How to Use the Brightwork Honest Vendor Ratings

Executive Summary

  • The Brightwork Honest Software Vendor Ratings are an unbiased explanation of vendors.
  • The logic for the ratings being is that software buyers can’t only review the application without also observing the software vendor.


What Are the Honest Vendor Ratings?

  • The software company is one of the most important factors in the risk profile of any implementation.
  • Companies like Gartner rate software vendor (s), but they primary use size to differentiate the software vendor in their ratings. This will lead to the inaccurate conclusions because while large vendors have more “scope” there is much more to support, to application quality, and to other quality metrics than simply a vendor’s size. It tells you really nothing about the important factors such as whether the software vendor has extractive sales practices. Whether you can expect to be audited by the software vendor. How good the implementation staff of the software vendor rates, etc..
  • Gartner takes money from software vendors, and it makes the most money from the largest software vendors. This results in a strong bias against smaller software vendors, which are evident from their rankings.
  • The honest software company rating provides the long-term history of the software vendor list that is covered by this website.

Our Honest Vendor Ratings provides realistic ratings that actually impact how well the typical company will be able to derive value from the software vendor.

How Honest Software Company Ratings is Different

Honest Software Company Ratings looks at the vendor from more vantage points and provides the types of details on vendors that we have never seen at any other site that publishes this type of information. See for yourself in the links below.

Big ERP 
Vendor NameApplication
Honest Vendor Ratings – SAPECC/R/3
Honest Vendor Ratings – OracleJD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Honest Vendor Ratings – EpicorEpicor ERP
Honest Vendor Ratings – SageX3
Honest Vendor Ratings – InforLawson
Small and Medium ERP
Honest Vendor Ratings – SAPBusiness One
Honest Vendor Ratings – OracleJD Edwards World
Honest Vendor Ratings – ProcessProProcessPro
Honest Vendor Ratings – RootstockRootstock
Honest Vendor Ratings – ERPNextERPNext
Honest Vendor Ratings – OpenERPOpenERP
Honest Vendor Ratings – MicrosoftDynamics AX
Financial Applications
Honest Vendor Ratings – IntacctIntacct
Honest Vendor Ratings – IntuitQuickbooks Enterprise Solutions
Honest Vendor Ratings – FinancialForceFinancialForce
Honest Vendor Ratings – NetSuiteOneWorld
Honest Vendor Ratings – SAPSAP PLM
Honest Vendor Ratings – Arena SolutionsArena PLM
Honest Vendor Ratings – Hamilton GrantRecipe Management
Demand Planning
Honest Vendor Ratings – SAPSAP DP
Honest Vendor Ratings – TableauTableau (Forecasting)
Honest Vendor Ratings – Business Forecast SystemsForecast Pro TRAK
Honest Vendor Ratings – Demand WorksSmoothie
Honest Vendor Ratings – JDADemand Management
Honest Vendor Ratings – ToolsGroupSO99
Supply Planning
Honest Vendor Ratings – SAPSNP, SmartOps
Honest Vendor Ratings – ToolsGroupSO99
Honest Vendor Ratings – Demand WorksSmoothie SP
Honest Vendor Ratings – PlanetTogetherGalaxy APS
Production Planning
Honest Vendor Ratings – SAPPP/DS
Honest Vendor Ratings – DelfoiPlanner
Honest Vendor Ratings – PreactorPreactor
Honest Vendor Ratings – AspenTechAspenOne
Honest Vendor Ratings – PlanetTogetherGalaxy APS
BI Heavy
Honest Vendor Ratings – SAPBI/BW, Business Objects
Honest Vendor Ratings – OracleOracle BI
Honest Vendor Ratings – SASSAS BI
Honest Vendor Ratings – MicroStrategyMicroStrategy
Honest Vendor Ratings --
Honest Vendor Ratings – TeradataTeradata
Honest Vendor Ratings – ActuateActuateOne
BI Light
Honest Vendor Ratings – SAPCrystal Reports
Honest Vendor Ratings – QlikTechQlickView
Honest Vendor Ratings – TableauTableau
Honest Vendor Ratings – SAPSAP CRM
Honest Vendor Ratings – OracleRightNow, CRM On Demand
Honest Vendor Ratings – InforEpiphany
Honest Vendor Ratings – Base CRMBase CRM
Honest Vendor Ratings – SalesforceSalesforce Enterprise
Honest Vendor Ratings – SugarCRMSugarCRM
Honest Vendor Ratings – MicrosoftDynamics CRM
Honest Vendor Ratings – NetSuiteNetSuite CRM

Financial Disclosure

Financial Bias Disclosure

This article and no other article on the Brightwork website is paid for by a software vendor, including Oracle and SAP. Brightwork does offer competitive intelligence work to vendors as part of its business, but no published research or articles are written with any financial consideration. As part of Brightwork’s commitment to publishing independent, unbiased research, the company’s business model is driven by consulting services; no paid media placements are accepted.

Software Selection

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Gartner Book


GARTNER-1Gartner and the Magic Quadrant: A Guide for Buyers, Vendors, and Investors

How to Figure Out How to Effectively User Gartner

Whether you are a software buyer, a large or small vendor, or are wondering how Gartner can help you make better investment decisions, this book will give you new insights to Gartner’s research. By studying the methodology behind such popular analytical tools like the Magic Quadrant, you will understand how a vendor earned its rating and whether or not the ratings are justified!

Understanding Gartner, It’s History, and It’s Incentives

Starting with the history of Gartner and how it compares to other IT analyst firms, this book gives a realistic assessment of the value of Gartner research to a company and provides ideas about other resources that could complement Gartner’s analysis. You will also have the tools to level the playing field between large, medium and small vendors when using Gartner’s analysis in selecting software.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: An Overview of Gartner
  • Chapter 3: How Gartner Makes Money
  • Chapter 4: Comparing Gartner to Consumer Reports, the RAND Corporation, and Academic Research
  • Chapter 5: The Magic Quadrant
  • Chapter 6: Other Analytical Products Offered by Gartner
  • Chapter 7: Gartner’s Future and Cloud Computing
  • Chapter 8: Adjusting the Magic Quadrant
  • Chapter 9: Is Gartner Worth the Investment?
  • Chapter 10: Conclusion
  • Appendix a: How to Use Independent Consultants for Software Selection
  • Appendix b: What Does the History of Media Tell Us About This Topic
  • Appendix c: Disclosure Statements and Code of Ethics