Pattrice Cullors Demands That Black Media Help Cover Up Her BLM Charity Fraud

Executive Summary

  • Patrisse Cullors has been shocked and disappointed that black media has covered BLM’s charity fraud.


Patrisse Cullors has been shocked that blacks and black media have turned on her and BLM in the wake of large-scale evidence of charity fraud.

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Blacks Are Amplifying Right Wing Propaganda?

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s executive director has accused some of her critics in the black community of amplifying “right-wing propaganda.”

Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of the BLM Global Network, recently took to social media to express her displeasure. While she did not mention names, Cullors is widely believed to be referencing recent questions from other black liberation activists about whether the foundation ethically manages its donations, which reportedly topped $90 million in 2020. – Daily Wire

One of Patrisse Cullors’ primary techniques is to call all criticism either racist or sexist or only from right-wing sources. This is also shown in the following quotation.

“It’s this idea that I’m sneaky or I’m doing something nefarious, and that’s incredibly anti-black and sexist,” Cullors said during an interview Wednesday with Morehouse College. “We have to call it what it is.” – Washington Examiner

Her statement is correct in that only conservative media entities are interested in the story of BLM’s corruption. However, their criticisms are valid. And it is not just conservative media, as multiple Attorney General’s in various states have stated that BLM is out of conformance with their rules for how charities operate, as is explained in the following quotation.

According to the New York Post, Indiana, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Virginia have all revoked the BLMNGF’s charitable registration. California and Washington went even further by threatening to hold the charity’s leaders personally liable for not revealing what exactly happened to tens of millions of dollars in donations amid George Floyd protests in 2020. Sputnik

Patrisse Cullors Cluthes Her Pearls and Plays the Victim

Cullors clutches her pearls heavily in this article. Cullors categorizes criticism of fraudulent charitable activities as a massive conspiracy.

An Extremely Self Centered Personality Type

In analyzing Cullors’ comments, I observed very high degrees of self-centeredness with an inability to take criticism. Cullors tries to imply she is at physical threat without providing any evidence of a physical threat. There are similarities between Cullors and Jusse Smollett in terms of having a prosecution complex. With this type of self-centeredness, Cullors will naturally easily steal from BLM and blame others for her problems, as she has done with the critics of BLM.

False History From Cullors

Cullors also falsely states that blacks ended slavery in the US when whites, not blacks, ended slavery in the US. This was called the abolitionist movement, and it only occurred in white societies. And if whites had wanted to continue slavery, there is not much the slaves could have done about it. Recall that slaves in the US were prohibited from owning or using guns. However, many blacks have a problem crediting whites to end slavery, as is covered in the article Why Blacks Want to Write Whites Out of Making Slavery Illegal in White Countries.

Few blacks know that long after slavery was abolished in white countries, slavery continued in all other parts of the world, including Africa.

Cullors then states that modern law enforcement is slavery. She also repeatedly uses the term abolitionist, which she redefines as the abolishment of police departments (to begin). What she does not address is that in all the areas of the US that had BLM influence on city police departments, the crime rate dramatically increased.

It is clear that Cullors is very loosely connected to reality.

Patrisse Complains About Critical Coverage by Black Media and Blacks

“Last week I was lied on by my own community,” Cullors posted on Instagram on Friday. “I cried and I hurt and I confronted folks. The media, especially Black media reported on lies. The media especially Black media decided to advance slander against me and my organization. No body (sic) investigated or asked questions. Instead, we lifted up right wing propaganda about BLM.” – Daily Wire

It’s only slander if the statements are inaccurate. So far, Cullors has not provided evidence that the statements are false.

“It’s easier not to believe Black women,” wrote Cullors. “My practice in abolition teaches me compassion, boundaries, forgiveness, and to lean towards healing. So, I am doing just that.” – Daily Wire

When has that been true? Oprah is black, and an enormous number of women believe in her.

Everyone seems to love Oprah, with tons of people of all races wanting to be photographed with her. 

Furthermore, many of the people that don’t believe Cullors are both black and women, particularly the parents of those killed on which BLM raised money in the victim’s name but never distributed any money to the families.

Furthermore, no one would have to “believe” Cullors if she would provide evidence, but BLM is a black box that has postponed the publication of its accounting.

Claims Against BLM For Hoarding Their Donations

This quote is from the International Black Freedom Alliance.

Many in the so-called Black Lives Matter movement are asking the same questions but coming to quicker and much more demoralizing answers. When Ferguson activists and organizers began to talk locally, they soon found out that none of them had received anything either.

They believe the momentum from the 2014 unrest and the subsequent protest that local activists organized for several months after were the catalyst for the group being propelled into the position to receive the 90 million. Now they demand funding from the group to the tune of 20 million in order to continue the work they started.  – Daily Wire

That is the same complaint made by many of the BLM chapters. BLM raises money but does not distribute money that is raised for anything those donating assume it is being used for.

Furthermore, BLM does not use attorneys to represent those arrested during protests and riots. This means that BLM whips protesters/rioters into a frenzy, and then collects money from the protests/riots, but then leaves the protesters/rioters to fend for themselves if they are caught breaking the law. The money appears go to BLM, but seems to stay with BLM headquarters.

How BLM Constantly Stiffs Those that Do its Dirty Work

Russell alleged in the video that Black Lives Matter had not taken care of the families of some Ferguson activists who had “literally given their lives to the struggle,” including two men connected to the protests which later died of apparent suicides and another found dead inside a torched car, his body riddled with bullets. See the following quotation.

“Brother Ali, Joshua Williams, and many other political prisoners from the Ferguson movement are incarcerated, or have been, and still have received no assistance from Black Lives Matter,” Russell went on to claim. – Daily Wire

Those people who protest and get arrested are on their own. This and other stories illustrate a sociopathic disregard for those that protest for BLM.

Yet Cullors states that this is all right-wing propaganda that has been distributed to the black community.

“What’s so effective about the right-wing media disinformation and misinformation strategy is that they deploy it inside the black community,” she said. “To see them post about me, and then the black media — I put in quotes, not all black media is actually black — spread those rumors … I was naive to think black journalists and black media would be interested in talking to me first versus spreading misinformation and disinformation.”  – Washington Examiner

How Cullors Does Not Agree With Free Speech

Cullors has a pattern of being extremely critical and making false claims against those individuals and institutions that she disagrees with. However, she is not very good at tolerating criticism of having her assertions questioned. This is illustrated in the following quotation.

“Many of us did not realize that the digital space would be used against us,” adds Cullors. “And so, the digital era has created all of this beauty for Black people, brown people, women, queer folks, trans folks, working-class people, poor people. It’s also been a place that has been used against us to sling misinformation and disinformation. I think we are in a true information war right now.” – Hollywood Reporter

What Cullors appears to miss is that first, many of the people critiquing both her leadership and BLM are black, brown, and female people, etc. We cover this point in detail in the article How BLM Categorizes Critiques from Black Families About Non Payment as Oppression from the Establishment.

Secondly, Cullors never provides evidence for the defenses against criticism, and where we have checked the claims against Cullors and BLM, we have found the claims to be true. And additionally, we have repeatedly found Cullors and other BLM spokespeople lying. A good example of this is found in the article How Patrisse Cullors Never Left the Management of BLM.

We don’t use the term misinformation or disinformation as we consider them terms of propaganda that seek to critique speech, without providing evidence that the speech is false. However, we like the terms true and false. And Cullors routinely provides false information in her comments and he is rather continuously lying.

Overall, like many people from the left, Patrice Cullors thinks that freedom of speech is a one-way affair. She thinks that she and BLM should be free to be aggressively critical of others, but does not agree that others have the same right, and would make such speech illegal, and categorized as hate speech if she could. In fact, Critical Race Theory, which is one of the philosophies of BLM is that non-whites should have their freedom of speech taken from them. This topic is covered in the article Critical Race Theory Proponents Want Freedom of Speech Taken from Whites.


Patrice Cullors has stated that all criticism of BLM, including the requirements by states that BLM complies with reporting requirements that apply to all charities, is a racist plot. And that some of these racists are blacks. Cullors has further stated that only conservative media have been covering the corruption at BLM.

The problem with this accusation is that Brightwork Research & Analysis is not conservative media. We often cover corruption, and BLM’s behavior and statements fit into a pattern we have seen many times before. The question is why liberal or Democrat-aligned media has not covered the corruption at BLM.

Bias and Corruption in Democrat Aligned Media

Cullors is right on one point — only conservatives appear to be covering this story. However, that is not an indictment against conservative media but an indictment against Democrat-aligned media, and this is because this story is real.