Why Whites Create More Civilized Societies Than Non Whites

Executive Summary

  • It is very un-PC to observe the obvious: whites create better environments than non-whites.
  • This article covers this debate.


The PC presentation is that all societies have the same outcome, and if one proposes the opposite.

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Why St George is Civilized

This is a video on St George, Utah. This video comments that the parts are very clean and the bathrooms well maintained in St George. 

I commented on this video as to what I have seen in this regard, depending on the city’s racial composition.

My Comment

I can tell when an area is non-white because the park bathrooms have the stall doors missing and no soap in the dispensers, etc.. The more white an area, the better maintained the parks are.

This comment received a replying comment.

First Comment

Why do you think that is?

My Answer

Typically, this is the stage when people attempt to come up with a reason that explains away the apparent difference in a way that is PC. PC means pretending that non-white societies produce as good an outcome and are as civilized as white societies. Being PC means just asserting things without providing evidence. PC means one can know nothing and assert anything if it passes through the PC approval meter.

I have traveled extensively, and it is evident that different races have different outcomes. For example, North Asian public spaces are maintained differently from South Asian public spaces. One can be WOKE and try to fight reality, find reasons they are related to something else, or deal with reality despite the apparent discrepancies. For example, one can’t find examples of whites trying to immigrate to non-white societies. But non-whites always want to immigrate to white societies. When enough of them immigrate and have kids, the previously white society is reduced in its level to a sort of hybrid or middle point between white and non-white. I was just in St George a few days ago, and the city is very civilized.

An opposite city from St George would be Yakima, where you can read about my analysis How Mexicans and Agribusiness Ruined Yakima Washington. Yakima, WA, is no longer an American city.

It is a hybrid between America and Mexico. I stayed one night and left the next day immediately. You can see the beginnings of non-white immigration. It is unfortunate and predictable. As soon as St George becomes less white, the non-whites will begin to move off their best behavior and act more like they do when there are more of them. That is, they conform less to white rules.

St George is a very polite city. I am often in Phoenix and the West Coast, and I could not believe how polite people were to me. I saw more polite acts than would happen in months on the West Coast in just a few days. As soon as St George becomes less white, you will see politeness disappear. The whole point of denigrating white societies by saying there is no difference is for the elite to get more money from workers and say, “All societies are the same,” when it is obvious they are not. All races cannot produce the same outcomes, and better outcomes only come from adopting white societal rules. This is how Singapore became the best city in Asia through aggressive enforcement of European rules of behavior. However, Singapore still lags behind an entirely white city.

By allowing non-whites, white societies are committing a type of suicide. This is what happened in South Africa. As soon as South Africa came under non-white rule, the civilization cratered. Every promise of the ANC has been broken. There is never any “Rainbow Nation,” just one group replacing another group. The “Diversity-Rainbow Nation” stage is the intermediate stage before a complete takeover. This is because every group seeks to impose its dominance over society.

Answer to My Comment

Holy cow, these are the most racist remarks I have ever read. And are incorrect too. Whites don’t migrate to non-white areas.? The native Americans were here long before the colonizers. And ten states were actually Mexico. Just to name two.

So only countries that adopt white ‘ways’ will survive and thrive. Well, I guess St George is going to hell and a hand basket because I just moved into the area, and I’m Mexican, and I’m bringing my black child! And please delve into why white parks are better maintained than non-white ones. It’s called money. Geez, I’m done.

My Answer

I just had my reply deleted by YouTube. YouTube deletes any comment that defends whites, and this means that non-whites are allowed to make false historical claims like you just did regarding the 10 US states belonging to Mexico. I covered the false claim about Mexico’s claims in the US in this article A Majority of Mexican Think the US Southwest Belongs to Mexico.

Secondly, the Europeans did not immigrate to the US and conquered what is now the US. The Europeans did not move to the North American continent to take advantage of anything the American Indians built. Mexican immigrants and other non-white immigrants are not coming to build something of their own; they are coming to infiltrate the society that whites created and, in the process, degrade that society.

You don’t know enough to be writing comments on this topic, and you have yet to explain why all Latin American public spaces are inferior to white spaces. You asked why that is, and I explained it.

This commenter cannot accept the fact that non-whites do not produce the same outcomes as whites; however, notice that she has chosen to move to a city, St George, which is a white city when there are innumerable predominantly Mexican cities in the US that she could have moved to. Furthermore, she is not only not interested in living in Mexico, but she wants to live in a white area within the US.


Non-whites debate the fact that white areas are superior to non-white areas. However, they always dream of moving to white areas. This indicates that they also know white societies and areas are superior to non-white societies and areas but either cannot admit it or cannot be found to admit it. if whites continue to allow this — which is only increasing with more and more permissive immigration, and where immigration to white societies is nearly 100% from non-whites, whites will no longer have desirable societies in which to live.

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