems to have a problem when only Africans live in African countries, or only Asians live in Asian countries (or cities). But as soon as an area is all white — all of a sudden, it is considered a problem.

Diversity is the takeover of white societies by non-whites. However, why is there is no diversity expected in non-white countries? For example, no one asks for Thailand to become more diverse, importing people from Sweden, and all of these things are a one-way street of expectations.

The Reason

This is because enormous quantities of non-whites want to live in white societies — this is to receive the benefits of white societies that far outstrip what is available in non-white countries. Whites do not seek to live and work in non-white countries, except for recreation and retirement. Therefore, whites have no request for non-whites to become more diverse. However, non-whites are careful not to admit why their first choice for immigration is non-white countries. Instead, they use euphemisms like “more opportunity,” however, they don’t answer the question as to why more opportunity is invariably in white countries.


Diversity is only demanded of white countries. There is no call for Nigeria to become more Chinese or for Fiji to become more Swedish, and there is no question about diversity in non-white countries. We have African countries that are all black. No one asks for diversity there. China is nearly all Chinese, where are calls for diversity? This question is impossible to answer for this question because there is no answer for the question. It is a double standard.