How Whites Continually Lose Habitat Due to Immigration Conquest

Executive Summary

  • A pattern has emerged in the past few decades where whites have continually lost habitat to non-white immigration.


Over decades starting in roughly the 1960s, non-white immigration has caused white countries to become less and less white. In the short term, this has been generally considered sustainable. However, there are now multiple examples of what happens when non-white immigration is allowed, and the outcomes are highly negative for the white populations in these countries.

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Comment on Article on South Africa

This quote is from an article on South Africa that accurately explains who was first in South Africa.

People may jump on the above to bring up the past evils of apartheid. Blaming white South Africans is both too easy and based on historical inaccuracies. Most people don’t realize that when Dutch settlers arrived in the Cape region there were no blacks here. Black tribes migrated down to this region around 1770, 120 years after the Dutch had settled the Cape. So when people say things like “the whites should just go home” the truth of the matter is that they were here before the blacks and that it is their home as well. They don’t have another ‘home’ to go back to. Saying that Africa should belong to black Africans as a matter-of-fact is the same as saying that North America should belong to the American Indians. All I’m saying is that it’s complicated and that history and culture created societal divisions way before apartheid. – BBQBoy

This is an accurate explanation of South Africa’s history. However, note one of the comments on this quote.

Sadly you subscribe to the erroneous concept of the Cape being a ‘terra nullius’ before the arrival of the Dutch. The Xhosa and the Khoi lived all around the area using the land pastorally with changing seasons, cold and strong winds seasonally forcing most inhabitants further from the coast. Your words on this in particular are quite presumptuous

This comment is deceptive for the following reasons.

  • The Xhosa and Khoi were not black Africans, so why this commenter would use them as a proxy for the black Africans currently living in South Africa is a diversion. The original statement did not say that the Cape had no population; it stated the truth, which is that black Africans did not populate it. The Xhosa and Khoi were not genetically related to black Africans. With this comment, the commenters are deliberately blurring the identities of the Xhosa and Khoi and stating the original statement did not assert.
  • There were very few Xhosa and Khoi when the Dutch arrived at the Cape. The claims of black South Africans are not based upon the existence of the Xhosa and Khoi, who had essentially died out, but based upon a false assertion that all of the black Africans had ancestors that lived in what is now South Africa when the Dutch arrived, and that the Dutch and other Europeans stole land from them.

In fact, many of the Khoi were killed by the black Africans as well as the Dutch. Neither side should be claiming land based on the Khoi. However, when the Dutch kill the Khoi or Xhosa, it is considered a horrible outcome, but when black Africans kill them, it is covered up. There was killing between the Zulu and the Khoi and Xhosa, between the Dutch and the Khoi and the Xhosa, the Dutch and the English and the Zulu and other black African tribes. The Khoi and Xhosa were mistreated by the black Africans, the whites, the Indians. No one has anything to be proud of in the treatment of these indigenous people. However, only the black Africans attempt to pretend that their territorial rights are related to these indigenous groups.

The following quote explains the lack of interest in these indigenous groups.

No, I’m afraid that the San people couldn’t achieve much in term of recognition by themselves. I seems that nobody has interest in recognize the San people as the authentic SA inhabitants. On the contrary, the SA government looks like as if they were trying to hide that fact, and send a confusing message to the rest of the world. The ANC is a mainly bantu party, and I think they’re not interested in show themselves as invaders the same that the white people.

Most of the people in the world thinks in very simple terms in this subject, they belive that SA was a “black” country invaded by the europeans… they know nothing about the Sam, or in the best case they think they’re a black (bantú) people. – City-Data

And this quote.

Most of the people in the world thinks that South Africa was a “black” country and that the evil europeans came later to enslave the black people, that’s more or less the official information… most of the people don’t know anything about the Khoisan people, about the bantu expansion, think that khoisan people are just another ” black” tribe, etc. This topic was like a taboo for many years, but today is possible to find many information in the web. – City-Data

The Problem With Blacks and Groups That Are Not Part of Western Civilization and Historical Accuracy

There is a problem here that black Africans and other groups not part of Western Civilization have historical accuracy.

Black Africans had constantly claimed that South Africa belonged to blacks when all blacks immigrated to SA after it was built by the Dutch and English. Furthermore, most of this immigration has been illegal, and it occurred during the time of apartied — which men’s blacks from neighboring countries. Just look at the population statistics over the decades in South Africa. I cover this topic in the following article, The Fake Storyline Around White Theft of South African Land.

And this is apparent from a few graphs of the population of South Africa below.

In 1910, the black population was less than 4 million. Now, in 2021 it is 47.5 million people. Observe that the black population rose enormously from deficient levels (the statistics do not return to the country’s beginnings). If one goes back far further to when the Dutch first arrived in 1652, there were not black Africans in South Africa. The land of the ancestors of black Africans was north of South Africa in areas of modern-day Zimbabwe, Botswana, etc. However, the black Africans gave up their claims to those lands (and to the present day Zimbabweans, Botswanans, etc.) when they or their ancestors chose to immigrate to South Africa.

The claim of South Africa belonging to black Africans is not based upon any historically supportable claim but upon the racist concept that any land in Africa belongs to black Africans. However, if this is the standard, why are blacks allowed to purchase and own Europe? Black logic is very clearly stated that Africa should be for Africans and whites, regardless of how long they were there, and what their ancestors did to improve the land, should leave — however, also that if European societies don’t allow a large number of Africans to immigrate to their countries, then their policies are racist.

Why Was South Africa The Most Successful Country in Africa?

What is undiscussed is that South Africa became a magnate for black Africans precisely because it was not run or managed by black Africans. If it had been, there would have been little reason for black Africans to immigrate to what is today South Africa.

There are only two other countries that reached a level of development of South Africa in all of Africa. That was Rhodesia (modern-day Zimbabwe) and Namibia, both similar to South Africa in that they were managed and developed by Europeans. As each of these countries has been transitioned to black leadership, they have all gone downhill.

Furthermore, in particular, the Dutch built a farming infrastructure, road infrastructure, and later a power and telecommunications infrastructure and others based upon European technology and know-how that it would have been impossible for black Africans to do. This is the best infrastructure in all of Africa. This is part of what gave blacks from other countries the incentive to immigrate to South Africa. However, it came from Europeans and was based upon European technology. But upon immigrating, black Africans now claim the right to all of this. South Africa has ports, road systems, railroads, airports — where all of these things stolen from black Africans? Black Africans seem to leave out that when they claim land (that was never theirs, to begin with), they also claim everything that sits on top of that land.

The American family in this marriage is concerned that the Philipino bride is only getting married to their son to obtain a green card to live in the US. The funny thing about this is that two of these children brought non-whites into the US under this visa. Chantel, this man’s sister who is getting married, observes that her brother’s wife is doing it to get green cards. However, that is what Chantel’s husband Pedro also did. Pedro is from the Dominican Republic, another non-white country. Furthermore, all of this is to gain access to a white country. Chantel’s family repeatedly uses the term US or American, seeing this as something they are part of. However, what does the US or America mean? While the US is increasingly diverse, like South Africa, the US was based upon a European-based system, technology, and infrastructure. Chantel’s family is black but clearly sees itself as being as American as any other American. However, if the entire US were black, no one would be interested in getting green cards to enter the US.

So, this is essentially a non-white immigration chain that begins with a family that thinks that what a white society created is their heritage when it isn’t.

Did Black Immigration Overwhelm the European Infrastructure and Systems?

South Africa made a serious mistake by not deporting the continual stream of illegal immigrants that flooded into South Africa. Deporting illegal immigrants is considered racist — if it done by a white country against non-whites. However, non-white countries deport people all the time, and this is not called out as unfair. Why deportation is considered an affront to humanity is odd, as all countries stamp your passport, which states how long you are allowed to stay. There is no country I have ever visited where the stamp says “stay as long as you want” or “instant citizenship conferred upon arrival.”

Observing the Changing Ratio of Blacks to Whites in South Africa

If we look at the 1910 ratio of blacks to whites was 3956/1257 or roughly 3 to 1. However, by 2016, the ratio had increased to 45109/4897 or roughly 9 to 1. And before I move on, recall that if South Africa allowed it, the black population of SA would have grown much more. Many more blacks from other African nations wanted to immigrate to South Africa but were stopped. If they had been allowed into the country, many of them would be making the same false claims of ancestral land rights that the blacks in South Africa do today.

Once black Africans took over the political leadership, which will tend to happen as their population increased (although it was hastened by pressure from the US), the black political apparatus began to replace whites in government and other jobs with blacks. How this has occurred is explained in the article How South Africa’s Decline Mirror’s the Decline of Eskom.

However, this meant that blacks were managing infrastructure and other systems that they did not understand. Black Africans are also highly corrupt, which meant that society became more corrupt. Eskom fell under deep state capture and under the influence of another corrupt culture in South Africa, which is Indian, as I cover in the article How Deloitte, McKinsey the Guptas and SAP Ripped Off Eskom.

The corruption brought by the black ANC is explained in the following quotation.

After nine years in office, Zuma was forced to resign, in 2018, amid new corruption allegations. An estimated thirty-four billion dollars went “missing” during his tenure, Ramaphosa, his successor, claimed. Under Zuma, “government came to resemble an organised-crime gang,” The Economist noted last week.

The former President is due to appear in court next month to face more than a dozen charges of corruption, fraud, racketeering, and money laundering from an arms deal when he was Deputy President. – The New Yorker

Nothing like this ever happened in the entirety of white rule over South Africa. The ANC has been in power for 26 years, and this is the outcome for the population.

In a Gallup survey, sixty-five per cent of South Africa’s sixty million people reported that they had struggled to afford food over the previous twelve months. Despite its vast natural resources, from gold and diamonds to titanium and uranium, South Africa still suffers electricity blackouts. – The New Yorker

Furthermore, things look to get worse. The infrastructure installed when SA was under the white rule is degrading and not being properly maintained. Illegal immigration from other African countries has increased as under black rule, the control of the SA border has declined. Notice the great increase in the number of blacks in South Africa around 1990 (in the chart above), when apartied ended then again in the mid-1990s when the ANC came to power, which was in 1994.

What Happens to Whites When Long Term Non-White Immigration and High Non-White Birth Rates Takes Over a Society

Without black immigration into South Africa, the country never had to become inhospitable to whites. These quotes explain what happens to whites when their society is taken over.

South Africa discriminates against white people. Between affirmative action and Black Economic Empowerment you and your family will find it difficult to make money. South Africa also has a black on white murder rate that compares to war conditions.

As for University, I would seriously suggest you get your education elsewhere. South Africa has for many years stopped being source of quality education. Because of the governments attempts to get blacks employed, they have been giving away degrees, deplomas and qualifications. Everyone knows this and therefore don’t respect or recognise SA qualifications. – Quora

And this quote.

You have to understand, at this point I am willing to take a drop in living standards to live somewhere else. I don’t have a car. You, as a white person, can’t leave your house and walk 2 or 3 blocks to the shop, without being harassed 3 or 4 times for money. Sometimes they try to beg the food or drink right out of your mouth. And those are the nice ones that are not trying to mug you.

This is just day to day quality of life issues. Then the more important question is, is the country still going to exist in another 20 to 30 years? If they take away the farms, there will be no food to eat. If Eskom goes on like it does, there will be no electricity. Existential crises sort of stuff. Really just staying is like playing a game of chicken with your life. My parents are in their seventies. I am happy they are this old, because they will be at least dead, hopefully, before all of it collapses, and be spared the suffering. – Quora

And this one.

Building South Africa? Well, you have had 20 years to do that and how exactly have things worked out? Nope, not good at all, things have only worsened.

South africa is heading toward collapse at the current rate and unlike Zimbabwe in the last decade, no one will feed you. It is only justice. – Quora

And this one.

I live in Africa, in a neighboring country of South Africa, called Namibia. I was born South African, lived there, studied there, worked there. I remember my childhood as being carefree and safe, I even used to play with the little black opressed kids, they were my best friends. As young children we could wander away from home, playing safely in fields and having tons of fun, only to return home when we were starving, which usually happened when it was almost night time. Then came independence and a black government was handed the throne…..WHAT A MISTAKE! From here I grew up behind high walls, security fences & fear!

I got older, now living in Namibia & things are just getting worse by the day!!! By the way, there is not much difference between Namibia & South Africa, a black government is a black government, they are corrupt, incapable & stupid.
Years brings experience and here is my experience with “africans”(if you know what I mean):
1. Crime crime crime, they are born to be criminals, its in their blood. We read the newspapers everyday, beautiful, innocent families including their young children get murdered in the most cruel manner….for not more than a cellphone or a couple of dollars. Everyday. These are the white people getting murdered just by the way….I say again, everyday!! Couple of days ago a farmer went to confront a farm worker about stealing a bicycle from one of his farmworkers…he was stabbed to death in front of his wife and many other witnesses by the thief.

Then they also murder their own, recently here in Namibia a father threw his 5 month old twins on the ground & kicked them & raped them. After a court hearing he was smiling from ear to ear..

Black woman get slashed with pangas during a husbands drunken rage….many! Children get raped & killed on a daily basis. All this apart from the babies that get raped as for the belief that it cures aids. New born babies get dumped alive in sewerage systems, our newspapers have reported on no less than 10 such cases in the last month, in our small city only.

Students get murdered in hostels by other students?

The streets are not safe, even in your car, they are so arrogant & come up to the window to check what is in your car & then either you get mugged or a bullet in your head.

2. Crime crime crime…they are natural born thieves & no one is spared, I have had 2 businesses, one where I was robbed by a syndicate with the bank & police being involved & the other where staff is stealing me blind. If I dare do something about it, it does not help!!! The ministry of labour protects these people to such an extent that they can do whatever they wish without real punishment comming there way. Make a case at the police station and be sure you will never hear about it again. Nothing happens to the criminals over here. Nothing!!

3. There is no justice system, thieves get let of the hook & the innocents pay dearly. I have experienced our courts myself & that is the honest truth!

4. The workforce is pathetic!! You teach & teach & teach until you drop. They do not want to better themselves, they do minimum work, back chat you, are arrogant, steel from you & then expect to be paid huge salaries. Dont reprimand them, for they are born liars. They twist your words & drag you to unions or the labor commisioner, where you wont win because you are white. I have had more than my fair share regarding this, or they just dont rock up at work for a couple of days & then expect to be paid for those days, after they only started 2 days before they left. They loose you huge amounts of busines & no one can do anything about it, because there is no justice system.

This country has cost me 100 of thousands of dollars!!! I have spoken to foreigners who moved here with high hopes & no pleasant words or thoughts to the white oppresors, only to hear from them 2 or 3 years down the line, when they come back far more racist than the worst racist over here.

Then I would like to mention how many black people have stated to me that the coloniast era was by far better, as they had better medical care fasilities, better housing, better pension, more food & better jobs even though they were oppressed. They claim they are suffering more now than ever before.

You can stop any local in Africa and I bet you they will tell you about many incidences where they were affected by crime…Africa is not safe, I live in fear behind locked bars, for they even get by any security system. Even some security guards are part of the robbery. My children cannot have the liberty of playing carefreeoutside at all, as I once had!! Kids riding their bicycles in street as all childen should, get mugged, beaten & their bicycles stolen, some even get stabbed for it. Now that is a real crime & that is africa run by a black government. – Quora

And this one.

I am of the generation who supported the end of apartheid in SA .. It seems it was just an idealistic dream. Rape (a child is raped every second in SA), murder, theft. Chaos, power cuts, feral coloreds roaming free in packs, the smell of shit everywhere, it’s just become like every other sub-Saharan country. And the rest of the world struggles to cope with the problems created by their descendants. Our jails are full, our social housing is full, and our taxes go to the house and feed the rampantly breeding baby mamas and their litters. I do not want to be racist; hate and fear are not pleasant qualities to have. But the problem can’t be denied or ignored anymore. – Quora

And this one.

I am a 20 year old living in pretoria and can’t wait to leave this shit hole, the main reason for going is crime and the way blacks can’t run anything, except into the ground. I can understand that there aren’t any jobs due to the wonderful goverment and that’s the reasons for crime but the way it’s commited is shocking, burning someone with a iron, raping women and murdering for money is fucked up. Just take the money and fuck off, you don’t have to kill for it. By now everybody will say I am the biggest racist jerk and I yes I’m a huge one, If you are black and reading this ask yourself why allot of white south africans hate blacks, its because of all the crime, the shit in the goverment which blacks do, if whites didn’t come to africa you would still be killing each other in the bushes somewhere. Stop blaming apartheid its almost been 20 years now, blacks made me a racist

And this one.

I have lived in Australia, England, and the USA. I have visited over 30 countries in the last 15 years across Europe, Asia, and South/Central/North America. While I have witnessed serious crime levels in some of those countries, South Africa is far and away from the scariest place I have ever visited. I have wandered the streets of Rio, Tijuana, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok, and Singapore (to name a few) and have never felt so unsafe as I did in Cape Town. Whilst beautiful, it is seething with criminals 24 hours a day…and that is nothing compared to Jo Burg. In a nutshell, SA = crime, corruption, and human filth. I would rather visit Iraq than return there again. Such a shame. – SEOXYS

And this one.

Really nice country full of really crappy people, including most of the government, police, and every state run organisation including the state hospitals. The military and police are little more than welfare organisations for lazy no-gooders. Hell, we have functionaly illiterate “officers” in our military, and low ranks that openly tell their superiors to “Eff Off”.
Outright hatred for the europeans is even openly spouted by the so-called politicians, and everyone blames the whites for the poor living standards of the so-called blacks. Who did these blacks blame for their poor living standards prior to the arrival of the whites? They had nothing, not even a written language.

You will find some 20% of the black population have managed to work their way out of the gutter by sheer hard work, but often, elements from their own nation try to pull then back in.

Civilized (read wealthy) black people regard the masses as being poor due to them being too damn lazy to get an education or actually do some real work, and, in many cases, actually despise them.

The black on black crime level is largely unreported and super-staggeringly high. Black on white crime is reported and is also staggeringly high. Virtually all areas are no-go areas after dark – especially the large cities. Daylight robbery such as at traffic lights is also a large problem. Stop your car and the windows are smashed and goods grabbed. Alternatively, a knife or firearm is held to your head while you are robbed. Consider yourself lucky if you don’t get shot. Criminals are released on minimal bail (prisons are overcrowded) and they return to get revenge on those who reported them (including the initial victims). The police serve to protect the corrupt government officials, and many of those in uniform are criminals too. The rate of lost firearems by this so-called police force is mind boggling, with over 18,000 lost (or sold to criminals friends) across a period of seven years. Only 54 people were convicted for the loss of their weapons during the same period. Wow, that really sums things up, doesn’t it.

Life is worth nothing in Africa, and that includes South Africa. You can get murdered for just refusing to hand over a cheap cellphone, or even your school lunch money.

Corruption and nepotism in the government is so high that a recent study found that around 75% of tenders go to family and friends. Whistle-blowers are targetted and often killed.
Automatic teller machines are blown up (explosives) on a regular basis, cash in transit robberies are no longer front page news, and bribery is the national past-time.
Need one say more about this shithole?

This quote is interesting because it goes beyond describing the violent crime and gets into corruption. As with Indians, as I cover in the article The Problem With Indians as Gatekeepers for US IT Purchases. When black South Africans get into companies in a procurement position, they then rig the process to redirect the procurement to people they know.

Another quote.

I was a Rhodesian until the uprisings started in Bulawayo in 1978, and I moved down to Johannesburg, where slowly but surely history started repeating itself.

Rhodesia became Zimbabwe ( Zimbabwe Ruins), and most of us burned our houses and left rather than hand them over to people who didn’t want to buy them, break-in, shoot you and your family, and just take over.

Zimbabwe has two black tribes that do not like each other. South Africa has about 13, and they all hate each other and fight for power, although they are the same color. All you see on TV is the beautiful game reserves, but I lived there and was stabbed and nearly raped. Why? Because I am white.. I could not go out alone, even carrying a gun( I am a white female). I could not carry cash or a handbag, or jewelry. My house had high barbed-wire fences and security cameras. I carried a gun everywhere and was always looking over my shoulder.

Who the hell want to live like that? At the latest footage of 100 years of the ANC, there were no white people at all. The whites and blacks do not get along. There are too many cultural differences. I am tired of hearing the ANC say they can’t get the country right because of apartheid. They just cannot run a country and never will be able to. They forget that in apartheid days, everyone had jobs, and the violent crime rate was very low. Now, look at it! I noted that many black people left the ANC 100 year celebrations, so that speaks for itself.

I have seen people burned alive on the roadsides, so please emigrate there if you want to live in fear and behind locked doors. If you can survive, it is cheap as chips but at a very high cost.

And this one..

I am white male from South Africa, and trust me America is a place I could only wish to live in. White South Africans were the reason South Africa became a successful, peaceful country. Just look at the rest of Africa and the abject failure it is as a continent, and then look at South Africa under Apartheid! South Africa and Zimbabwe were once beacons of light on the darkest continent, showing the way forward, becoming the financial hubs of Africa. The whites built South Africa up, we planned the roads, we planned the factories, we grew the food and fed the nation, we developed the mines (didn’t own then though), we were the industrious people who took the land of wild animals, bush and low IQ blacks and made it the country it was at the time of the handover. Everyone has access to schooling, further education, health, food and policing. All the cornerstones of any civilized society were present in the country. And then the country was handed over to the black liberation terrorist ANC Party and today we see in front of our eyes – proof that sub-Saharan blacks cant make a success of any thing even when given on a silver platter. They can’t create wealth without taking from someone else! They cant grow food, proved beyond any doubt when once successful farms given to them lie barren and dead, returned to bush! They cant even maintain the education system which is now in a mess with the health system not far behind! Crime is out of control, infrastructure is collapsing, white farmers are being murdered without government standing up and denouncing the slaughter.
Watch: “Farmlands” YOUTUBE! The blacks cant make sport teams on merit and so have to use quota systems to force the teams to incorporate them. They cant get jobs without affirmative action being implemented. In short, The ANC has killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. Millions of white South Africans sit outside the country looking in, waiting for the pin to finally drop. The hungry forgotten blacks look with big eyes at their leaders who live in obscene luxury, whilst there brothers and sisters scratch in dirt for food.
This is what Africa is all about. Tribalism and status and using there fellow man to get to the top, and once there forgetting their fellow man.

White South Africans knew all of this. We know the black-mans behavior. We know what the black race is capable of.
The rest of the world tried convincing everyone that they knew better than the white people living day-to-day with them for hundreds of years… And they continued to agitate for them to take the country over! Well, reality has certainly met the rainbow nations dream and its not looking to good!

My, my look how far South Africa has devolved under the black man. I would love to say that I am shocked, but I would be lying.

Welcome to reality.

Where is the Coverage of the Disasterous Decline of South Africa Under Black Rule?

It is almost amusing to see white media members cover black riots in SA or BLM riots and present them as normal. Recently blacks went on a looting binge in Chicago — the trigger was a black man filmed on camera shooting himself. No one else was involved, but that was enough to produce a “black shopping spree.” 

The phrase “xenophobia” is repeatedly used in this video to describe the attacks on immigrants in South Africa. This means an irrational fear of outsiders. However, is this an accurate term?

Is Phobia an Accurate Term?

Is the fear South African blacks have of enormous influxes of illegal immigrants rightly described as “irrational?” South Africa cannot maintain the infrastructure to support its existing population. It is short on water and faces power cuts on a routine basis. Immigrants do take jobs from and lower the wages of the domestic population, which increases income inequality. The fear of more black immigration seems like a very rational fear, not at all a phobia.

Whenever the elite media decide they want to stigmatize a negative view of something, they label it a phobia. Islamophobia is supposedly a terrible thing. However, Islam is a religion that declares it will take over the world, and is justified in violently subjugating non-Muslims. Muslim countries also have terrible outcomes. Why is a fear of Islam considered a phobia? Is the fear of sharks also a phobia?

Zimbabewan’s Looking for Greener Pastures to Immigrate

The Following quote describes how Zimbabweans no longer look at South Africa as a very good opportunity for immigration.

However, Zimbabweans still face significant challenges in South Africa, with working class and poorer migrants disproportionately suffering from discrimination and xenophobic violence. Indeed, the most vulnerable of migrants tend to suffer from wage exploitation and anti-migrant violence, with female migrants facing the additional risk of rape and sexual exploitation. As a result, many Zimbabweans have soured on South Africa, frustrated with the governments poor handling of crime and xenophobia, as well as its indifference to the plight of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans. Most educated workers who can afford to, now believe it is better to emigrate to other countries such as the United Kingdom; Australia; Canada; New Zealand and Ireland, which offer greater economic opportunities, less discrimination and crime than remain in South Africa. – Wikipedia

Is it not curious that there is not a single black country on the list of countries to which they want to immigrate? Under the Mugabe regime, Zimbabweans were strong in kicking out whites from the country, however, when they choose to immigrate, they either chose South Africa, which was a society based upon European infrastructure and systems or other previously or historically white societies.

Constant Immigration From Desperate Neighboring Countries

There is intense poverty in South Africa, but the ANC is doing a poor job of preventing desperate Africans from neighboring countries from immigrating to South Africa, which is still preferable to their home countries. Looked at in this way, both the black South Africans and the new immigrant blacks from neighboring countries want to exploit what a European culture created. And now there are fights between new and old black immigrant groups. There is only so much of what the Dutch created to go around. Blacks in other parts of Africa seek to immigrate to Europe, as what their black-run societies can provide to them are not acceptable to them.

When income inequality is mentioned in South Africa, the large-scale illegal immigration from neighboring countries is left out. The previous white rule under De Klerk is not responsible for the lack of border enforcement since 1994. Naturally, the more Africans are allowed to immigrate from neighboring countries, the higher the income inequality will be. A country must enforce its borders, and it is destabilizing not to do this. I have never once seen this aspect of South Africa discussed in any media.

The media will cover riots, and it is apparent that all rioters and looters are black. However, they do not correlate it to the country being under black rule.

This quote is typical of Western media coverage.

Erica Platter is a writer who has spent much of her life in KwaZulu-Natal. “How desperately sad I feel that our new South Africa has come to this. And how deeply disappointed I am that ‘the rainbow nation’ has faltered,” she wrote me. “Of course, it was a delusion to think it might succeed. How, after all the years of terrible inequality, through colonialism and apartheid, could we possibly imagine a ‘New South Africa’ would work? The scars will never heal. There are scabs over the wounds, even bandages, but underneath there is still pus and pain, and infections ready to spread, to be spread.”

Really? Because this was the logic for moving South Africa to black rule. This was the expectation of Western countries to apply punishments and disinvestments into South Africa to force the country to disband apartied. However, now the story appears to have changed to where the rainbow nation was a delusion. Now it appears that the countries that pressured South Africa to switch to black rule have delivered a headshot to the country, and they don’t appear very interested in admitting their error.

Notice this quotation.

Beginning in the late 1970s, a grass-roots movement of American college students and faculty across the country started demanding that their academic and civic institutions divest their holdings in companies doing business in South Africa and that pension funds and banks divest any South African assets. The divestiture movement, in part, was a response to the 1976 uprising by the youth in Soweto and the massacre of protesters by the South African police.

By 1988, more than 155 academic institutions had fully or partially divested from South Africa, including the University of California, which withheld some $3 billion from the country. In addition, by 1989, 26 U.S. states, 22 counties and more than 90 cities had taken economic action against companies doing business in South Africa. – US Geneva Mission

Notice what is left out of this quotation. Yes, the outcome from the international pressure has been a nightmare.

Look at all of these artists from the 1980s, none of them ever having lived in a black-run country, insisting that South Africa become black-run. Will South Africans receive an apology from these musicians or others who decided to interfere in South African politics to ruin their country?

The Real Reason Making South Africa a Black Run Country Was a Delusion

It certainly was a delusion, but not for the reasons given. Secondly, inequality has not gone down, and infrastructure has degraded, the universities have degraded. Under black rule, South Africa has done nothing but decline. Overpopulation, by blacks, is a major factor in South Africa’s decline, which I cover in the article The Undiscussed Issue of Overpopulation in South Africa’s Decline.

All while keeping secret the decline of South Africa in every dimension since 1994. Why is the Western media keeping so many things about South Africa a secret from the public? Is it not sufficiently PC?

The media presents the out-of-control black immigration to South Africa as xenophobia. The statistics quotes here that 3% of the SA population are immigrants has to be false. Just look at the graph higher up in this article. 

Any country with a white infrastructure that is close to non-white countries must have extremely stringent immigration restrictions, or it will become overrun by no-whites.

This is what has happened in South Africa.

The more I researched this topic, the more items I found that are not explained in the media, and which clearly show South Africa is headed towards extremely dark days. Illegal black immigration is an enormous issue that will eventually crater South Africa. The black leadership of South Africa is obviously incompetent and cannot manage the country. The media explanations and the coverage of this topic of illegal immigration has been brain dead and irresponsible.

Why South Africa Cannot Improve

South Africa’s capability has declined. Observe this quote about SA’s roads network.

A new report by business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan shows that more than half (54%) of the country’s unpaved road network is in poor to very poor condition, while about a third (30%) of the paved network is in poor to very poor condition. “The provincial road network condition has been on a steady decline since the early 90s due to several reasons, including curtailed funding allocations to roads and the shrinking project output by the public sector,” Frost & Sullivan said. – Business Tech

Hmm, that is curious, because this is when apartied ended and when the ANC took over political control of the country.

There are problems with water availability.

This country has been stricken by affects from the long standing apartheid to the devastation that diseases such as HIV/AIDS and TB have caused. Now another crisis looms in the distance: Water. As more and more people migrate into cities from rural villages the pressure for the city to meet the water demands is ever increasing. – The Water Project

Apartied ended 26 years ago when the country did not have its present water problems. With the ending of white rule, large numbers of Africans from neighboring countries streamed into South Africa. How come this increased demand is not mentioned anywhere in this quote. There is only mention of people migrating to cities from rural villages.

There are many reasons that attribute to this growing water crisis in South Africa. Climate change has affected water supplies within the region. Rains that usually come and supply the country’s water has come infrequently. For example in Durban the Dams are 20 percent lower than at the start of 2010. Due to this fact cities are looking to impose water restrictions on communities. – The Water Project

Yes it has, but why is the vastly larger population, close to doubling from 1985 to 2021 not mentioned. How much of the lower level of the dams in Durban is due to this increased population?

Another problem that Durban in particular faces is stolen water. According to one report 35 percent of the cities water is stolen or given out through illegal connections.

This was far less common under pre-ANC rule. Blacks both break pipes to steal water, leaving them flowing after they obtain water and steal electricity. This leads to extreme waste in both instances, and to damage to the delivery infrastructure. Why does this article not mention these things have increased under ANC rule?

Also, preventative measures that were put in place such as the construction of dams in the area have not even started or are still in the process of being built and those structures that are in place now are slowly collapsing.

Really? Is that due to a lack of infrastructure? Did these things happen under white rule also?

Overall, infrastructure is lacking, whether or not it is old pipes or ignorance the South Africa water crisis is here and affecting millions. There has been a backlog in services since the end of apartheid and that needs to change.

Why did the backlog increase since the end of apartied? Did this have anything to do with experience white workers being replaced by blacks in SA’s water utility? The article is very seriously not interested in discussing anything related to the correlation between SA’s water problems, and the correlation to the management of the SA water utility by the ANC.

South Africa must have the best-looking dam in the world with the Katse Dam outside of Johannesburg. 

The east of SA gets plenty of rainfall. Why is there a problem with pipelining that water to the dry part of SA in the west of the country? This quote provides a clue.

However, as of 2017, owing to a lack of maintenance resulting from corruption, provision of water and sanitation has largely collapsed. In 2015, the Department of Water and Sanitation said it would require R293-billion to fix and upgrade all water and sewage infrastructure in the country.

South Africa’s sewage system has largely collapsed. Globally, on average, annual maintenance to plants amounts to 15% of the plant’s value but in South Africa only 1% of the plant’s value is spent on annual maintenance. Of 824 water treatment plants, only around 60 release clean water. Every second, 50 000 litres of untreated sewage flows into rivers throughout the country.[28] – Wikipedia

Ahh, I see. Why did the government only spend 1% on maintenance for their water treatment plants? Is the ANC familiar with the fact that these plants require a certain level of maintenance to continue functioning?

South Africa experiences a brain drain that also affects the availability of qualified engineers in water and sanitation utilities. The number of civil engineers in municipalities has declined from 20 per 100,000 inhabitants in 1994 to 2.8 in 2009.[50] – Wikipedia

Were any of these qualified engineers run out of their jobs because they were white? How does one drop by close to 10x the number of civil engineers working in the country?

One reason is the official policy of cadre deployment, whereby persons loyal to the ruling party, the African National Congress, are given jobs in different branches of government. This intransparent process puts party loyalty ahead of competence and demoralises public service employees, according to a 2012 study by the Human Sciences Research Council. – Wikipedia

Is it racist to observe that the black political leadership in SA does not appear to understand how to maintain the European-based infrastructure they inherited when they took over the control of the country?

All of SA’s infrastructure and institutions (including education) have been in decline, while its population of blacks has increased and will increase even further in the future.

The media is making it sound as if “time” is needed. However, South Africa’s best opportunity to improve was in the past, not now. Every year the black population grows, while the capacity, the infrastructure declines. Every year the country becomes more corrupt and its legal system disintegrates.

What Blacks in South Africa Did Not Understand

The blacks in South Africa did not understand that South Africa was successful because of the whites. The blacks were merely attracted to that success and immigrated to the country. This should be obvious by comparing black-run countries to black-run countries in Africa. The relationship is clear that the more a country was colonized, the more successful became that African country, the evidence of this I provide in the article Why Do the Most Europe Influenced African Countries Have the Least Slavery.

Anyone Who Accurately Describes The History of South Africa Will be Called a Racist by Black Africans

The only response to this accurate explanation of SA history by blacks is to call the person presenting the information a racist. It is not “erroneous,” the facts are shown in the statistics. It is simply a lie to say that white South Africans stole the land from black South Africans. What is happening is that black South Africans are taking over what white South Africans built.

What Group Created the Modern United States?

The US was entirely “owned” by the American Indians, but with several countries such as Mexico and surprisingly even Turkey having territorial claims that they could not enforce. However, what the European immigrants built has nothing to do with American Indians. When Mexicans illegally immigrate to the US, they are not immigrating to obtain land. There are enormous areas of little-used land in Mexico. Most of Baja is a good example of this. They are immigrating for the systems and infrastructure that were created by European culture. As with South Africa, there are now historically false claims made by Mexicans that the Southwest, which is an area never controlled by Mexico (Mexicans were scalped by Commanches who lived in modern-day Texas and New Mexico and numbered around 10 thousand or so), entirely belonged to Mexico and was stolen by the US. Therefore society and system that could have never been built by Latin American culture should be given “back” to Mexico. This is called the Reconquista movement, which I critique in the article The Fake Reconquista: A Majority of Mexicans Think the US Southwest Belongs to Mexico. It relies on the same type of false history as black South African use. These movements start with the illegal and legal immigrant group saying they want jobs but later converts to demands that the original groups leave. Every year the black population in SA increases, and the demands become more hostile while the white population declines. I have begun to call this pattern “conquest through immigration.” In Europe, black immigrants are now saying the “secret history” of their ancestors living in England has been covered up. With all the Muslim immigration, many Muslims have declared that all of Europe will eventually become Muslim.

The Problem with Non-White Immigration into White Countries

Non-white immigration rapidly leads to calls for more non-white immigration. Each non-white immigrant becomes an advocate for non-white immigration. The differences between what white societies create and the races that all nonwhite races create are so large that immigrating to white countries becomes a drug for non-whites. Non-whites will concoct any excuse that they can to bring more family members over and to convert white countries into becoming non-white. There is an insatiable demand on the part of non-whites to immigrate from non-white countries to non-white.


White countries that allow non-white immigration invariably deal with cheating by non-whites to get around immigration cap limitations, and non-whites then form political action groups that lobby for more non-white immigration. It appears sustainable in the early stages of the process, but this is because this does not observe the long-term consequences. That consequence is that the white country gradually becomes unlivable for whites. This destabilizes the targeted country and increases income inequality as the new entrants compete for jobs against the domestic population and drive wages lower. They also increase the population, which increases the competition for goods and services increasing the cost of living in those countries.

Each country can only sustain so many people, but the demands of non-white immigration are endless. For example, Indian immigrant groups have proposed that immigration caps should be correlated to the population of countries, which I cover in the article How HR 3648 is Just a Copy of the Unjust HR 1044 H1-B Visa Adjustment. So a country of 1.4 to 1.5 billion non-whites, such as India and China, would be allocated much of the immigrant slots for all white countries. Whites who support diversity and nonwhite immigration fail to understand that whites’ lives are degraded when they live around non-whites. The experience of South Africa starkly demonstrates this. Large areas of the US are not no-go zones due to the concentration of Mexicans and even Asians. Black areas in the US receive close to no white visitors. Once non-whites takeover an area in the US, they are generally not satisfied but seek to move to white areas within that country. Non-whites are unable to create what whites create in their societies. So they seek to immigrate to white countries to allocate the benefits of white societies for themselves and distribute the negative aspects of their culture to these white societies.

Certainly, whites can live in Thailand as ex-pats, but this should not be confused with and is not the same as living in a country where one makes one living and has a family. This is essentially just being a long-term tourist or retiree.

Whites are allowing their countries to be non-militarily invaded through a process I refer to as immigration conquest. This leads to the loss of habitat for whites.