A Message to Muslims Who Can’t Tolerate the Truth On Islam And Slavery

 Executive Summary

  • Muslims who read articles on this website often cannot handle it as all they get is false information from Islamic sources on slavery.
  • This article addresses these Muslims.


Slavery has a lengthy history in Africa as it has in virtually all regions of the world. There is a common misunderstanding that slavery was “brought” to Africa from the outside, false. We cover the origins of slavery in Africa.

Our References for This Article

If at any time you want to see our references for this article and also other Brightwork related articles, see this link.

Email From A Muslim

The comments were in response to the article Where Did African Slaves Come From And Where Did They Go? The problem that Muslims have with this article is that it states that Muslim Arabs were the greatest slavers of Africans. Most Muslims do not like this information being published.

The email continued to make a number of false claims.

False Claim #1: The Article Was Emotional?

This email was in response to the article.

Wow! I did not see this emotionally based opinion on slavery turn out to be a bashing of Muslims coming!

This is a common statement by people that have an emotional reaction to an article. They cannot handle the information presented and then declare that it must be the article that is emotional.

False Claim #2: Brightwork Research & Analysis Was Unaware That Slavery Existed Before Islam?

Rest assured that whatever lies have been perpetrated here will always end up becoming a stain on the authors reputation. If this author had no idea that slavery existed pre Islam, then this author is the least qualified to attempt piecing together it’s history.

It is not clear why this commenter thinks we think this. The article, The Origins of Internal Slavery in Africa, states that slavery goes back prior to the existence of writing.

False Claim #3: The Article Provides No References?

There is too much to point out that is left out of this article, but the outstanding point is that the author provides little to no reference to his or her sources of information.

The links to reference for the article you just read are included in a link at the beginning of the article that you seemed to have missed. Here it is again — References For The Brightwork Articles on Slavery.

Beyond that list of links, each quotation has the source listed at the end of the quote. A good example taken from the article is the following.

Brazilian slaveholders and planters were determined not to be overly idealistic like the United States, whose drastic approach to abolition ended in the virtual demise of plantation owners. The history of abolition throughout the Americas has proven to the Brazilians that immediate, unconditional emancipation was followed by economic disaster. In their view, abolition in the United States brought chaos, panic, vagabondage, and increased racial hostility to the Southern states, all of which Brazil wanted to avoid. – Slavery Unseen

Furthermore, some videos are embedded where the producer is quite apparent. The map of slavery can be found right in Google Image search.

How can a person read our article, which has a reference section and in article sources for the quotes, and say there are no references provided?

False Claim #4: The Article Is A Hit Piece?

This then is clearly a hit piece on a specific group from humanity. we’re used to it, but we don’t depend on the justice of humans who fail humanity for their own selfish purposes due to their prejudice.

If the article is a hit piece, then what part of it is false?

Problem #1: The Lack of Accuracy In The Email

The email makes numerous errors, which we just listed. It is very unlikely that this commenter will be able to reply with what parts of the article is incorrect as this person cannot correctly describe what the article says.

Problem #2: The Difficulty in Communicating Concept of Evidence to Muslims

This is difficult for Muslims to understand as they are not taught beyond making assertions. However, in western societies, it is the responsibility of the person making the critique to inaccurate points and then explaining why they are inaccurate.

Fundamentally, Muslims do not believe in this concept of evidence as Muslims fundamentally oppose rational thought. We cover in the article How Muslim Society Rejected Greek Rationalism Roughly 200 Years After Learning it from the Persian Empire.

This is because Muslim scholars in the mid 800s considered rationality and cause and effect of being pathways to atheism — which, of course, they are. To Muslims, it is not gravity that causes an apple to fall from a tree, but the will of Allah that it falls. If Allah were to will it to rise when breaking from its stem, it would do that. It is simply a matter of curious convenience that apples always fall down. It is a convenience that apples follow gravity and that in 100% of cases, Allah wills the apple to follow what gravity says it should do. When I was in Pakistan, I found that the well-educated people that I met had no concept of solar systems, gravity, galaxies, etc… There were taught that all of this is taken care of by Allah, so there is no reason to study these topics.

Problem #3: Why To Not Engage Muslims?

There are several excellent reasons not to engage Muslims. One is that they disagree with evidence and rational thinking. A second is that Muslims consider all non-Muslims to be “lower than dogs and pigs.”

Read About What Muslims Think of the Kafir

This is covered in the article A List of Terrible Islamic Quotes, and the article How Muslims Lie and Deliberately Understate the Percentage of Muslims that Identify with Extremist Views.

Under Sharia, a Muslim may rape any non-Muslim, and there is no punishment. This means that Muslims have no respect for any other religion, and believe they are justified in abusing them. This means that interacting with Muslims or being in Muslim societies means that non-Muslims will always be discriminated against. Furthermore, Islam is a totalitarian system. It demands that it controls all religions in a country, but all government functions are managed according to Islam.

The following articles explain this.

How Mohammed Received a Revelation to Allow His Muslim Soldiers to Rape POWs

According to Islam, The US Should Mass Rape Afghanistan and Iraq

A Quick Guide to Sharia Law

How Willing Would Muslims to Live Under Reverse Sharia that Preferences Non-Muslims?

These are just a few reasons why Muslims should not be allowed to live in non-Muslim societies. Muslims do not even understand the basis of the countries they desire to immigrate to.

Other Brightwork Research & Analysis Articles on Islamic Slavery

  • We have many more articles on Islamic slavery that we challenge Muslims to get through. Remember, research is virtually non-existent in the Muslim world, and research into Islamic slavery is entirely illegal. Muslims do not study or write on slavery because they would be imprisoned or killed by the state for publishing such research in the Muslim world.
  • Islamic societies have no freedom of speech, and their countries are intellectually dead. Most Muslims do not seem to recognize that Muslims produce virtually no intellectual properly worldwide, and in a research sense, they do not exist. As such, most of the articles on our website are beyond the capacities of Muslims to read. Furthermore, if they begin to doubt Islam or critique Islam, it is justified for another Muslim to kill them, which keeps Muslims from questioning Islam.
  • However, for those who can tolerate information that contradicts their Imam, see the following articles, which provide evidence for Islam’s continual and robust support for slavery.

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