BLM Learned You Can Massive Critique Whites But Not Jews

Executive Summary

  • Something very interesting happened when BLM publicly opposed Jewish interests in Israel.
  • They learned who really runs the US.


For years after the death of George Floyd, BLM made an enormous number of anti-white statements and demonstrated next-level corruption in their organization. However, BLM finally confronted a group, leading to several corporations dropping their support for BLM. This group is Jews that live in the US. This raises important questions about who is politically and economically running the US.

The video above shows the diversity training implemented by Coke. A black diversity training company clearly developed the diversity training, which is aggressively anti-white. 

Coke’s Diversity Training

Coke’s diversity training material clearly shows that Coke bought into the black-centric WOKE “narrative.” Notice the training material equates being arrogant with being white. This type of anti-white diversity training has exploded since the death of George Floyd. It contains several black race scammers who get paid to tell white employees (never Asian or any other race — only white) that they are racist and that the way to wash away their racial sins is to give non-whites, but particularly blacks — anything they ask for.

Coke’s Position on BLM

As Coke solidified its position as a WOKE company, they were also a significant donor to Black Lives Matter. The BLM movement produced massive lawlessness, property damage, and defunding the police movement, reducing safety in many cities. I cover this in the article The Ferguson Effect – How BLM Worsened Black-on-Black Violence in the US.

BLM inflamed a situation that was always based upon a false claim: that police shoot blacks without any connection to their behavior.

The reality is that blacks are shot at a higher rate than their percentage fo the US demographic, but less than their involvement in violent crime.

I cover this in the article Why the Claims by Black Lives Matter on Police Shootings Are False.

BLM — Heavy on Emotion — Light on Analysis

This is a typical video from BLM. The video leaves out that the number one predictor of the violent gun crime of any state is the percentage of its black population. I cover this in the article What is the Most Predictive Variable for the US Murder Rate.

The video proposes that the US justice system was never designed for blacks. However, blacks in the US are enormous beneficiaries of a white-designed system. Africans would kill to live in the US and be subject to US policing rather than African policing. Furthermore, the rapid degradation of any black-run city illustrates that whites are far better at maintaining a coherent society than blacks when they take the role of police administration. If we look at South Africa, replacing white police officers and white police administrators was proposed to improve the quality of the police force and to end racism, has led to a massive decline in the quality of the police force in South Africa, with more police violence, more corruption and less public trust in the South African police in the history of South Africa.

What BLM never points out is that blacks are the overwhelming victims of black crime. George Floyd, now the poster boy of black manhood for both BLM and the DNC, was a career criminal who was in prison for either yes and engaged in home invasions.

This is your standard cover story by the establishment. This is designed to maximize the empathy for George Floyd. 

Inculcating a False Idea Into the Public Mind

BLM, through its false claims, has been successful in implementing a false idea in the minds of many whites and more than most blacks and even Hispanics that US police target blacks and Hispanics. There is no possible way that Coke executives do not know this, yet they continued their donations to BLM for years. Not only Coke but most of its donors did not appear to care after they had a series of scandals, including failing to report and provide transparency about how it spent its money.

After BLM was exposed as a hotbed of corruption, with it being commonly joked that BLM stood for “Buying Large Mansions,” Coke continued to donate to BLM.

BLM’s Ability to Critique Ends With the Critique of Isreal

The following quotes are from the article Coca-Cola Quietly Removes Black Lives Matter Support Amid Criticism From Ted Cruz.

Coca-Cola appeared to delete a paragraph on its website that supported Black Lives Matter, coming as Black Lives Matter drew controversy for backing Hamas.

It came after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) made reference to the Coca-Cola website and tied its support of Black Lives Matter to backing Hamas, a U.S. State Department-designated terrorist group that carried out multiple attacks on Israel earlier this month that left hundreds of civilians—including children—dead. Israel has responded by embarking on a bombing campaign of Gaza, where Hamas operates.

“For every corporate donor who sent millions to BLM—including Amazon, Apple, BlackRock & Bank of America—do you regret supporting such a virulently antisemitic organization?”

Notice that while BLM only recently dabbled in “anti-semitism,” (which, again, is simply disagreeing with Israel). However, one cannot disagree with Israel without being labeled an antisemite. Any policy enacted by Israel requires blind support, or personal attacks will follow. I cannot think of another country where it is obligatory to have no other view than undying and unconditional support.

BLM’s primary focus has been anti-white race scamming. Amazon, Apple, Blackrock, and Bank of America certainly knew that BLM was anti-white and was never asked about their support for BLM. If one were to measure the amount of emphasis on being anti-white versus anti-Jew —  it would have to be at least 99.5% anti-white rhetoric. This latest kerfuffle is the only time I remember BLM saying anything about Jews or Israel.

“Do you support Black Lives Matter’s Marxist agenda supporting Hamas? Are you antisemites? Do you support that we need to end Israel?” the Texas senator asked.

Interesting — most likely, this is not supporting Hamas per se — but opposing the Israeli occupation of Palestinian areas.

“As Black people continue the fight to end militarism and mass incarceration in our own communities, let us understand the resistance in Palestine as an attempt to tear down the gates of the world’s largest open-air prison,” BLM Grassroots wrote on Oct. 9. “As a radical Black organization grounded in abolitionist ideals, we see clear parallels between Black and Palestinian people. For lasting peace to come, the entire apartheid system must be dismantled.”

This is amusing. Does anyone think that blacks in the US live as Palestinians do in Gaza? Does the US Air Force routinely bomb blacks in Detroit? Who are the number one threat to blacks in the US? Hint: it’s not the US Air Force, and it’s not the police — it is other blacks.

The insanity that runs through BLM continuously comes through in their statements.

After deleting the post, the group wrote that “we sent out [messages] that we aren’t proud of. We stand with Palestine [and] the people who will do what they must to live free. Our hearts are with the grieving mothers, those rescuing babies from rubble, who are in danger of being wiped out completely.”

Notice that BLM did not delete the post because they defamed the US by comparing the lives of blacks in the US to the lives of Palestinians — but because they received pushback from the most powerful group in the US – Jews.

Typically, blacks respond to every critique with a personal attack of racism. However, notice that BLM did not accuse Jews or those controlled by Jews of racism for opposing Israel’s policy versus the Palestinians. Why not? No doubt BLM would consider every one of my articles racist. However, they did not use this same personal attack against the criticism of their support for Palestinians. It seems pretty obvious as to why.

Be Less Jewish?

Would Coke have approved diversity training material that told its participants to be “less Jewish?”

Here are a few things that one could add to this list.

  1. Stop hoarding so much money.
  2. Stop controlling so much of the media.
  3. Stop controlling so much of the banking industry.
  4. Stop trying to censor anyone who opposes Israel’s behavior versus the Palestinians.

Why is that? Why is it acceptable and normal to tell whites to be less white, but Coke would never allow diversity training that told people to be less Jewish? Who holds political and cultural power in the US? Does it seem at this point it is whites or Jews?

Repeating Jewish Pattern

Jews were granted the right to immigrate to the US in significant part due to empathetic arguments. The argument was the Jews were persecuted and, therefore, deserved the right to immigrate to the US. And what were they persecuted for? Here is the typical list.

  1. Jews dominate economic areas and engage in high degrees of in-group preference and discrimination against other groups.
  2. Jews engage in high levels of fraud.
  3. Jews tend to take over important areas of a country, like banking, so that the banks become more focused on benefiting a small number of highly connected Jews than benefiting the public.
  4. As Jews accumulate financial power, they accumulate political power, skewing society so that it benefits Jews disproportionately.

Basically, the things Jews were persecuted for in Europe is the same thing that Jews did after they immigrated to the US. Jews claim that these critiques or observations of their behavior are based on anti-semitism. However, it seems more likely that anti-semitism is not based on some mental disorder or illogical foundation but on the behavior of Jews.

Actually, the Jews appear to be doing things now that they were not even known for in the past. Jews are behind the move towards multiculturalism and open borders. Jews, through “charity” organizations, are funding illegal immigration from Arab and African countries into Europe and Latinos into the US. Whites are constantly asked if they are “anti-semitic”; however, maybe Jews need to be asked if they are anti-white. They demand to politically and economically dominate white originated that they immigrate to and which they had no part in creating, and then they demand the right to change them into multiracial and multicultural hellholes where the normal non-wealthy white person loses their living space. Meanwhile, the Jews, with their superior financial position, insulate themselves in gated communities and on yachts.

It seems increasingly that Jews are intent on tearing down white countries to undermine the white majority.


For years, BLM was able to make an enormous number of false claims without facing repercussions. It was allowed to engage in charity fraud without facing repercussions. BLM made enormous numbers of anti-white statements and never paid any real price. However, when BLM opposed Jews in the US, all of a sudden, it ran into a force that forced corporations to cease giving it support.

How the US Political System Works

The US is not a democracy and was never designed to be one. The US was set on the design of the Roman Republic. People tend to think that because voting rights have been continually extended to different groups since its founding, it is a democracy. However, the first clue that a system is not a democracy is that people vote for representatives rather than the actual issues. If the US were a democracy, it would be difficult to explain how it has a Senate and a House of Representatives. People think the US is a democracy because the financial elite likes to convince the public that they have some say in matters when they do not.

The US has all of the structures of a republic. However, the way it functions is not a republican form of government but a plutocracy. This means legislators do not respond to people as much as they do to donors. Although Jews are only 2% of the US population, they are 25% of the billionaires in the US. The growth in the wealth of Jews has been breathtaking when one considers that for the majority of US history, it only had a minimal number of Jews living in the US. With only 2% of the population, Jews appear to get what they want from US society. They have successfully marginalized and become more influential than whites even though whites outnumber Jews by roughly 30. Naturally, the Anti-Defamation League will dispute this and call this a bigoted anti-semitic conspiracy theory. However, the ADL should answer the question, why is it that a stridently anti-white organization like BLM could critique whites for years without losing corporate sponsorship? However, the moment BLM opposed Jews — in fact, not even critiquing Jews anything like the critiques they hurled at whites, but merely opposing Israel’s oppressive campaign against the Palestinians — then BLM began to lose significant donors like Coke. It’s easy to attack me personally — it’s much more difficult to answer this question without concluding that Jews appear to have more influence over a country that was founded and built by whites than do whites.