How the US Southwest Has Been Taken Over by Non-Whites

Executive Summary

  • The US Southwest is now so non-white that it is no longer appealing for whites to live in.


The US Southwest has received so much non-white immigration and births that whites should question whether they need to vacate these states.

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Evaluating the States of the Southwest.

The following graphic shows that the central states of the Southwest are some of the least white states in the US.

Here is the ranking of the US Southwest by how white each state is compared to the other states.

  • California: is the 49th most white state out of 50.
  • Nevada: the 46th most white state out of 50.
  • Arizona: the 42nd most white state out of 50.
  • Texas: The 47th most white state out of 50.

There is no other region with so many states that score so low a percentage of the population being white.

This provides more details on the racial composition by state. Blacks are the worst race for a state, bringing large amounts of crime, poor outcomes, and creating the most hostile environments, and the second-worst is Latinos. All non-whites are more nepotistic than whites, and whites are the only group ever to push forward a concept of merit-based selections. And even there, whites are not entirely about merit either. However, all other groups function on the basis of promotion based on affiliation.

YouTube Removed the Video

Lebanon has 18 different religions, and the country is highly fractured. Lebanon is another example of a country where diversity is negative. As soon as any group takes power, they engage in tribal decision-making devoid of meritocracy. 

This means that as non-whites take political power, the effectiveness of that region declines rapidly. Chicago, Baltimore, and Stockton, CA, are all examples of this.

Examples of Non-White Managed Cities in the US

The non-white population in the US lives in complete denial about their lower abilities to run things. As they become more prominent as a percentage of the population, they vote in their race for office, resulting in that city’s decline. For example, all of the cities with the lowest ratings regarding management efficiency are black run.

All of these cities are run by blacks, except for Stockton, CA, which Latinos run. These cities are significant recipients of Federal aid, which means that non-white cities become highly reliant on the overall country and cease to be self-sufficient.

Why Whites Need to Stay Out of Black Managed Cities

This constant decline of all areas and countries taken over by blacks from whites is covered in the article What Happens When Blacks Take Over Management from Whites?

Why Whites Need to Stay Out of Hispanic Managed Cities

The following article explains what happens when formally white areas are taken over by Hispanics What Happens When Hispanics Take Over a US Area?

This article explains what happens even before a city is taken over by Hispanics but has a sufficiently sizeable Hispanic population. How Mexicans and Agribusiness Ruined Yakima Washington.

Blacks and Hispanics are the worst managers of societies, but the story extends to all whites. Hawaii, which is dominated politically by the Japanese, has far more nepotism than other states run by whites.

The Media Will Not Cover What Happens When Non-Whites Take Over the Management of White Originated Cities

You will note that there is a media blackout on how poorly non-whites have managed the cities they have taken control of in the US. Why are all the worst-managed cities in the US either managed by blacks or Latinos? The media has no answer for this, and just pointing this out is “racist.” However, you don’t have to formulate an answer to a question if you don’t even observe it. Therefore, the media pretends this issue does not exist. Remember the catchphrase, “Diversity is a strength.”

The Interesting Case of the American Indians

American Indians preceded whites in the US, so clearly, they are not immigrants. Curiously, American Indians are the most agreeable of all non-white groups even though the whites took their land rather than vice versa. American Indians typically stay on their own reservations and keep to themselves. However, cities run by American Indians are also not close to the management efficiency of white cities. Yet, unlike other non-whites, American Indians do not seek to take over the management of white cities.

Did the Author Stop for One Second to Think How More Desirable Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are Than DC?

Observe from the graphic before the last that the District of Colombia has a population of 45% black. It has the highest gun crime and overall level of violence of any city in the US. And it is purely because the area has such a high percentage of its population being black, as I cover in the article Is Gun Culture or Black Culture to Blame for Gun Violence?

See this quotation.

In the Northeast—particularly the states Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire—the Non-Hispanic White population accounts for 90% or more of the total. In contrast, Black populations are highest in the District of Columbia (45%) and several Southern states. – KFF

Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are all safe and civilized places. DC is not. DC used to be civilized before blacks changed the city’s demographic.

This shows the overall breakdown. And this quote shows where the demographics are going for the country.

By the year 2060, it’s expected that the distribution of Non-Hispanic Whites as a percentage of total population will fall from 60.1% to 44.3% of Americans. – KFF

What will happen to the US as this demographic shift occurs is covered in the article What Will Happen When US Society’s Demographics Flip to Non-White?

Many people reading this article won’t be alive in 2060. Therefore, the question is how to decide to remove oneself from diversity without needing to leave the country. Leaving the country brings up many other issues, one of which is language. Another is that to stay among whites, the same issue applies. One needs to move to cold weather climates. Countries with sizeable white populations, like South Africa, have been overrun and are no longer safe for whites. Australia has accepted diversity as a mantra as well, and like the US, it is in decline and will be increasingly hostile to whites. So due to both expense, inconvenience, and problems getting residency, moving within the US is an option for a much higher percentage of the population than changing countries.

For the younger and future generations of whites, the trend is clear that there will eventually be no place where whites can move to escape diversity.

The Problem With The Typical Presentation of Diversity

Diversity, which means whites being replaced by non-whites, is presented as harmless for whites and a good thing. It is explained by the elites, who control media outlets, that whites need diversity and that without diversity, whites are somehow incomplete. This is an odd and historical presentation, as white societies created some societies that were the envy of the world by any measurement. Not all white societies, Eastern and Central Europe and Russia, did not do this. But Canada, the US, Australia, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and many others did. But diversity is just the elite cover story. The reality is that when non-whites move into an area, it goes downhill, but the non-white population begins to act in a hostile manner and create an environment for whites. To mind control whites into accepting this, the “Diversity is elites created a strength” campaign to make whites tolerate that their society is being given away to non-whites.

The US Has No Negative Datapoints On the Results from Diversity?

Many people who promote more non-white immigration and diversity like to pretend that the US does not already have decades and even hundreds of years of diversity being negative in the case of blacks. One of the most damaging things ever done for the US was when many elitists brought over black slaves. This is usually presented as being very harmful to blacks, but what goes unmentioned is that it was very damaging to the US and non-elite whites. The only beneficiaries of US slavery were a tiny elite of slave owners who were too cheap to pay for honest work. The white workers had their work devalued, and this reduced wages. The region of the US with the most slaves by far was the US South. This is also the region that was and continues to be most backward. Slave societies denigrate work, as work is associated with those of the lowest status in society.

The Need for Walls and Gates

This is why whites flee areas that become diverse or become non-white. The only whites who benefit from growing non-white “diversity” are the elites, who get to pay less for labor and, therefore, keep more for themselves. However, even elites know they must put gates on their housing complexes. This is a point brought up by Ann Coulter that elites tell the populace that “walls don’t work” while they live behind gated communities. Growing up and living in the US for most of my life, I have never seen as many gated communities as I have today. What are these gates if the elites are so copacetic with the diverse society they have created?

Latin America and South Africa are also filled with gates. Gates and gates societies indicate income inequality and a declining state of that society. This goes along with private security, etc..

What US Elites Really Think About Diversity

The reality is that elites don’t like diversity any more than non-elite whites do. However, elites don’t have to live with diversity. Elites live away from diversity on yachts, high-end hotels, and mansions. This isolation allows them to have little concern for the broader, increasingly non-white societies that they “sort of” live in. Furthermore, of all groups, elites are the least tethered to any country. They can pick up and leave and often live in many countries anyway.

How Non-Whites Hypocritically Critique Areas That Are Not Diverse

To parasitize white societies, it is necessary to critique areas that are too white. The following quote is an excellent example of this.

That song is from John Denver, a very white guy who is adored by…white people. His song about West Virginia talks about how beautiful the Mountain State is, but it doesn’t talk about how overwhelmingly non diverse the state is. A whopping 92.0% of people in West Virginia are white. – Roadsnacks

The Illogic of Asking Why John Denver Did Not Sing About How White West Virginia Is

Country Home was recorded in 1971. That was 51 years ago. At that time, the US was predominantly white. There would be little reason to “talk about” why West Virginia is white or “lacks diversity.” Furthermore, why would a song about a state mention that it is primarily white? Do songs about China discuss the fact that nearly everyone is Chinese? Do African countries include how lacking in diversity their countries are in their national anthems?

West Virginia has stayed very white because there are few job opportunities. But notice how the quote makes it sound like some problem that the state is not diverse. However, as diversity means society declines by all social measurements, why would being diverse be good? For example, Detroit is very “diverse” in that it is only 20% non-black. But does anyone consider Detroit a desirable city — or is it more of a punchline.

White areas are critiqued for not being diverse because the plan is to make all areas not white. White areas can’t just “be” they have to be in the process of becoming less white. However, other countries that are not white are not critiqued for staying the same. When was the last time Taiwan was critiqued for being nearly all Taiwanese? The answer is never. It is only white societies that are critiqued for not being white, as is covered in the article Why is Diversity Only Demanded of White Societies?

It is Considered Acceptable for Non-Whites to Complain About the Lack of Diversity, But Not Acceptable for Whites to Complain About Too Much Diversity

Notice the following quote.

There’s so many white people in New Hampshire, that non white people who move here complain about the lack of diversity. If you speak Spanish when you move to New Hampshire, you’ll probably forget how to speak Spanish after a while. – Roadsnacks

You see, non-whites can complain about a lack of diversity or too many whites, but whites cannot complain about too diverse areas as it is “racist.” Observe how the observation of racism only goes in one direction. This is the double standard that has been imposed upon whites.

The secondary part of the quote is also enjoyable. Spanish is spoken all through Latin America, where people seek to leave. The Spanish-speaking areas of the US are some of the country’s worst neighborhoods. So unless one is in Spain, the existence of Spanish being spoken is usually a good indicator that an area is terrible and unfriendly to whites. Secondly, the US has one original language, and that is English. Germans that immigrated to the US switched to English, as did Poles and many other immigrants. However, with Hispanics, all of a sudden, for some reason, it became racist to demand that they switch languages. Having one language worked very well until Hispanics immigrated to the US and changed that.

Montana Has Too Few Blacks and Hispanics?

Notice the following quotation on the number of blacks and Latinos in Montana.

Considering that 86.1% of the population here is white, that means that there are only around 18,000 African Americans and 16,000 Latinos in the entire state! – Roadsnacks

This is fantastic news for Montana. These statistics mean that there are 18,000 too many blacks and 16,000 too many Latinos in Montana, and if they were removed from the state, Montana would be better than it is right now. Blacks and Latinos do not add value to states, and they are a harbinger of further black and Latino immigration.

The fact that there are so few blacks and Latinos in a state with such cold winters is a potential indicator that blacks and Latinos, but non-whites in general, find such environments even less desirable than whites do.

Let us review the map of the whitest states in the US again.

Observe on this map that, except for the West Coast, the whitest areas of the country tend to be the furthest north and, therefore, have the coldest winters. 

This also means that non-whites, given their ability to informally redline non-whites by creating inhospitable environments, have taken the areas with the best weather in the US away from whites. As a white person, one has to decide between good weather and living around non-whites. Furthermore, the whitest states are cold and have low economic opportunities. Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are not known as states with good job prospects versus the other states.

People who talk about people “complaining about losing their country” in a derogatory light can see that this is, in part, what they mean. Liberals always seem to assume that all non-whites should want to live around whites. However, even liberals, when given a choice, have proven that they also desire to live around whites.

The Specific Example of Phoenix

Phoenix has reached an uncomfortable level of non-white population, and this sped up in after around 2010. There is no city area where one can move to escape diversity. Like Gilbert and Chandler, Phoenix sub-cities that were very highly white not long ago are now diverse. One thing that goes unmentioned is that these areas would not become diverse so quickly if non-whites were not attempting to escape non-white areas themselves.  Non-whites show no preference not to spread out. Like whites, non-whites show a solid propensity to live around whites. They use euphemisms like “escaping crime” and “more opportunity,” but the result is always a move to white areas. For example, many blacks know how terrible Baltimore is, and would like to leave, but they can’t afford to or have family in Baltimore. Blacks do not like living in black areas.

Non-whites have ruined large areas of Phoenix, and this has caused either the non-whites from those areas to move to white areas or those new non-white arrivals have chosen white areas to move. Areas and cities with historically no non-whites are quickly growing non-white populations. In Arizona, Phoenix is beginning to follow Tuscon, a lost cause for whites some time ago.

Whites Should Always Seek to Leave Non-Whites Areas

As soon as an area becomes non-white, there is nothing left for whites. Non-whites degrade the environment and move it to a condition of higher income inequality and higher desperation. So, while it may feel good to be “tolerant,” what is being tolerated is the non-white parasitism of white society. Social ills in the US are directly correlated with non-white immigration. The early stages, when there are relatively few non-whites, are just a transitional period. Non-whites will always continue to grow and push out the formally tolerant whites. This is because non-whites massively improve their condition by parasitizing white societies. Even South Koreans, one of the most economically successful countries in Asia, desire to leave South Korea and come to the US in large numbers because the South Korean culture is too competitive and brutal, and it has made little social progress.


The change in the demographics of the US is now happening so fast that it seems like non-whites have invaded the country. This means the US is on a long-term, unstoppable decline from which no solution exists. For whites in the Southwest and other states that rank low in the percentage of older whites who do not need jobs or can work remotely, the logical decision is to move from the Southwest to colder and more northern states. This is a significant adjustment for those who may have grown up with mild weather. However, there is now no state with mild weather that is also not diverse.